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Unusual Indian Baby Girl Names for 2019

You are on a page which provides only cherry-picked, rare, chic, beautiful Indian baby girl names. A name is for a lifetime, hence it deserves an extensive study and meticulous curation. After a detailed research of mainly Sanskrit origin names, here we have the top 100 exquisite baby girl names handpicked by the experts themselves! Let us know if you like them.

Top 100+ Unique Names for Indian Baby Girls

Names Starting with letter “A”

1AbhaआभाGlow/ Luster/ Shine
3Adyaआद्याUnique/ First power
6AmayaअमायाNight rain
7AnahitaअनाहिताPure/ Innocent(Persian)
8AnayaअनायाGoddess Lakshmi/ A-Nay
9AnshiअंशीAnsh/ Part of God
10AraआराLight bringer
11AriaआरीयाAir (Italian)
12ArinअरीनMountain strength(Arabic)
13Arnaअर्णाGoddess Laxmi
15Ashkaअश्काRitual after Arti
16Ashnaअष्णाBeloved/ friend
18AuraऔराBreeze/ Air/ Aurava

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Names Starting with letter “B/Bh/Ch”

19BhanutaभानुताSun/ Sun-Like
20BhrumiभृमिWhirlpool/ Active
22Chancyचान्सीGoddess Lakshmi/ Chandsi
23Charviचार्वीBeautiful woman

Names Starting with letter “D/Dh”

25DevayaदेवयाGoddess/ God-Like
27DhenaधेनाRiver/ Ocean
28DhiraधीराCalm/ Intelligent/

Names Starting with letter “E/G”

29EdhaएधाStrength/ Sacred/ Wealth
30EilaएइलाThe earth
31EkaएकाMatchless/ Alone
32ElinaएलीनाPure/ Intelligent (Greek)
34ErinएरिनBeauty (Irish)
35EvaएवाSpeed/ Life
36Girnaगीर्नाPraised/ Celebrity
37Grahaग्रहाLord Shiva/ Planet

Names Starting with letter “H/I”

39HeshaहेशाComplete-Arbic/ Strong-Sansk
40HridaहृदाPure/ Sincere/ Hearty
41IhaइहाThe earth/ Desire
42IkaraइकाराLetter I/ Durga
43InaईनाSun/ strong/ Glorious
44Ishanviईशान्वीGoddess Parvati
45IshiइशीGoddess Durga

Names Starting with letter “J”

47JayaniजायनीShakti of Lord Ganesha
48JenishaजेनिशाJain Doctrine
50JuiजुईA flower
51JuilyजूइलीA flower

Names Starting with letter “K”

52Kamyaकाम्याBeautiful/ Lovable
53KanakaकनाकाGold/ Lord Vishnu
55KavishaकवीषाLord of Poets-Ganesh
56KeemayaकीमयाMiracle/ Divine
57KinneraकिंनेराHeavenly Music
58KavelaकवेलाLotus Flower

Names Starting with letter “L/M/O”

60LokitaलोकिताThe Enlightened One
61Marviमार्वीBeauty redefined
62MihikaमिहीकाMist/ Fog
63MihiraमिहिराMihir/ Sun
64Namyaनम्याWorthy of Honour
65NeethikaनीतिकाPrincipled/ Virtuous
66NiritaनीरीताFree from Calamities
67OnellaओनेलाLight (Greek)

Names Starting with letter “P”

71PihooपीहूSweet sound/ Pea-hen
72PiyaliपीयालीA tree

Names Starting with letter “R”

75RayaरायाZeal/ Princess/ Speed
76RedhiरेधीWorship/ Praise
77RephaरेफाAffection Of The Mind
78RidhaरीधाWealthy/ Prosperous

Names Starting with letter “S/Sh”

79Sadhyaसाध्याGoddess of Love
80SahitaसाहिताUnited/ Well-Wish
82Sameekshaसमीक्षाIntellect/ Desire to See
83ShonitaशोनिताSaffron/ Red
84Shrayaश्रायाReliance/ Shelter
85SiaसियाGoddess Sita
86SriniसृणीGoddess Durga/ Moon

Names Starting with letter “T/U/V”

88TaishiतैषीFull Moon in Taisa
89TamoharaतमोहराMoon/ Remove Darkness
90UruviउरुवीRivers/ Heaven and Earth
91Ushraउष्राMorning Light
93Varshmaवर्ष्माGreat/ Body/ Top
94VihaविहाHeaven/ Air/ Sky

Names Starting with letter “Y/Z”

95Yodhini योधिनीWarrior
96YuthikaयूथिकाNeedle-Flower Jasmine
97YuvashaयुवशाYoung/ Juvenile
98YugaयूगाLord Murugan (Era)
100ZoiझोइLife (Greek)
101ZuriझूरिBeautiful (Swahili)

We published our first names list in mid-2016 and it was an instant hit due to our selective collection of authentic distinguished Hindu baby names.
We keep on updating this list to provide a wider range of beautiful names.
The names listed above are uncommon, meaning and origin verified, and suitable for the new generation baby girl.
We hope you like our name suggestions for your little baby girl.
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An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


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    • Sapana

      Aditri आदित्री Highest Honor, Lakshmi
      Adriti अद्रिति Goddess Durga, Ray
      Ahulya आहुल्या A White Flower
      Ainiti ऐनिति Infinite, Divine
      Aksithi अक्शिति Imperishability
      Ayati अयाती Posterity, Arrival
      Sanita सानिता Well-Graced
      Sanhita सहनिता Joined, Saibaba’s Message
      Shasti शास्ति Beautiful, Hymn
      Svishta स्विष्ता Honoured
      Taishi तैषी Full Moon in Taisa
      Taitila तैतिला Goddess
      Tapasa तापसा Ascetic, Moon
      Tarita तरिता Durga, Leader
      Tarushi तरुषी Victory
      Tista तिस्ता River in North-India
      Tvisha त्विशा Splendour

  5. Avatar

    I would like to know the exact meaning of my
    Baby name Prekshitha is it a good name according to our Hindu religion

    • Sapana

      Prekshita comes from Prekshit: प्रेक्षित Which is a Sanskrit word meaning: Glance or Look.
      In case of names inspired by such nouns, we take derived meaning so here it is beautiful or nice-looking

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    • Sapana

      Hi Shraddha,
      Ashvat is not an original word in Sanskrit. It is either made up from Ashva: which means Horse. In that case, Ashvat is not a very strong name.
      I guess it means Strong like a horse.
      There is another close word अश्वत्थ which means holy fig tree.

  7. Avatar

    Can u please suggest baby girl name with some combination of my name n my wife name (piyush & jayashree)

    • Sapana

      Hi Piyush,
      Ajasra :Forever
      Aparuja :Healthy
      Jeshna :Victory
      Palaksh :White
      Parasmai :Lord Rama
      Parvisha :Parv+Isha
      Prajaya :Victory
      Prajesha :Nakshatra Rohini
      Sharin :Lakshmi is holding Arrows
      Shreea :Riches, Lakshmi
      Shreesha :Goddess of Wealth

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  9. Avatar

    could u plzz suggest me a baby girl name with the combination of my name and my wife name
    (Rajesh and Kanchan)

    • Sapana

      Kangsha कांग्शा
      Karali कराली
      Karshina कर्षिणा
      Kashina काशिना
      Keyura केयुरा
      Keyuri केयुरी
      Radnya राज्ञा
      Radhana राधना
      Richana रिचना
      Rocha रोचा
      Rochana रोचना

      Please check the meanings in A-Z Names List.

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