10 Trendy Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With A


Rare and Short Sanskrit Baby Girl Names starting with letter A

Sanskrit is the treasure trove of many marvelous and meaningful baby names. There are numerous name choices for the letter A and we have tried to create a list of the best and trendiest baby girl names in Sanskrit starting with A.

A-Names: Short and Sweet

Ahna आहना

An easy to pronounce, very trendy and lovely name. Ahna means to exist, a series of days or swiftly/immediately.

Aila ऐला

The meaning of the name is as unique as its sound. Aila refers to a plentiful of food or refreshment.

Aini ऐनी

A personality as smooth as the flow of a steady river is always attractive. Aini refers to a river.

Aliva अलिवा

A multi origin name.The name signifies the sound produced by a bee in Sanskrit. The name is widely used in the Bengali community where it means Diya. In European culture, the name means Elf Army. Aliva can also be associated with the Alvirav song.

Alola अलोला

The trendier the name sounds, the stronger meaning it holds. Alola refers to a firm or steady personality. A girl with rock-solid decisions or thoughts deserves the name.

Amaya अमाया

The name is associated with the Sanskrit word Maya which illusion and Amaya has a contrasting meaning which is the absence of delusion of deceit. In Japanese, the name refers to the night rain.

Amna आम्ना

In Sanskrit, the name means a celebrated personality or study of the sacred texts. The name is also used in Islamic communities where it means someone safe or protected or trustworthy.

Arha अर्हा

Some ancient names from the treasure trove of Sanskrit names can also sound trendy and this name is one such example. Arha is related to Lord Vishnu, the God or divine personality who deserves to be worshipped. It literally means to worship someone.

Arna अर्णा

The name is popular in both Sanskrit and Hebrew contexts. In Sanskrit, the name refers to Goddess Lakshmi or a river. In Hebrew, the name means a mountain or powerhouse of strength.

Avi अवी

A short, adorable and trendy name always drives attention. Avi has different meanings like a mountain or a protector. It also refers to Lord Sun. Avi signifies a bright personality with immense strength.
When you are blessed with a baby girl, you must be in a transport of delight with a curiosity to find a suitable name for her.
Being one of the most ancient languages on the planet, Sanskrit offers a lush treasure of words that connects with the soul and hold powerful meanings. Sanskrit names not only offer a selection of names reflecting rich Hindu culture but a pinch of modernity as well.
The letter A has a plethora of beautiful, short and meaningful Sanskrit names to offer to new or to-be Indian parents. I have already shared hundreds of Sanskrit names in my previous posts and this time, I have tried to narrow down the list for the letter A for which I often get many requests from Indian parents. I hope you liked the list of trendy Sanskrit names beginning with A.
If you have any query or better name suggestion, I will be happy to see your comments ion this post.


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