10 Most Effective Fat Loss Foods for Indian Moms


Food to Eat after Delivery for Weight Loss

Now that your baby is born, it’s time for you to burn some fats. At this point, to get back in shape you should start with easy and safe postnatal exercises after delivery. You can surely lose some weight by eating these selective and effective Foods, for Weight Loss after pregnancy. I have tried to list most healthy and effective fat burning foods and food recipes. When my friends ask me, how they could shed some weight quickly after maternity. I never suggest them ‘dieting’ instead I suggest them a healthy ‘diet’. That would be good for both the mother and the baby. I have lost 15 kg of pregnancy weight twice in my life with regular abs workout and healthy weight-loss foods after my deliveries.
Every kind of diet even diet for weight loss must be a balanced diet. A diet can only be categorized as ‘balanced’ when it contains all the components of food, i.e. Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, Dietary Fiber or Roughage, Vitamins, and Minerals.
It is mainly seen that people concentrate more on either high-fiber or low-carbs centric foods for loosing pounds, which doesn’t make their diet a balanced diet. Since you are a new mother you should not deprive yourself of anything healthy for the sake of fast recovery.
The list below comprises of best fat burning food from each class of food components especially for Indian Moms. Hence with high-fiber and low-carbs food recipes we have also included some high-protein, low-fat, mineral and vitamin rich foods too, which could help you in shedding some pounds.
That’s not it, to make your post-maternity diet plan a tasteful experience. Under ‘Tips & Tricks’ section, I have also written about ways to make the given food tasty and healthy.
Important Note: You should take below foods preferably after exclusive breastfeeding time. Even though below are all safe and healthy foods, on regular basis this might show side effects like loose motions to young babies.

Food for Indian Moms for Weight Loss

Bottle Gourd Juice /Louki Juice:

bottle gourd
Bottle Gourd has water content as high as the cucumber. It is a fiber rich vegetable whose juice should be made by boiling it. Don’t ever make a bottle gourd juice using raw pieces of the vegetables.

Its preparation process is quite simple and quick.
1. Peel the bottle gourd, cut it and take out the seeds.
2. Take boiling water, add cubes of bottle gourd for 5-6 mins. No need to boil the bottle gourd in it.
3. After the water comes to room temperature, blend it with few slices of Amla (gooseberry).
4. Add cumin powder, black pepper powder and pinch of salt.

Though they say real fiber of vegetable is found in its peel. But same rule doesn’t apply to bottle gourd. So please peel the bottle gourd before making its juice.

Tips & Tricks:
You can take this during exclusive breastfeeding months too as louki/bottle gourd juice is helpful in increasing breast milk production.
Bottle Gourd Juice should never be made out of bottle gourd which is bitter to taste, as bitter-tasting bottle gourd contains harmful toxins.

Also, you should never mix bottle gourd juice with the juice of any other vegetable. To give flavor to the juice you can make use of lemon juice, cumin powder or black pepper powder during garnishing.

Mixing bottle gourd juice with any other vegetable juice is definitely not a good idea.
It’s important to eat healthy food, in a balanced way. As more or less of anything is not good for human body. We are saying so because a cup of bottle gourd juice is enough.

Don’t think of drinking it in a tall juice glass, because bottle gourd juice is more of a detoxifying juice.

Detoxification does help in weight loss, in a way. An excess of this juice can bring fatigue and weakness, diarrhea, headaches etc. though these are also one of the signals that you are detoxifying. But if you get these symptoms and side effects. Then please stop taking it.

If you decide to proceed, prefer drinking bottle gourd juice on a cup, meant for drinking teas. No mugs, no tumblers, use only a cup to drink.

One cup a day would suffice your weight goals. Morning time is the best time to drink any juice with empty stomach or else you could drink it at afternoon too, but 4 hours later after having lunch.

Spinach + Tomato Juice

spinach tomato juice
Tomato is a low-fat veggie and Spinach is packed with low cholesterol and high iron. Spinach is highly recommended to women, during and after their pregnancy. Due to labor pains, many women feel tired and spinach helps a lot in energizing them. You should feel charged, as now you have a baby to take care of.
Tips & Tricks:
Put the washed spinach leaves and tomatoes slices in hot water for 5-6 minutes. You may add salt as per taste. Switch on the blender and your juice is ready to be served, Ma’am.

If you like tanginess, you could even add few tablespoon of lemon juice. Lemon would also lower the bitterness, of spinach.

The best and most preferable way is to boil its leaves for 2 minutes, before making spinach juice or soup. Boiling would also trim the oxalic acid present in spinach, which is responsible for its bitter taste.
NOTE: If you are breastfeeding and your baby is younger than 6 months then do not take this everyday as that might give your baby loose motion.

Salad Lunch

apple avocado chicken salad for weight loss
There are many salad recipes, but the one that would help you in losing fat has been given below:
Cucumber + Lettuce/ Spinach + Tomato + Boiled Chickpea/ Chicken + Avocado/ Bell Peppers + Apple
This is a high-protein salad, full of antioxidants and fiber. Protein cuts down fat by regulating our appetite, it also makes our food digestion effortless. Plus it helps us in burning bad calories even in sleep!
The reason we call it a Salad Lunch as you can replace it with your heavy lunches with this balanced full meal salad lunch. We have high protein chicken or chickpeas to give you enough strength and energy for the day while rest of ingredients will take care of boosting nutrients and fibers in your body.

Tips & Tricks:

Romaine lettuce is the ideal lettuce for diet salads. If you don’t find it, you could sauté spinach with crushed garlic in olive oil.

You must know that spices like black pepper, garlic, cumin, and turmeric etc. are some fat burning spices. (Told you, this is going a flavorful fat burning diet plan.) So do use garlic for sautés.
If you are not on a pure-vegan diet then you could add an equal proportion of boiled chickpea and shredded chicken into your salad. At times for a change, you could add boiled eggs. Egg Yolk is also protein-rich.
As an alternative of Avocado you can make use of red bell pepper, which is a zero-calorie vegetable.
For dressing this salad, you can use the mighty extra virgin olive oil.

This Salad can be eaten as a main meal for lunch. If you want, you can eat it as a side meal too during dinner time.
For the night, skip apple. Fruits are meant to be eaten either at morning or afternoon time. Fructose of fruits gets used up in a better way, during day time only. Or else the same fructose would turn into body fat.

Carrot and Coriander Soup:

carrot cilantro
Along with juices, soups are also low-calorie liquids. Soups for weights loss must be home made. Ready-to-cook soup packets contain lots of sodium and preservatives, which would help you, gain Water Weight and nothing else.

Your water weight, after pregnancy, is already on the rise. With this increased level of sodium, your body would simply puff up.

Though it’s true, water weight doesn’t contain fat but fluid retention, especially after pregnancy is not good for the body.

At top of this if you are not a big fan of warm water, like we discussed above a warm water drink with honey, lemon and ginger juice.

Hot soups could be the best excuse to intake the benefitting warm water!

Here, Carrot is a low-fat vegetable and Coriander is an underrated herb, full of vitamins and minerals.

Some directly try to consume coriander juice for weight loss. Coriander juice is mainly a body detoxification drink due to the high amount of vitamins and minerals present in it. ‘Daily’ detoxification after pregnancy is something I won’t suggest.

So we decided to mix these two brilliant ingredients together, in form of a tasteful soup.

Tips & Tricks:

For making this Soup, you need to
1. Sauté onions in a pressure cooker, using olive oil if possible.
2. Add carrot sauté the same. Pour hot water, sprinkle salt and then close the cooker.
3. Wait for two whistles, let the steam out. And let it cool down for a minute or two.
4. When water is hot but not boiling hot, add the coriander
5. Then blend the mixture in a blender. No need to heat this mixture, just strain then add pepper to it and some finely chopped coriander leaves. That’s all.

In case you don’t like the hot peppery taste of black pepper try seasoning the soup using Chat Masala. The spices used in Chat Masala like cumin, coriander, black pepper, asafoetida and dried mango powder is considered to be beneficial for health. Like Asafoetida helps in smooth digestion, its anti-inflammatory properties could soothe your inflammations after pregnancy.

As you are going to consume it often, season the soup with a small quantity of Chat Masala. Never use cream to garnish your soup; you would just spoil your weight loss goal by doing so. If you want to use cream, use a low-fat cream.


almonds for baby
Not all nuts are meant for weight loss. The nuts which you can gobble up are:

Unsalted and Roasted Pistachios

The above nuts are nutrient-rich. They are low in sugar, high in protein, fiber and unsaturated fat too. The absence of physical activities during pregnancy must have given rise to bad cholesterols in your body. Nuts fight against these bad cholesterols.

Some women also complain about hair fall after pregnancy, if you suffering from the same dilemma. Then almonds, pistachios, and even walnuts could prevent this scaring hair loss. All in all, it would not be wrong to tag nuts as the ‘good-food’.
Tips & Tricks:
Nut Mixes are gaining momentum in India. Nut mixes are nothing but crushed or sliced nuts which are flavored either using spices and/or sugary things. It is advisable to make a nut mix for yourself, where nuts are simply sliced or crushed, without any flavoring or seasoning.
Use a dry fruit cutter preferably, for making your own nut mix. Nuts are probably the easiest way to lose fat. Hence don’t sit with a packet of nut mix on your hand. Instead take out a moderate amount of it, for yourself separately in a bowl.
Seal in the packet/box; keep it in its place. That’s it. Otherwise, you may end up overeating nuts, thereby upsetting your round tummy. This round tummy is soon going to be a flat, read on to know more.


If you think that oats and Oatmeals are one and the same thing, then you are wrong! Oatmeals (rolled oats) are processed oats, which are mainly used for cooking purpose. Simple oats (steel-cut oats) are the unprocessed oats, which are not pre-cooked. For the quick preparation of any oat dish, it is better to use rolled oats.

Oatmeal helps in cutting body fat with the partnership of soluble and insoluble fibers, present in it. Fiber uses the fat cell of our body to break down into pieces. This way the fat gets burned, by getting converted into a form of energy.

Oatmeal is said to be filled with manganese and molybdenum. Manganese is a mineral which helps us with our metabolism, it makes our bone structure healthy, and it also helps in minimizing the bad fats, and bad carbohydrates in our body.

Speaking of molybdenum it functions almost, same as manganese.

Tips & Tricks:
There are varied ways with which you can fall in love with oats. You can either make Oats Khichdi. Its cooking process is same as that of a normal Khichdi. Only thing is that instead of rice, you need to use Oatmeal (rolled oats) and lentils.

You can eat oatmeal with milk. As a topping on your milk bowl, you could add some protein-rich fruits like apple, bananas, strawberries etc. Prefer having this in the morning.

Green Tea

green tea powder
Green Tea is a well-known beverage for burning fat. So why is it a favorite among weight watchers and dieticians? Firstly, it is full of antioxidants named ‘polyphenols’, which indirectly help in weight loss by controlling our calorie intake.

Secondly, it raises the temperature of your core, which burns fat stored in there. This process is popularly called, thermogenesis. Hence at summer time you should keep a watch on your green tea intake.

Tips & Tricks:
While making green tea, you should not boil the water or else your tea would taste bitter. Just heat the water and then add tea leaves to it.

Also, green tea should be brewed for up to 1-3 minutes. If you are using a green tea bag, then don’t squeeze the tea bag. If you do so, it would make the tea bitter.

Drink a moderate amount of green tea. Don’t drink it, empty stomach in the morning or along with a meal as this could be bad for your tummy; worse if you have got a sensitive digestive system.

Even green tea contains caffeine but less than coffee. Caffeine does introduce sugar in your blood. So don’t drink green tea during the evening or at night.

It has also been found that when you exercise after inclusion of green tea in your diet, you get better results. Hence soon as you start with your post-delivery exercises, green tea could bear out to be effective for you.

Warm Water + Honey + Lemon + Ginger: Detox Water

Honey Lemon Ginger Water
The health drink’s recipe is just above. Warm water proves to be great for baby birth fat, as it helps in boosting metabolism and in burning calories.

The role of honey along with lemon and ginger is that they all help burning fat.

Try adding less amount of honey in your drink. Because though it is healthier than sugar, but only a difference of 6 calories is there between one tablespoon of sugar (16) and one tbsp of honey (22).

Honey is said to have antioxidants and minerals in it, which table sugar doesn’t have. Maybe that’s why they follow this rule ‘Honey over Sugar’.

You should not try to mix honey in boiling water, as this would destroy its nutrients. Use lukewarm water.

Tips & Tricks:

Fresh Ginger Juice can be taken by grating the ginger and spreading its gratings on a cloth having big pores, like cheesecloth.

After this you should try to form a Momo like shape considering ginger grates, as the stuffing of your Momo and squeeze the cloth as hard as you can for extracting its juice.

Many say that raw unprocessed cum organic honey should be used in such fat loss drinks but it’s difficult to find pure raw honey. If you use the wrong one, it could make you ill, with food poisoning and such other problems.

At last only processed honey remains in store for you. Now the question is what if it’s adulterated? You should know that an unadulterated honey would get settle down at the bottom of glass, whereas adulterated honey would get dissolved, soon as it is poured into the water.

Diet Lentils Soup:

mung dal
Pulses form a major role in losing weight as they are not only high fiber but also low-fat food, which is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. High roughage food can put an end to your unnecessary hunger cravings.

If on one side when you would feel less hungry, then on the other fiber of lentils would make you feel more thirsty. In that case, you would speed up your metabolism rate by gulping down water.
Tips & Tricks:
You must have found out by now that we have tried adding both liquid and solid intakes in your diet. With a diet plan full of texture food you won’t get bored out of any food present in it.

For making this pureed soup all you need to do is.
1. Sauté garlic, ginger and onion on a pan with olive oil. Add lentils preferably Moon beans as they are easy to digest and low in fats.
2. Pour water into the pan in such a way that lentils gets nicely boiled. Use pressure cooker for cooking lentils like ahar dal.

3. After cooking, pour everything into a bowl and use a wire wisk to make a smooth fine mixture. Do not blend the mixture as it will make it gooey. add salt, pepper and cumin powder as per your taste.
4. Heat the mixture for some time by transferring it into the pan. Your soup is ready.
You can garnish it with finely chopped coriander if you want.

Coconut Water:

Another great ubiquitous drink for weight loss is fresh coconut water. This is a low-calorie drink. A calorie is the unit of energy which we get from food. Hence when we would ask you to ‘watch your calories’, by that we would simply mean, ‘don’t take high-calorie food’. Why?

A high-calorie food gets converted into fat if you won’t get much involved in physical activities. Since you need to take rest and your physical activity is also going to be real less. With such a routine, this low-calorie drink is less likely to get converted into fat.

Also, Coconut water hydrates our body very well. That’s exactly what we need. As it won’t just, help you lose weight but in case you are a lactating woman, coconut water would increase your milk supply.

Fresh Coconut water is responsible for increasing our metabolism rate. Since less physical activity would be involved due to your resting, your metabolism rate could lower down. But with coconut water, this won’t happen.
Tips & Tricks:
Don’t go for packaged coconut water. Drink the water of green coconut fruit. Heavier the coconut would weigh, more water would be present in it.
Tag along the above fat loss foods with your regular meals and you are good to go. The time you will pair up this diet plan with your post delivery exercises, daily. Seeing you nobody would ever say this lie that, Indian Moms can’t lose weight after pregnancy. Besides a weight oblique fat loss diet plan there are also other ways to take care of body after delivery in entirety.
Weight loss plan after having a child should be chosen by all mom-to-be. The reason behind this is that, there are certain benefits of losing weight after pregnancy. It is not just about looking good and ‘maintained’ after having baby.


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