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Unusual Indian Baby Girl Names for 2019

You are on a page which provides only cherry-picked, rare, chic, beautiful Indian baby girl names. A name is for a lifetime, hence it deserves an extensive study and meticulous curation. After a detailed research of mainly Sanskrit origin names, here we have the top 100 exquisite baby girl names handpicked by the experts themselves! Let us know if you like them.

Top 100+ Unique Names for Indian Baby Girls

Names Starting with letter “A”

1AbhaआभाGlow/ Luster/ Shine
3Adyaआद्याUnique/ First power
6AmayaअमायाNight rain
7AnahitaअनाहिताPure/ Innocent(Persian)
8AnayaअनायाGoddess Lakshmi/ A-Nay
9AnshiअंशीAnsh/ Part of God
10AraआराLight bringer
11AriaआरीयाAir (Italian)
12ArinअरीनMountain strength(Arabic)
13Arnaअर्णाGoddess Laxmi
15Ashkaअश्काRitual after Arti
16Ashnaअष्णाBeloved/ friend
18AuraऔराBreeze/ Air/ Aurava

Browse our collection of A-Z of such eclectic names here

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

19BhanutaभानुताSun/ Sun-Like
20BhrumiभृमिWhirlpool/ Active
22Chancyचान्सीGoddess Lakshmi/ Chandsi
23Charviचार्वीBeautiful woman

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

25DevayaदेवयाGoddess/ God-Like
27DhenaधेनाRiver/ Ocean
28DhiraधीराCalm/ Intelligent/

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

29EdhaएधाStrength/ Sacred/ Wealth
30EilaएइलाThe earth
31EkaएकाMatchless/ Alone
32ElinaएलीनाPure/ Intelligent (Greek)
34ErinएरिनBeauty (Irish)
35EvaएवाSpeed/ Life
36Girnaगीर्नाPraised/ Celebrity
37Grahaग्रहाLord Shiva/ Planet

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

39HeshaहेशाComplete-Arbic/ Strong-Sansk
40HridaहृदाPure/ Sincere/ Hearty
41IhaइहाThe earth/ Desire
42IkaraइकाराLetter I/ Durga
43InaईनाSun/ strong/ Glorious
44Ishanviईशान्वीGoddess Parvati
45IshiइशीGoddess Durga

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

47JayaniजायनीShakti of Lord Ganesha
48JenishaजेनिशाJain Doctrine
50JuiजुईA flower
51JuilyजूइलीA flower

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

52Kamyaकाम्याBeautiful/ Lovable
53KanakaकनाकाGold/ Lord Vishnu
55KavishaकवीषाLord of Poets-Ganesh
56KeemayaकीमयाMiracle/ Divine
57KinneraकिंनेराHeavenly Music
58KavelaकवेलाLotus Flower

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

60LokitaलोकिताThe Enlightened One
61Marviमार्वीBeauty redefined
62MihikaमिहीकाMist/ Fog
63MihiraमिहिराMihir/ Sun
64Namyaनम्याWorthy of Honour
65NeethikaनीतिकाPrincipled/ Virtuous
66NiritaनीरीताFree from Calamities
67OnellaओनेलाLight (Greek)

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

71PihooपीहूSweet sound/ Pea-hen
72PiyaliपीयालीA tree

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

75RayaरायाZeal/ Princess/ Speed
76RedhiरेधीWorship/ Praise
77RephaरेफाAffection Of The Mind
78RidhaरीधाWealthy/ Prosperous

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

79Sadhyaसाध्याGoddess of Love
80SahitaसाहिताUnited/ Well-Wish
82Sameekshaसमीक्षाIntellect/ Desire to See
83ShonitaशोनिताSaffron/ Red
84Shrayaश्रायाReliance/ Shelter
85SiaसियाGoddess Sita
86SriniसृणीGoddess Durga/ Moon

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

88TaishiतैषीFull Moon in Taisa
89TamoharaतमोहराMoon/ Remove Darkness
90UruviउरुवीRivers/ Heaven and Earth
91Ushraउष्राMorning Light
93Varshmaवर्ष्माGreat/ Body/ Top
94VihaविहाHeaven/ Air/ Sky

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

95Yodhini योधिनीWarrior
96YuthikaयूथिकाNeedle-Flower Jasmine
97YuvashaयुवशाYoung/ Juvenile
98YugaयूगाLord Murugan (Era)
100ZoiझोइLife (Greek)
101ZuriझूरिBeautiful (Swahili)

We published our first names list in mid-2016 and it was an instant hit due to our selective collection of authentic distinguished Hindu baby names.
We keep on updating this list to provide a wider range of beautiful names.
The names listed above are uncommon, meaning and origin verified, and suitable for the new generation baby girl.
We hope you like our name suggestions for your little baby girl.
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An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


  1. Avatar

    Hey I was looking for baby girls name, my due is in 2 month.I really loved your list here. I have shortlisted few.

  2. Avatar

    Hi sapna plz tell some unique names for my daughter starting with letters di,de,du,do,th,CH,it will be very helpful by ur side,thank u

    • Sapana

      Hi Laita
      Chaarani: Bird
      Chaarvi: Beautiful Girl
      Chaitrika : Very clever
      Chakori: Crescent Moon
      Chanasya: Pleasant, Wonderful
      Charmi Lovely
      Charul: Beautiful
      Chinmai: Supreme Consciousness
      Chitranshi: Part of big picture
      Thanika: Apsara
      Thanima: Beautiful
      Thea: Gift of God
      Thresha/Thrisha: Star

      Devanshi: Part of God
      Deekshi Or Deekshita: Initiation / Consecration
      Devagya: With knowledge of god
      Devarshi: Sage of Lords
      Devarya: Divine Belief
      Dia or Dian: Divine
      Durai: Leader
      Durja: Invincible

  3. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    Please suggest some new and good Hindu baby girl names starts with letters “Ch”,”Da”,”Ra” and “Va”

    • Sapana

      Hi Anand,

      Chaaruvi Light
      Chaitanya Perception / Intelligence / Life / Vigour
      Chaitrika Very clever
      Chanasya Delighting / Pleasant / Wonderful (Alternate Spelling: Chanasyaa)
      Charani A bird
      Charul Beautiful
      Daayini Giver
      Damaruki Sound of emotion
      Danvi Charitable
      Daritree Earth
      Darsika Perceiver
      Daveena Beauty
      Dayita Beloved
      Raagavi Sings with Raaga / God of Raghavendra
      Raavee Awesome
      Radnya Daughter of king
      Rahni Princess
      Rai Radha
      Raika Beautiful
      Raina Beautiful princess / Night
      Rajasi Worthy of a king
      Rajitha Brilliant / Illuminated
      Rajivini Collection of blue lotuses
      Rakavi Queen of music and songs
      Rakini Goddess Durga
      Rakshina Cute
      Rakshya Protector / Guard
      Ramola Who takes interest in everything
      Ramra Splendor
      Ranhita Quick / Swift
      Ranita Tinkling / Cute and pretty
      Ranvi Large settlement
      Ranya Pleasant
      Ravyanki Sunshine / Held in the lap of the Sun God
      Vaarahi A group of seven or eight mother Goddess in the Hindu religion
      Vaarini The one who prevents
      Vaaruni The Goddess who is the power of Varuna / A Goddess
      Vadhi Lord of gods
      Vaidhe Goddess Sita (Wife of Lord Rama)
      Vainavi Gold
      Vaishavi Goddess Parvati (Alternate Spelling:Vaishvi)
      Valini Stars
      Vallari Goddess Parvati / Creeper
      Vamnayi Goddess of speech / Goddess Saraswati
      Vamsee Flute of Lord Krishna
      Vanchita Desired / Precious
      Vandya Amiable / Praiseworthy
      Vanie Goddess Saraswati
      Vanika Eloquent in words / Sound
      Varasya Request / Desire
      Varnu Colored
      Varshana Birth place of Radha
      Varshini Goddess of rain (Alternate Spelling: Varshiny)
      Varshita Rain / Beautiful (Alternate Spelling: Varshitaa / Varshitha)

    • Avatar

      Hi…. Sapana. Please suggest some new & good Arabic baby ? girl names starts with letters…….. T”, M”, S”,

    • Avatar

      Hi…. Sapana. Please suggest some new & good Arabic baby ? girl names starts with letters…….. T”, M”, S”,


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  6. Avatar

    Hi. Thanks for sharing this post…this is very useful for me. I have been blessed with a new born angel and I want to give her a name that is very meaningful and trendy at the same time. I like Sia…could you please suggest some more like this.
    Thanks Again!

  7. Avatar

    Hey Sapna,

    Thanks for sharing unique Hindu baby girls names. I want a name according to the Hindu mythology for my girl. She was born on 2 February 2017. Can you suggest the best name for her?

    I like the name Eila, Elina, Ishi, Juhi

  8. Avatar

    Hi there,
    Need rare meaninful and easy to pronounce names for my newborn. Baby girls names. should email you my requirements? Please let me know the details. Thanks

        • Sapana

          Myra Baby name has various origin
          Arabic meaning : Aristocratic Lady
          Sanskrit meaning : Beloved (though there is no detailed information available for this but I think it is associated with Mira)
          English meaning: poetic invention
          Greek meaning: myrrh, an aromatic shrub.

    • Sapana

      Hi Pranjali,
      Elina is Finnish and Swedish name it is form of Helen. There is no original meaning in Sanskrit or Hindi.

  9. Avatar

    Hi there, I must say I’m impressed by your citation skills. Could you help me, with my baby girl’s name too? Her name should start with letter ‘J’. I really like these two, ‘Joshita’ and ‘Jagriti’. As per you statistics, which of the two do you think, is an uncommon name for girls in India?

  10. Avatar

    Is Adya name common?…. Also please tell if its Adya,… Addhya , adhya or Aadya? ….They all are same name?…. I mean same meaning?

    • Sapana

      They all are same name Meaning Goddess Durga / The first / Mother Earth. The spellings are different due to different pronunciation region wise. Like in South India or W Bengal they use Adhya.
      The starting AA is actually not correct. But its a name from non-english origin hence it’s your choice to select the spelling. If name is too short people add these doubly aa or ee. It also makes the name unique and special. Just a trend!

    • Sapana

      Hi Aruna,
      All of them are rare and beautiful. Namya is what I would have prefered. Navya is getting popular. Nishka is also trendy.

  11. Avatar

    I want to know some good baby names with letter “V”. I have shortlisted a few names. Can you help me in figuring out which one is the most appropriate one as I need a trendy and unique name for my baby girl?

    Vanee, Viveka, Vihita, Vandana, Vini, Veera, Varushka, Vridhi vidhi vaishali vasudha

    • Sapana

      Hi Ruchi,
      Vanee is trendy, but as its popular and its getting common.
      Vihita/Varushka are better choices.
      Vandana, Vridhi vidhi vaishali vasudha are not new and are pretty common names.

  12. Avatar

    Hi, we are expecting baby girl in july and looking for some latest names with latters S,M,K and N.please suggest us if you know any.

    Thanks in advance

  13. Avatar
    Varun Grover on

    Hi Sapana,

    Which one is unique & better for my daughter born on may11 at 11:11 PM, Vritti or Ariyana?

    Thanks much!

    • Sapana

      Hi Varun,
      Vrutti is a nice rare name but I think its bit difficult to pronounce
      Ariyana is a beautiful name but its not a Hindu name.
      If you need more consultation on suggestion of suitable names please email me at [email protected] (Charges: 1000Rs)

  14. Avatar

    Plz, suggest me name for baby girl from parent names. Parent names are Amit & Priyanka. If possible, plz, suggest names from A also. Thanks.

  15. Avatar

    Please suggest some more baby girls names starting with letter ‘Sh’ Can you help find me name with combination of Arpan and Reema?

  16. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,
    I have a doubt.
    Is Jui a full original name or short of Juily? Is it Juily or Juili? Which is more correct? Thannks in advance..
    Jui only is very sweet but I want an original name not shorten name.

    • Sapana

      Hi Jaishree
      I have not heard of Aarshvi, Its not a Sanskrit original name for sure. It sounds some made up name.
      If you need names suggestions: email me at [email protected] for paid consultation (1000Rs)

  17. Avatar

    Hi sapana,

    I have shortlisted below names

    Arya, Anamika, hiranya, daksha, Sansa, Mitra, Shakti, akruthi….

    Could you suggest any rare names from the above list?

    • Sapana

      Hi Pournima,
      Regarding Numerology, its difficult to tell if Aarna or Arna is better. It depends on many factors and also which type of numerology you follow.
      Arna is correct actually. (Aarna is just the fancy variation)

  18. Avatar
    Preet Singhania on

    Please let me know which are the best and uncommon girls names out of below shortlisted names?
    Thanks in advance

    • Sapana

      Hi Preet,
      Nimisha: Its little common, but meaningful and easy to pronounce
      Archisha: Rare yet and stylish
      Prisha: Common
      Kera: Getting Common
      Lavanya: Not very new but its beautiful
      Shravani: Its rare but little difficult to pronounce
      Bodhi: Very beautiful name, known worldwide, not very rare though
      Akira: Very beautiful but after recent movie, its getting common
      Amani: Rare and sweet
      Moshika: Rare and very stylish

      If you need more suggestions email me at: [email protected]

  19. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,
    We are going to expect baby girl soon
    Please suggest some names in combination nation of me and my husband name
    My name:-AAKANKSHA
    Husband Name:-KARTHIKEYAN

    Thanks for your help in advance

  20. Avatar
    Shradha Jalali on

    Hi Sapna,
    I am blessed with a baby girl and I quite liked the name “Zaitra” means blessing. This name is completely unheard of , also not sure if it’s of Indian or -Hindu origin.Quite confused if we should go for this name.Please suggest!

    • Sapana

      Hi Shraddha,
      Zaitra is not a Sanskrit name. At least I could not find any traces.
      But Jaitra is a Sanskrit name and is a very unique name.
      I found it while I was searching for Zaitra.
      Jaitra means: leading to victory / superior / triumphant / conqueror

    • Sapana

      Hi Rk,
      The name Kanika in Sanskrit means small part of anything. Seed/Grain/drop/atom. Its not very common but not very rare too.

  21. Avatar

    Hi.. can you suggest some unique names for baby girl with letter o.? I am confused and unable to find good names for my girl. Make sure the names have a good meaning as well.

  22. Avatar

    I have selected a few unique baby girl names for my niece. Can you suggest the best one

  23. Avatar
    Ramit Sharma on


    Can you suggest some ancient baby girl names with A and S ? Also, names should be meaningful and unique.

  24. Avatar

    I need a unique baby girl name for my baby. The starting letter is M. I have shortlisted a few names.

    Can you suggest the best name.?

  25. Avatar

    Can you help me in selecting the unique and modern baby girl name for my girl? I have find some but completely confused which one to select.

  26. Avatar

    I want some beautiful names for my baby girl with starting letter B. The names should be meaningful and unique. can you please help me?

  27. Avatar

    I am looking for good baby girl names with the starting letter “G”. Can You help me in finding a beautiful name?

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