10 Easy Activities to Boost Baby’s Brain Development


10 Easy Ways to Help Develop Your Baby’s Brain Power Faster

It is not just food which helps brain development in babies.
Your little one’s brain is developing at a rapid speed from day 1. The brain development is still going on when baby is sleeping. In fact when my first son used to sleep a lot I asked his doctor once if it was ok, she said babies are developing even better during their sleep time. When they are awake they are learning from their surroundings. In daily baby care activities you could help boosting this brain development. These are some easy methods which will not take your extra time and still be very fun too.

Let us see top 10 Simple Parental Activities to Boost Your Baby’s Brain Development

1. Be attentive. Follow what your baby is trying to show you, even when your baby points his finger at a wall. Make sure you follow his direction with your gaze and talk back to him regarding events and items of his interest. This is often referred as joint attention, which confirm your baby that how important his observation and interests are to you.

2. Build trust by holding your baby. Babies are very securely attached to their mothers. As soon as your baby cries soothe him, take care of him, make him feel secured, this will create a positive relation which will keep you both connected emotionally. Your calm and loving touch, your daily routine with the baby will signal an emotional security in baby’s brain. This way your baby will feel most secured when you will hold him. Let your behavior, body language, attentiveness to your baby’s activities and your smiles & gentle caresses assures the lovable nature of your baby. Parents touch is considered to be very effective in baby’s brain development.

3. Have meaningful conversations. Respond to your baby’s coos with happy voices. Calling your baby in exclaiming voice, “Pretty baby!” This way of talking is called “parentese.” This helps your baby in developing the areas in the brain for producing language and understanding speech.

4. Sing songs or Lullaby/Lori to your baby, as it enhances your child’s learning of language pattern, rhythms. When you sing “Lori” along with your hand gestures, your movements will help your baby. The body motions and finger play will help your baby integrate sounds with large and small motor actions. Songs also enhance your child’s learning of rhythms, rhymes, and language patterns.

5. Brain-Boosting Games for Babies. Games are most effective way to help your baby or toddler develop brain power.
1. New Borns: Starting from day one, babies are receptive to your entertainment to them. Play peek a-boo with your baby, play finder games e.g. counting and tickling.
2. As baby grows and can hold things get him/her some toys which will allow him to interact and explore.
3. Once baby starts to sit on her own, increase the variety of toys and games for her. There are baby puzzles available in the market Eg: Stack the block. Blocks are one of most effective games to help brain development. It is a simple puzzle for your baby which she will like playing for long time frequently. In this puzzle if she stacks a big block over small block it will fall off, but if she stacks small block on big block puzzle won’t fall. This way she will learn cause and effect relationship. Child’s brain is young and constantly developing, and it learns to make sense of the surroundings when you respond to your child’s behavior in reassuring, appropriate ways.

6. Body massage: Body massage is not only great for creating a positive bond between mother and child but also it helps to reduce your child’s stress and increases his emotional security and well-being. Loving touch of mother promotes healthy mental and physical growth in young babies. You can also make good use of time when you are changing your baby’s diaper. Stroking your baby’s body or hair will help your baby build emotional feeling of having lovable body.

7. Use positive discipline. When your child behaves inappropriately like hitting an adult or another child, at that time don’t shout at him. Go down to his height or level using a low & serious tone of voice clearly makes him understand that behavior is wrong. Keep in mind to keep the rules simple and reasonable for your child’s age. Also you can use ‘teachable moments’ to help your child learn about feelings when someone is sad or upset. This will develop your child’s brain more when you create emphatic responses.

8. Engage your child with books having colorful pictures. Share your baby’s happiness in pointing, making sounds, say the name of animal, make sound of the animals. This way they will be able to relate with picture and sounds associated with it. Keep in mind that developing your baby’s receptive language during infancy is more important than baby’s expressive language.

9. Match your rhythm with your child’s mood. Some children are shy, some of them adjust very easily to different situations while some are very bold and impulsive. Don’t try to force your child in behaving something he is not, just go with the flow and slowly build your child’s courage and comfort level to explore new things.

10. Make eating times playful by saying the names of food as your baby eats. Try Baby Led Weaning (Letting your child eat on its own), and express joy when he learns to eat for the first time. This will be learned by your baby as a good association with mealtime & eating. While you are introducing your child to eating and introducing him to new things, try to introduce them to other messy materials as sand, water etc. This will help your child understand physics and different properties of things like liquids, solids and their textures. Experience of sensing different things is a great way for learning brain.

In baby’s regular diet include healthy food which boosts brain power. Check top baby brain development foods here. As baby grows and starts showing interest in various new toys, be selective in buying toys for your baby. This is how you can help Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power through easy activities daily.


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    My kid is hyperactive. He can’t sit at a place for more than 10 minutes. I just want to engage him so that he can boost brain powers. Are these activities helpful to engage my kiddo? Also tell me which games are helpful to improve his creative thinking.

    • Sapana

      Hi Anuradha,
      Yes, all these activities are good for your child. To boost creative thinking, you can give him the block and various similar games which make different shapes out of blocks.

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