11 Healthy Habits of Women in 30s


Healthy Habits for Women after Having Kids

A woman’s body goes through tremendous changes during and after pregnancy. With increased responsibilities, you may forget the importance of healthy habits in life. If we mothers do not take care of our body and mind in 30s, this ‘habit’ of ours could surely affect our future. You don’t want to end up with stubborn fats, weakened knees, back problems, poor digestion and low stamina, in your old age. Do you? If you would take a look around yourself, you will find most of the elderly women in India, suffering from the health issues mentioned above. So take care of your health, from the beginning of your motherhood. Make sure you have an active and young life in future too.

When you were pregnant you ate every everything healthy, for the good health of your baby. Now it’s time to teach your child, ways to remain healthy all by herself. Only you could set an example for your kid. It’s all on you, whether you want to be a good example for her, or a bad one.

Given below are 11 healthy habits to start this year for a ‘Healthily ever after’. There’s no tomorrow especially when it comes to health diets and exercise plans. Hence it would be a better idea to start off all these habits from this day itself.

11 Health Habits to Stay Healthy and Young

Lemon Honey Water: Look Young Forever

lemon water
Many say that the formula of Lemon plus Honey Water is not effective. Well, that’s because they make silly tiny mistakes while making and drinking it. Like they use cold instead of warm water, they make use of more than one tbsp of honey, they don’t let the warm water cool down for few minutes before adding lemon and honey to it, they don’t drink it empty stomach (i.e. in the morning).

Lemon and Honey water as you all now, is an effective drink to reduce fat from the body. Along with maintaining their figure, women also drink it to maintain and improve their skin’s glow. This drink also qualifies as a good post-workout drink that helps in hydrating the body.

It’s actually necessary to drink such Vitamin-C rich drink after we exercise. Because after we workout, our body releases free radicals in the body, presence of free radicals more than required results in degradation of body muscles. As muscle get deprived of necessary nutrients. Consequently, due to this one can become prone to disease like cancer!

Soaked Almonds with Milk: Its not only for Kids

almond milk
It is said that [women need more calcium]https://www.nof.org/patients/treatment/calciumvitamin-d/ in comparison to men, as especially after menopause their bone gets thin and weakened as well. Also, they get highly prone to fractures, bone breaks and other such bone related health issues.

This is why I make sure that I drink at least a glass of milk every day, for the growth of calcium and DHA inside my body. To make my drink more interesting, I drop soaked almonds into my glass. This way I prepare my own version of Almond Milk.

Soaked almonds not only help in losing weight but they also help in burning fat. When people think of losing weight they usually think that they are shedding pounds of fat. That’s a wrong assumption. Weight loss is carried out by overweight or obese people, who want to look fit and lean. Fat loss is simply responsible for removing unnecessary fat from the body, whereas in weight loss one tends to reduce the muscle in their body.

Soaked almonds are thought to be better than regular almonds, as the peel of almonds contains a substance named ‘tannin’, which doesn’t let the real nutrients of almonds to get absorbed by the body. After soaking almonds overnight, its peel easily comes off.

At times for a change, I switch to dry walnuts instead of almonds. Such a variation also helps in better absorption of nutrients in the body. Both almonds and walnuts are filled with protein. Hence, I manage kill two birds with one stone, this way.

Beet Root/Spinach/Pepper Bell : More Iron!

spinach tomato juice
During dinner time, you should prefer inclusion of vegetable salads before having your main meal. You could make you use of all or any of the three vegetables given above, in your green salad. All these three veggies are said to boost, iron level in one’s body.

You must have seen many women get tired easily, during or after work. In such a case they are not able to figure out in their busy schedule, that they are suffering from Anemia. Even our body parts needs oxygen to serve their purpose which they can’t, due to declining red blood cells in anemia. One of the effective ways to cure it is to increase one’s iron intake that can be done with the help of aforementioned vegetables.

For salads, it is advisable to use either yellow or red bell peppers. In case you decide to use Spinach, boil it for reducing its bitterness and then sauté the same in extra virgin olive oil for your salad. Vegetables are rich in fiber; hence at dinner time, the salad could stop you from over-eating.
Many people have this habit of eating desserts and other such things even after having dinner. Vegetable salad is also good for such people as the fiber present in vegetable would make them feel thirsty instead of hungry. Evidently, after drinking water they would feel ‘full’.

Fruit Yogurt : Delicious and Energy Booster

fruit yogurt
When you have lunch, you can make yourself Fruit Yogurt. Daily inclusion of dairy products in one’s diet is essential for women as such products are filled with calcium. With growing age, body of women especially needs more calcium. I will tell you more about it, below.

With fruit yogurt, I feed my body vitamins and minerals through fruits and calcium through yogurt. Fruits like apple, grapes, pomegranate, pineapple, etc. pose as most preferable ingredients in fruit yogurts.

As a sweetener you could use honey, in place of sugar. Yogurts contain probiotics that are considered good for stomach too.

PS: Prefer using low-fat yogurt, i.e. a yogurt which is made out of skimmed milk.

Seeds: The Power packs

Seeds like flax and fennel seeds have multiple health benefits. See how these little wonders can benefit us in a massive way. Flax seeds help women in their menopause, by balancing their hormones level, it prevents hair fall, helps them maintain a healthy heart, and it even reduces the risk of getting afflicted with breast cancer etc. On the other hand, fennel seeds help in easy digestion, reduction of obesity, protection against cancer and in bettering our eyesight etc.

For easy consumption, you could add crushed flax seeds or its powder in your main meals. I.e. while making parathas, salads, rotis etc. You can also drop some seeds in your daily glass of milk or juice. Or you can use dissolve its powder in a warm glass of water and drink it.
Coming towards fennel seeds, one can eat them regularly in moderate quantity after having meals. You could carry them in a little airtight container whenever you go outside. For home, you can place the same container on your dinner table so that you don’t forget to eat it.

Lotus Seeds: To Satisfy Hunger for Junk Food

Lotus Seeds also know by the name of ‘fox nuts’. They are nothing but ‘makhana’ in Hindi. During evening or afternoon time, I avoid munching chips (both fried and roasted), popcorns and other such stuff.

Lotus seeds can be eaten as it is; otherwise, there are several Lotus seeds recipes too to try out. Like you could make your own Lotus seed snack, by heating oil in a pan, adding red chili powder, turmeric, and salt for taste into the pan. After this you can add Lotus seeds, mix them well altogether and then, at last, you can add chat Masala, if you want.

Lotus Seeds contains no fat, it consists of minerals like potassium, sodium etc. It even contains calcium, along with protein and carbohydrates. Lotus Seeds would prevent you from eating junk food that you eat to satisfy your daytime hunger pangs.

Body Strengthening Exercise: Take care of your Joints

knee exercise
Most of Indian Women land up being overweight after delivery which is reason behind the knee back and other joints pain in old age. Doing the strengthening exercise at right age will keep your body strong and will also help reduce extra weight.
Spend at least 15 minutes every day for doing back and knee strengthening exercise, as warm-ups. My reason behind picking up only these two exercises is that, in old age majority of women suffer either from back or knee problems. Knowing this fact that the rate of recovery from injuries and wounds slows down during old age, I don’t want to take any risks. I hope you think same as me.

Rest for a While: You need it

sleeping woman
Most of mothers feel irritated and tired by end of day. This is because working whole day without break. In the afternoon time, rest for a while daily. This is way of taking breaks, as you want the other half of day to be peaceful rather than tiring. It is said that if one doesn’t completes his sleep, he would feel irritant for the rest of the day. Likewise if one doesn’t take small breaks during his work, he would get disinterested and demotivated during his working hours. Hence I book around 15-30 minutes of my day for afternoon rest.

Kapalbhati: For Flat Tummy and Beautiful Skin

kapalbhati yoga
Yogas are performed not only for staying fit, but also for staying beautiful. Yoga not only helps in making your face’ skin healthy but it also beautifies your whole body skin from inside.
Kapalbhati is one of those Yogas which brag of its beauty benefits. It keeps our nails, hair and our overall skin healthy. Since Kapalbhati increases blood circulation throughout the body, with improved blood circulation, oxygen supply to various body parts also increases. This helps in growth of skin cells, which in turn holds necessary nutrients that our skin demands. It even provides protection to our skin, from various skin damages.
Improved blood circulation in the skin helps in preventing early aging and formation of fewer wrinkle lines. Hence, you could say Kapalbhati is one of the means to prevent wrinkle lines.
Not only this, Kapalbhati Yoga helps in burning fat, it proves to be of use in the treatment of obesity, allergies and various diseases like diabetes, Kidney Stone, asthma etc. This yoga is recommended for everyone except pregnant women, women should not perform it during their menstruation, even high blood pressure patients and people who have undergone abdominal surgery should avoid doing it.

Om Chants: Mommy needs a short meditation time

Before going to bed, chant ‘Om’ for around 5 times with your kids. It is said that Om chanting is a meditation type. That keeps one’s stress at bay. Many people are not able to fall asleep easily at night, even after closing their eyes. That’s because their mind is always pre-occupied with several thoughts, this doesn’t help them sleep. Chanting om is very beneficial for kids too. Know the benefits here.
A good health isn’t just about maintaining one’s body, even a healthy mind is needed to call oneself as ‘healthy’. Om chants reduce one’s stress level, they help us concentrate in a better way, not only this, people who chant Om don’t tend to lose their temper easily, your inner self also learns to remain calm in stressful situations.

Water Bottle: Hydrate!

water bottle
We all know that water has uncountable benefits. But the problem is, despite knowing its benefit many don’t take in enough water. It is important to gulp down at least 8 to 10 glass of water in a day. I always carry a bottle full of water with me, even on my desk inside my home or whenever I go out.
As on feeling thirsty, I don’t desire to drink carbonated water, sugary smoothies, and other such drinks. Even after carrying a water bottle, many people forget to drink water from it. So for them, I have listed out some ‘Water Drinking Apps’ i.e. those apps that would remind them to drink water, even in their busy schedule.
They are:
Plant Nanny
I know setting health goals is easy but achieving the same is not as easy as it sounds. Even I at times cheat my healthy eating habits and exercise schedules. But let me tell you this does not matter. What matters is that, you should never give up on your efforts just like you would never give up on your children. With an unconditional desire to stay fit, someday you would attain what you aimed for. The time you would inculcate some good habits for your healthy body, seeing you, even your kids would inherit your health-consciousness. This was about to live healthy in 30s, for a carefree 60s and beyond.


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