15 Lovely Bedtime Stories on YouTube


Colorful Bedtime Story Videos on YouTube for Babies and Toddlers

The easiest way to make tiny naughty creatures feel dizzy is come up with some night rhymes or simply switch on the Youtube and put some random entertaining stuff on the screen and cut down on your worries. There are many colorful animated moral stories for toddlers on YouTube.
Research says that good quality television or online shows add to a kid’s creativity, activeness, communication and behavioral skills. On the other hand, the abusive utilization of television starts developing ill skills in a kid or toddler that gradually affects his brain and physique. There are many YouTube videos that can help a busy mom make her kid feel calm and happy before going to bed. Here is the list of online bedtime stories that can make a kid shake his legs and groove like never before forgetting the materialistic world.

Animated Story Videos in English for Kids on YouTube

Jungle Book bedtime story

Hardly any kid can resist himself from experiencing the adventurous journey of Mowgli in the jungle. The Jungle Book is a globally popular bedtime story series that beautifully depict the story of a human baby who is found in the jungle and accepted by the animals living there and how he grows up there embracing the jungle’s culture and the environment.

Panchatantra Tales – Lion And Tiger Stories

Panchatantra is an ancient Indian story collection that has played a vital role in the upbringing of several generations. The bedtime story collection includes the fun and adventurous tales of different animals like the mouse, tiger, lion, monkey and so forth. The incredibly crafted stories, that are assumed to be created by Vishnu Sharma, make a kid morally strong and bestow them with various skills.

Rapunzel story for children

A great lesson can be learned from the beautiful Rapunzel’s story that love and goodness overcome all evil. The story of pretty Rapunzel, the prince and the witch always makes the night special for the kids and allow them to craft beautiful dreams.

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Aladdin’s story I indeed intriguing and inspiring. An incident of betrayal and evil bestowed Aladdin with a golden opportunity to discover a cave full of golden coins and jewelry and a precious golden lamp which had captured a genie inside it. The evil man left Aladdin inside the cave as he didn’t hand over the lamp to the man and unknowingly the man left his magic ring inside the cave which later Aladdin used to free the Genie inside the lamp and make him grant all of his wishes.

Moral Story Compilation By Kids Hut

A bedtime story regime is very important for the kids as before going to the bed, the kids can learn beautiful things and get enough time to analyze them and craft creative dreams. The moral story compilation has a great impact on a kid’s behavior and their way of thinking. A good moral story every night can make your kid smarter and a good human being.

Caterpillar Shoes

It’s not an adventurous and big story but it’s surely an adorable journey that can hold every kid firmly till they crawl in. The story is about the journey of a caterpillar which gets beautiful shoes and goes through the different phases to become a spectacular butterfly. The story helps the kids tap into their creative imaginations.

Pied Piper of Hamelin

The pied piper has always shared a special niche in everyone’s childhood, be it through the nursery course books or grandma’s bedtime stories. The beautiful colorful visuals of the Hamelin town drives every kid’s attention towards it the incredibly executed animated story of the Pied Piper helps the kid live the story in their dreams.

There was a Crooked Man

With great visuals and audio, this bedtime nursery rhyme definitely has the potential to calm an infant mind and take them to the fairy land in their dreams. The rhyme has a very small story attached with it in which an old crooked man who finds a sixpence and then buys a cat. The cat finds a mouse and all of them live happily ever after in a small house. How cute is the story!

Five Peas

This engaging story about five peas inspires the kids to have optimism regardless of the good and bad situations. Among the five peas, living in a green pod, the fifth and the youngest one used to embrace all the gifts from Nature. One day, the pod broke and the peas fell down. A man came and used them for his slingshot fun. All the peas got separated. The fifth and the most optimistic one fell near the windowsills of an unhealthy girl and promised her to make her healthy by growing as a green plant there only. The pea kept his promised and kept on sprouting and growing which helped the girl in turning healthy.

Peter Pan

The magical and adventurous story depicts the visit of Peter Pan, a boy with special skills and never-ending youth to the earth and meeting with a cute girl, Wendy and her brothers. Peter liked that world and the kind gesture of Wendy and her brothers and decided to let them experience the ability to fly high in the sky exactly like him. A fairy, Tinker Bell was jealous of Wendy as Peter Pan loved Wendy more than her. She decided to hurt Wendy and convinced two guys in the Neverland to shoot her with the arrows and the same happened. When Peter Pan came to know about Tinker Bell’s evil job, he got angry with her and decided not to talk with her. Tinker Bell realized her mistake and decided to save Peter from the trap arranged by Captain Hook, Peter’s enemy. Peter was saved and he fought with Captain Hook and his team and saved Wendy along with her brothers from Captain Hook’s possession.

Fairy Tales – The Story of Goldilocks and The 3 Bears

The story of a small cute girl – Goldilocks and her breaking in the house of three bears can surely make any kid smile and imagine the whole scenario. In this story, lost Goldilocks in the jungle sees a house and enters inside. She eats the food prepared for the bear family, breaks one chair and hits the sack being tired making a mess in the bedroom. The bears arrive home and get angry by seeing this mess and go upstairs to catch Goldilocks but as she realizes the trouble coming near to her, she escapes from that place and never returns there again.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The adventurous journey of Alice in the Wonderland fascinate kids and toddlers and the best thing about the story is that it maintains its grip on the listeners till the end. Alice follows a bunny and enters in a tree-trunk hole and discovers an eminent world where she could become smaller as well as bigger than her original size, do stuff like never before, eat whatever she wants and many things that don’t happen in an ordinary world.

The Frog Prince story

Kids just love the royal bedtime stories, especially where a beautiful princess finds her dream prince. The Frog Prince Story has also a princess and her royal family. Once she loses the golden ball gifted by her king father in a pond outside the palace. A frog comes out and finds the ball and gives it to the princess and in return, he asks the princess to keep her promise of taking him inside the palace. The princess laughs and denies and goes inside the palace. The frog, however, manages to go inside the palace and due to the kind gesture of the king he gets to eat and sleep with the princess and even gets a kiss. As soon as the princess kisses the frog, he turns into a handsome prince and the princess gets the lesson that no one should be judged or hated by their appearance.

Puss in Boots

Cats are adorable but what about the helpful talking cats? Of course, they don’t exist but for sure they add to the excitement of a bedtime story. Puss in Boots is a story of a talking cat which helps a miller’s youngest son, who is very handsome but unfortunately poor, impressing a king, the queen and the princess by making clever plans to prove the miller’s son a mighty and rich prince. The plan goes well and the prince lives happily ever after with the princess in a castle.


Cinderella’s story is not unknown from anyone. The story gives a good lesson that great things come to those who are kind and good from inside. Cinderella suffers a lot due to her stepmother but the destiny chooses her and a prince shows his interest in her overlooking the jealous daughters of Cinderella’s stepmother. Overcoming all the odds, Cinderella finally gets what she always deserved.
A big concern of the busy mommas is they can’t simply set their kids free to get indulged in some kind of activities at night. In fact, it’s pretty prolific for the kids to move here and there, jump from the couch, shout and then get tired but this can be a big risk for the mommas, especially if there are not many members in the house to look after the kid. These animated bedtime stories collection on YouTube can be a great relief. An interesting and inspiring story every night can boost the moral values and thinking capability of a kid and more than anything, the kid will calmly go to bed to chase his imaginations.

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