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Beautiful Persian Names for Baby Girls

The richness of Persian culture is not veiled in any part of the world but not many people know this fact that several Persian cities were once ruled by the mighty Persian empresses who were not only brave and skilled but used to possess spellbinding grace. The glory of the mighty Persian empresses was once popular across the world. Their charm, skills, behavior, decision making abilities, smartness and many other qualities were appreciable. The Persian girl names are always mellifluous. They don’t just sound good but acquire very powerful meanings as well. Here are some trendy and powerful Persian girl names that are worth picking for your little angel’s naming ceremony.

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Modern Persian Baby Names for Girls


– Anahita is a cool girl name with a strong meaning. It can be related to the productivity or flawlessness. In Persian culture, the name signifies the goddess of Water. It also means Fertility, Immaculate, Venus


– Small names are always fascinating and if they have hidden and powerful meanings then what else can one desire? This trendy Persian name means decoration or ornament. It’s a very feminine name. The name can also be used for Islamic girls as it also means something that adds to the beauty or simply a beautifier.


– Another great and small name! You may have heard this cool name in various Pakistani TV serials or movies. The name signifies audio, voice or call. It also means opinion or melody. So, if you want your little angel to grow up developing a penchant for music then this name can be a great pick for you.


– The name goes well with someone who is born to an affluent and humble family. It means noble and high-born. Even if a family is rich in cultural or traditional values and treats their baby girl like a princess, the name will be totally justified.


– It’s a beautiful name for a high-born or free girl. A person who loves freedom and wants to make his/her own ways can be related to this name. It mainly signifies a river, flow of water or wealthy.


– Is your little angel an ardent lover of nature, fragrance, chocolate or anything around her? Well, the name Fila can suit her if she has a penchant for something. The name signifies a lover of any materialistic or non-materialistic thing.


– Take a dive into the ocean of fairy tales with your baby. The name ‘Houri’ is a popular and beautiful Persian name which is also used in the Islamic families. The name signifies a fairy or someone beautiful that has arrived from the paradise. A Quranic name ‘Hoori’ sounds similar to ‘Houri’ and means the same.


– It’s a feminine name with an Iranian or Persian origin. It means alchemy. Kimiya is a beautiful name which can go well with an amiable personality.


– It’s a popular Pakistani name with a Persian origin. There’s a famed Pakistani fashion designer called Maheen Khan. The name is pretty much used in the Pakistani dramas as well. It means something related to the moon or something of a superior niche.


– It’s a common Hindu as well as Persian name. In Iranian context, the name signifies a goddess or god. It also means the promise or the sun.


– Well, here comes a unique and stylish name for your little angel. The name signifies a listener. So, if your baby girl loves listening to your fairy tales, morning hymns or parental instructions – just pick the name as it’s amazing.


– Dreams do come true and good names do strike to the mind. Here is a great Persian girl name which means dream or vision. Seeing dreams is good and turning them into reality is awesome.


– Do you fall every day for your baby girl’s dark eyes? Well, in that case you can choose the name ‘Sahala’ as in Iranian context; it means dark eyes or someone owning the dark eyes.


– It’s a popular Hindu and Persian name. Islamic communities also use the name pretty often. It means enticing, beguiling or charming. If your baby girl has a striking appearance then this name may perfectly go with her personality.


– Red roses are captivating, refreshing and the source of a myriad of imaginations. Souri is a beautiful Persian girl name which means Red Rose. It evokes creativity and symbolizes refreshing beauty.


– The name Zahra sounds similar to the Islamic name Zara. It’s an often used Persian name by the Pakistani television and movie actresses. The name means boldness. A girl with striking looks and an inclination towards makeup and beauty can be bestowed with this beautiful name.


– Every girl is beautiful in her own way. The name Zeeba is a popular and often used Persian name. It signifies beauty or charm.
The Persian feminine names are as adorable as the Persian culture and history. There is no use of choosing a stylish name with a bad meaning or no meaning. The aforementioned curated list of Persian girl names acquires strong meanings and they sound great to the ears as well.


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