21 Beautiful Baby Girls Names Inspired by Greek Mythology


Easy to Pronounce Greek & Roman Goddesses Names for Baby Girls

Recently there is a trend in India of naming baby girls the great Greek Goddesses names. The Greek mythology inspired names are very beautiful and with very powerful meanings. But not all of Greek mythology names are suitable for Indian baby girls as people around you should be able to pronounce it easily.
Here we have listed the top 21 names which are RARE, TRENDY, SHORT and Sweet

21 Greek Goddesses Names: Suitable for Indian Baby Girls

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1. Rhea

Rhea was the mother of Zeus. She was a Greek Titan. She is the great symbol of fertility and motherhood.

2. Iris

Goddess of the sea, Iris was sky in the great Greek mythology. She was known to be the messenger of the Gods.

3. Hera

It’s a very powerful person in green mythology. Hera was wife of Zeus and Goddess of Marriage. She was also the queen of heaven.

4. Gaia

Another powerful name from Greek Mythology, Gaia, She was goddess of Earth was also the lord of primordial deities. She is known to be the creator of the earth and also the universe.

5. Athena

Athena is a Sweet and beautiful name. Athena was the Greek goddess of law, wisdom, courage, and justice.

6. Anthea

This is a one of very popular stylish Greek Name which means Flower. Anthea was known to be an epithet of Greek Goddess Hera.

7. Danae

Danae was the princess of Argos, She was daughter of King Acrisius. She was the mother of the legendary hero Perseus. God Zeus impregnated her in the form of a golden shower.
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8. Harmonia

It means ‘harmony’. She is is the immortal goddess of concord and harmony. Harmonia was the daughter of Ares & Aphrodite.

9. Hebe

Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera. In Greek Mythology, She was the Goddess of youth.

10. Hestia

She was the daughter of the Titans Cronus & Rhea. Hestia is a virgin goddess of the architecture from first Olympian generation. She was also the goddess of the right ordering of domesticity.

11. Larisa / Larissa

Larisa was the daughter of Pelasgus in the Greek mythology. Larissa is a popular Greek baby name. Larissa is also name of city in Greece. It is the 5th most populous city in Greece. It is the capital and largest city of the Thessaly region.

12. Phaenna

Phaenna means “shining”. She was the goddess of gratitude and benevolence.

13. Thalia

There were nine muses of Olympus. Thalia was one them. She was muse of artistic sphere of comedy plays.

14. Aria

Aria was a beautiful mortal woman, who lived in the island of Crete. Apollo who was the god of music and poetry fell in love with her. Their son was Miletos

15. Delia

In Greek mythology, the island Delia was the home of Greek God Apollo. Delia is also assumed to be an epithet of the Artemis, Moon goddess

16. Flora

Flora is the mythological Roman goddess of flowers and Spring. It’s a very easy to pronounce and sweet name.

17. Juno

According to Roman mythology, Juno is the queen of heaven.

18. Luna

Luna is the goddess of the moon, in Roman Mythology.

19. Niamh

Niamh means brightness and beauty. She was a Irish goddess and is the daughter of the god of the sea.

20. Thea

It means Goddess. Thea comes from Theia. She is the Titan of sight and bright light of the blue sky. It is a very positive and royal name.

21. Zoe

Zoe simply means Life in Greek. It related to Eve of Bible, and is derived from Hebrew.
Baby names originated from Arabic, Sanskrit and Greek languages are very trendy and no more limited to the place of their origin. Hence if you love Greek Mythology, no matter where are you form, you can name your baby any from these pretty Greek goddesses’ names.


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