10 Unique Themes for Birthday Parties for Kids


Tips and Ideas for An Awesome Birthday Party

Looking for some unique theme for your child’s birthday party? Who doesn’t want an awesome birthday party for their kids? Birthday boy/girl has been waiting for his/her day for the whole year.
But with so many theme parties of your kids friends going on the whole year, you really wonder how to make your child’s birthday party unique and awesome.
To throw a rocking birthday part you need not spend a lot of money. With creative ideas you can go for a DIY party themes. Starting with invitation, decorations, cakes and return gifts you can easily apply these themes in each element of it and make it a memorable fun party.

Let us see some amazing birthday party ideas.

1. Rainbow Theme: Go Colorful!

rainbow party


Very much suitable for first to fifth birthday party for both, boys and girls. If you could not plan for party well in advance then this theme is just best as it very easy and quick to arrange.
Decoration Ideas: Rainbow fruit salad or colorful fruits kebabs, 7 colored balloon, 7 color cupcakes, colorful candies There is no limit to adding 7 colors to your party creatively
More about this theme at: TheTomKatStudio.com
Easy to create colorful invitation cards, cake and with 7 color balloons and party decoration items.

2) Pirates Theme: Yo Ho Lets Go!

pirates theme


This theme is suitable for party for kids of any ages, even for 1st birthday, you can make it a fun party.
Kids love to dress like pirates. They look adorable as little pirates. You can ask your guests to dress up as pirates for this theme party.
You can purchase paper made pirate hats or eye patches for guests and a very special costume for the birthday girl or boy.
Visit WeHeartParties.com/free-printables/ for amazing printables for the theme
Visit LiaGriffith.com/yo-ho-lets-go-a-pirate-party-for-kids for More about Perfect Pirate Party

3) Jungle theme: Welcome to the Jungle!

jungle theme


This one is very much suitable for first birthday. Animal costumes look super cute on kids.
The decoration is lively too and you can gift cute soft toys as return gifts. Believe it, apart from cake and games, kids really are looking forward to their return gifts. 🙂 Small surprises bring big lovely smiles!
Visit CatchMyParty.com/parties/jungle-for-girl to know more about this Nice Jungle Theme Party.

4)Superhero party- Pow! Bam bam!

superheros theme

Image: www.Catchmyparty.com

A perfect theme if your boy (well why not for girls?) love Superman/Batman or spider man or iron man or Thor or captain america or Zorro.
Or you can simple make it general Superheros.
Visit Craftionary.net/superhero-birthday-party for Free Printable superhero paper masks.

5) Hawaiian Theme: Aloha!

hawaiian party

image: www.CatchMyParty.com

Party for birthday girl, with beautiful floral decoration, flipflops, tropical food and amazing costume for the birthday princes.
You can make a simple DIY tropical drinks bar.
Visit CatchMyParty.com/parties/isas-birthday-luau for a Wonderful Hawaiian Birthday Party.

6. Flamingo: Lovely Rosy Pink!

flamingo theme


Those who love pink color can give it a more uniqueness to the pink theme with Flamingo Theme party

7. Angry Birds: Take Me to the Skies

angry birds theme


Angry bird theme is easy to make with loads of printables available on internet
The party supplies are also easily available in market and most of cake bakers sell angry birds cakes with beautiful edible 3D angrybirds.
Many options available for return gifts too.
Visit ParentMap.com/article/17-angry-birds-birthday-party-ideas to know more about this theme.

8. Pizza party: Make your own pizza

I love this idea. If you have a good big oven at home then guests (specially kids) can make their own pizza.
Preparing the dough and toppings is very easy. Kids can prepare the base, (Tossing can bring great fun, hope with less mess) add some toppings of their choices and You can just help them bake it.

make your own pizza


To avoid the mess, you can see if any Pizza restaurant near by supporting you this kind of fun party, letting kids make the pizza at the restaurant.

9 Cow Boy : be ready for the exciting ride

cowboy theme


With Cow boy shoes, sheriff badges and hats, lots of fun games, tasty food this will make your party exciting and memorable.
Visit Images.marthastewart.com/images/content/web/pdfs/2007Q2/1157_050806_wanted_poster.pdf to Get free Wanted-Reward Photo Booth.
Visit Catchmyparty.com/parties/first-year-celebration and AdrielBooker.com/kids-cowboy-birthday-party to know more

10. Rockstar : Rock-n-Roll

rockstar theme


Enjoy the dance and music like never before. Kids love rocking music and musical games. You can buy beautiful costume for the birthday girl/boy or you can make easily at home.
Visit Karaspartyideas.com/2016/01/rock-star-birthday-party.html for One Perfect Rock n Roll Party.

Without a photo booth a theme party is incomplete. To take nice funny pictures of guests at party, think of having a creative photo booth.


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