10 No-Fuss Ways to Lose Pregnancy Weight


Forget Fad Diets for Weight Loss: These Tactics Work!

Pregnancy is both a wonderful and difficulty journey. A woman carries a growing baby in her womb for nine months, and suffers from what many would deem as “unpleasant” physical changes by way of additional weight and body shape changes. Many new mothers do not only look forward to motherhood after giving birth, but also to getting back in shape!

If you’re looking to get back into shape, the first and most important thing, that a new mom should do is to get the go signal of her doctor. This will help prevent any complications that may arise after delivery. It is also important to be patient because it could take several months to lose those extra pounds safely.

Here are some tips that can help you lose weight after pregnancy, and recapture your pre-pregnancy body.

Do Not Start a Radical Diet

You should not deprive yourself of food after giving birth. Doing so will just add to the stress that you are feeling as you adjust to your new role and of course, your baby requires nutrients from your breast milk so it’s vital that you maintain a healthy diet as opposed to radically lowering your calorie intake. Instead of dieting, it is recommended that you eat well-balanced meals and have healthy snacks on hand to keep your hunger at bay.


Breastfeeding moms need an additional 300-500 calories per day, or roughly around 2,700 in total, but this varies from person to person so seek appropriate medical advice. There are lucky moms who can seemingly drop all the baby weight through breastfeeding alone. If you are not one of them, then you may need to move more and incorporate some regular physical activity. Remember that you will need to decrease your calorie-intake once your baby switches to solid foods, or else that unwanted weight may creep back on.

Take Naps

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New mothers suffer from a chronic lack of sleep and this is almost unavoidable, particularly in the early months following birth. The increased stress level will only trigger you to crave more food, making you gain weight. Make sure to take a nap whenever your baby is sound asleep and never be afraid to ask for help of friends and family to help you get the rest you need. This will help prevent you from ending up with a long-term sleep deficit. Having enough ZZZs will also keep you away from wanting high-calorie, and sugary foods for energy.

Eat “super foods”

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New moms need maximum nutrition, particularly when they are nursing. It is crucial to choose foods that are packed with nutrients, but are also low in calories and fat. Fish is a well-known super food as it is filled with omega-3 fatty acid and DHA that help your baby develop a fit brain and healthy nervous system. You should also consume yogurt and milk as they are packed with calcium to keep your bones strong. Lean meat and beans are also high in protein and fiber, and are low in fat.


Keep yourself well-hydrated throughout the day. Doing so will prevent you from getting sick and feeling sluggish. When you’re ready to shed weight after stopping breastfeeding, it also fills up your stomach and so helps you not to eat too much. Your urine should be relatively clear, and your bathroom visits should be at least every three to four hours.

Move More

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Most new mothers are too overwhelmed and sleep-deprived to think about working out, and this is perfectly fine. These women will not be ready for some serious exercising until about six weeks post-partum, and longer for those who had the C-section. Once you are ready to get back in shape, start your routine by walking around the block or maybe pick up some cheap home gym equipment so that you can squeeze in workouts around your baby’s sleep cycles. Resistance bands, exercise balls and dumbbells re all low-cost options. If you’re looking for a cheaper piece of cardiovascular equipment, the Stamina Body Trac Glider comes highly recommended. Remember, always ask your doctor if your body is ready to gradually increase the intensity.

Do Weight Training

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Weight training will help speed up your metabolism. It will also help develop your muscle mass and strength. If you do not have the time to go to the gym, you can simply perform the exercises at home. You can do lunges as you push the stroller, or do pushups as the baby sleeps. You can hire a personal trainer with certification in postnatal fitness when desired.

Avoid Empty Calories

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Avoid consuming junk foods. These are packed with empty calories that can harm your health. Say goodbye to those chips and sodas, as well as those fad diets that deprive you from eating the right foods. Focus on eating fruits and vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. You should also know that too much fresh orange juice can place unnecessary calories in your body.

Seek Professional Help

If you are still struggling to lose weight, it may be ideal to ask the help of a dietitian and your doctor. They can help design an appropriate meal plan, so you can lose weight effectively and safely. Your doctor will tell you how much weight you should lose at a time, and when you should begin exercising.

Connect with Other Moms

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It will also be helpful to connect with other moms. You can form a jogging group with your fellow mothers. This will help you gain moral support and more sources for motherhood tips and tricks.


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