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Uncommon Islamic Baby Boy Names Starting with R

There are plenty of Muslim baby names from alphabets like A, M, S, etc. However, finding uncommon and trendy names from the alphabet R is a hectic task for parents, especially for boys. I often hear parents looking for some unique names for their baby boys starting from R. I send them recommendations over emails and through free-commenting facility on GoMama247’s portal but since the demand for letter R is rising continuously, I thought it would be a great idea to compile my list of top 15 trendy and uncommon baby names from R.

Unordinary Arabic Boys Names Beginning with Letter R

Raad راد

As peculiar it sounds, Raad means the same. Raad, in the Arabic language, refers to a scout. This short and sweet name also means a pioneer. Wouldn’t you like to call your son Raad so that you are instilling leadership qualities in him?

Raafi رافع

You must have heard Rafi or Rafey but I am pretty sure that Raafi is an unusual and uncommon name. Raafi means exalter or raiser. When you pronounce Raafi, make sure to end the “fi” part with a very soft tone just like you pronounce comfy. Raafi is a really nice name if you want a name inspired by the 99 names of Allah.

Rabeh رَابِح

When I hear Rabeh, I automatically form an image of a very bright and active child. This is because it is a well-known fact that the meaning of our names directly poses an impact on our personality. Rabeh means earner or winner in the Arabic language. As parents, we all want our children to achieve more and more in life, and hence, Rabeh is the perfect name.

Rahil راحل

Rahil is a lovely name with a very soft and generous touch to it. I not only loved how it sounds when I heard it in a latest web series but also loved its meaning. Rahil is derived from Rahi and both of them mean “traveler”. Not only it is Arabic but also mentioned in the Holy Qur’an a lot of times. You can use different spellings for Rahil but make sure that the pronunciation is done in the correct way. Have an emphasis on ‘H’ just like you pronounce “hill”.

Raahim راحِم

Raahim is inspired by Raheem which is a very common Muslim baby name. If you want a similar meaning as Raheem and still choose a trendy and stylish name, Raahim is the one to go with. It means merciful and kind in Arabic. What do you think about it?

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Raif رائف

Raif is a fantastic and unheard name for most of the parents. It is out of the ordinary, is small and sounds great. Raif also means kind and tenderhearted in the Arabic language just like Raahim but is a completely different name than it. While pronouncing Raif, you must have a very short pause between “Ra” and “if” where Ra is pronounced just like you do it in Raad.

Ridfaan رِدْفَان

Have you heard of Ridfaan? I believe you haven’t because it is an unusual yet smart Muslim boy name. The diurnal cycle, which is the cycle of the day and night, is what Ridfaan means in Arabic. For me, Ridfaan is a trendy name complementing the infinite power and greatness of Allah (SWT) over everything in this universe.

Rifat رِفْعَت

Although we write it as Rifat, it is actually Rif’at for the pronunciation. Rifat is derived from Rif’ah which means greatness or highness. Although this name is inspired by Arabic, it is a Turkish name. Rifat sounds very extraordinary and queer to me with a fabulous meaning. If you were to select a name from this list, would Rifat be the one for your little one?

Riza رضا

Riza is inspired by Raza and both names share Arabic roots. It means gaining the approval and pleasure of Allah. In simpler words, Riza means the contentment of Almighty Allah. If you want a good name, Riza is the perfect pick as it sounds classy and new.

Ruhab رُحاب

Ruhab is indeed one of the best names in this list of baby names beginning from R. It is one of my most favorite names because of how princely it sounds and how incredible it means. Ruhab means generous and open-minded, so as a parent, it would be a great gift from your end to your child to name him something that means so great.

Ruhail رُحَيْل

Although Ruhail might sound like Suhail, it has a completely different meaning to it and also looks new and stylish unlike it. It means the same that Rahil does and shares the same Arabic roots too. Ruhail is related to traveling but is an Arabic verb which ultimately means “to travel”.

Rukain رُكَيْن

I firmly hope that you love this list of rare names from R so far as I have tried my best to pick out the most-uncommon, stylish and meaningful names. Rukain is another gem in my list and means a pillar or support. It belongs to the Arabic language and is also a name that has been indirectly mentioned in the Qur’an. For parents who believe in making their child a dynamic and strong individual, Rukain is a big suggestion from my end.

Ruhaan روحان

Yes, you read that right! It is Ruhaan, not Rohan. Ruhaan is an Arabic name which means spiritual and tender-hearted. It is the third name in our list which relates to kindness. A name which means compassionate and merciful is always a lovely one. You might also spell it Ruhan but make sure to pronounce “aa” even if you don’t write it.

Raheel رَحِيْل

Just in case you cannot name your son Rahil despite loving it, there’s a solution for you. You can name him Raheel and it still means the same – to travel or to go out on a journey. I love both the names equally and I think you can go with any one of them and your son’s name would look so different and trendy.

Ramz رَمْز

Ramz is a very short, soft-sounding and sweet baby boy name that means a symbol or gesture. The name is Arabic and has also been directly mentioned in the holy book of Qur’an. If you are looking for a unique name that is also very easy to pronounce, why don’t you go for Ramz?
Latest & Rare Muslim Boys Names Starting with R
This list of baby names from R was a matter of immense pleasure and fun for me. I loved curating it for you all and would make a comeback with a part two or some more unique names beginning from another alphabet.
What do you think of these names? Did you hear them before or were they completely new and interesting for you? Do you have any queries or suggestions? If yes, we would love to listen to them and respond as soon as possible. Don’t forget to leave the page without sharing it. A single share by you might help a lot of new or expecting parents.


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