When to Take a Home Pregnancy Test?


Taking a Pregnancy Test At Home

Pregnancy is a wonderful bag of excitement, hope as well as fear stuffed into an adventure of nine months. Whether you are trying to start a family or worried about unplanned pregnancy, a pregnancy test is an exciting thing to do for any married woman. First pregnancy test is surely a memorable moment for any mother.
Taking a pregnancy test at home using the test kits available can be stressful for many women. It ignites many emotions including excitement and fear reliability of the result because of chances of false negative results.
Blood test produces more accurate results than urine test and can detect pregnancy from about 6-8 days after ovulation. However doctor won’t advice you to go for blood test until after your period is due, and even then only if there is an absolute need.

How Soon Can You Take a Pregnancy Test?

It depends on 2 factors, sensitivity of test kit and amount of HcG i.e. the pregnancy hormones in your urine. Some test kits can detect pregnancy as early as 7 days of conception (i.e. which could be 4 days before missing your period)

Pregnancy Test Kits in India

There are different tests available in market now a days in India
1) i-can,
2) Prega News,
3) Velocit Eazy, to name a few.

What is HCG?

Pregnancy test whether blood or urine measure the amount of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin [HCG], It is the pregnancy hormone, in your body. Home pregnancy test which are available at any chemist shop, detects the presence of HCG in your urine. Some home pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others. The more sensitive tests may be able to detect low level of HCG as early as four days before your period is due, or seven days after conceiving. [Know about hCG Drops here]

How Reliable is Home Pregnancy Test Kit?

The sensitivity of pregnancy test kit is described on the packaging as Miu/Mi [Milli International Unit Per Millileter]. It is said that pregnancy test range in sensitive from 10Miu/Mi to 40Miu/Mi. Lower the number, more sensitive the test kit and the earlier it can detect the pregnancy

What is The Best Time to Take Pregnancy Test at Home?

Early in morning.
Why? Because, after waking up the first urine is concentrated. It contains more HcG compared to rest of the day. So it is advised to take home pregnancy test in morning

Taking Pregnancy Test at Home

1) Most of home test kits require you put urine on the small absorbent tip. (Best way is to directly pee on it, wipe off extra urine by toilet tissue)
2) You have to hold it steady and horizontal after that and wait for a minute or two.
3) Following image shows how to see the result.

Positive? Negative? Invalid?


Read the instructions on the test kit carefully before you take the test.
Most of the home pregnancy test can give you accurate results, when tests are done on proper time of about 2 weeks after you ovulate.

What if Test Result is Negative?

You should wait for your periods, If you get them then you are sure it is negative. But if you still don’t get your periods then repeat the test after 8 days.
If the tests are done too soon in pregnancy, the amount of HCG in your urine may not be high enough to detect even in a sensitive test. Then there are chances of false negative result i.e. even if you are pregnant the result is shown as not-pregnant.

What if The Test Result is Positive?

You should visit your doctor. There are nearly no chances of false positive result. Doctor will ask you to take a proper lab test.

When is Test Invalid?

If the line is too faint to be positive (It may be due to low HcG level) or you cannot decide then something went wrong in method. Repeat the test.
You can even guess it with the help of some of your physical signs and symptoms.

Some Early Signs of Pregnancy

Early Nausea

Many woman get morning sickness and nausea from some particular smells. You suddenly feel sick with a particular smell or taste even if it is your favorite dish.

Feeling a lot of Fatigue or Tiredness

You would feel tired very fast even when you are doing a normal work as you used to perform earlier before a missed period.

Your Breasts are more Swollen and Tender

The size of your breasts would look big and swollen, some would feel more sensitive in that part than earlier and the skin of nipples and areola may start to darken up.

Passing Urine more Frequently

There would be a pass of more urine than normal due to the blood flow increases to the kidneys.

Implantation Bleeding

Some women experience some spotting and cramping as the Embryo implants into the wall of uterus.

Mood Swings

The hormone changes makes you feel emotional during your monthly cycle and stick around for early pregnancy.

If you experience any of these or all of the above symptoms in your first 7-10 days of post ovulation, it might well be time to take a pregnancy test. If you got negative result on home pregnancy test before periods, you can repeat the same home test after missed period. If you are still not sure about taking the pregnancy test then after having an irregular cycle, it is always a good idea to consult your ObGyn[Obstetrics And Gynaecologist ].


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  1. Can u be pregnant if I had a light period for about four days and was on and off, after which I took 4 preganews pregnancy test and all were negative, that about a month later of my so-called conception. I had not urinated since 14 hours before the test and not even drank water. So it could not be diluted hcg. Could this still be pregnancy as my second periods are late ? Please do reply, this is urgent :'(

    • Sapana

      Hi Shanaya,
      Dont panic. It doesnt look like pregnancy. But I would suggest you to see a gynecologist. If your pregnancy test came negative after 2 weeks of missed (or on-off kind of Light) period then you should not be pregnant. But as you must have read the disclaimer on the pregnancy kit, there are chances of false negative cases which means even if it shows negative you could be pregnant. In short, you should see your doctor. Dont wait for long time.

  2. I am eager to take my pregnancy test, but looks like I will have to wait for 2-3 days more. Thank you for the detailed information

  3. Tested before my periods, got one faded line and having all the symptoms of pregnancy.
    Can you please tell me if i am preg. or not And when is the best time to check again. Confused

    • Sapana

      Hi Rinky,
      If the line even if faded appeared on the blank space of result window on pregnancy test, it it quite possible you are pregnant.
      The line appears faded because the pregnancy hormones hCG are less in first few days of conception. But as the days pass the hCG level increases and the test result is very clear (usually 8 days after first day of missed period).
      The best thing is to wait 8 days past your first day of missed period and get yourself checked by a gynecologist.
      If you are already feeling you might be pregnant, you must see your doctor soon.

        • Hi Sapana

          As discussed earlier that i had one faint line and all symptoms of pregnancy but now i got my menses. Can you please tell why i got positive result if i was not pregnant.

      • I took the test after 2 weeks i missed my period about came out negative although I had no other signs of pregnancy. Is it sure that I am not pregnant ?

        • Sapana

          The hCG level is very low in beginning and that can cause the pregnancy test result negative even if the woman is pregnant (according to my knowledge, but I am not a doctor). The right person to talk about this is your Doctor.

  4. Hey, my periods are one week delayed. I don’t know is this period right to know whether I am pregnant or not? Also let me know which is the best kit that gives the accurate result. Please help me I am worried.

    • Sapana

      Hi Astha,
      You can use any of these well known pregnancy kits in India.
      Prega News Pregnancy
      Clear View
      I-Can Pregnancy

      You dont need to worry.

  5. Hi Sapana,

    I’ve missed period now and feeling hungry/urinating than ever before
    also having periods like pain in my stomach, feeling like Im going to get periods

    I’m depressed/confused

  6. Expecting to be Expectant on

    This is my first time to take a pregnancy test. Quite excited. I hope it turns out positive.

  7. Which is the best period to conceive? I want to conceive but I am not getting pregnant. Also, let me know is there any precautions I need to take. It’s almost 02 years of my marriage. Please suggest

  8. Hi, I have skipped my period and just a week but I am not sure whether I am pregnant or not. Can you tell me is it the right time to take pregnancy test?

    • Sapana

      Hi Anuradha,
      It depends on one’s HCG level. Usually its high enough at 8th day of missed period to detect the pregnancy but not always the same case.
      You may take a test if negative just repeat after a few more days. Many times, usual hormonal changes can delay your periods.

  9. Which is the best pregnancy test kit from i-can, Prega News, or Velocit Eazy? Which depicts the correct result and when should I take the test? Please suggest

    • Sapana

      Hi Surbhi,
      The sensitivity of pregnancy test kit is described on the packaging as Miu/Mi [Milli International Unit Per Millileter]. It is said that pregnancy test range in sensitive from 10Miu/Mi to 40Miu/Mi. Lower the number, more sensitive the test kit and the earlier it can detect the pregnancy.
      I can not comment on which kit is best but surely all of the kits you mentioned are trusted. Also its better to wait min 8 days past your missed period to get the accurate result.

  10. Hiii plz guide me, myself n my partner wer close in month of Aug, and on next day I got my period as it was my regular date for it. But I bleed only for 2 days ( usually I bleed for 3 days) in the month of sep I got my period again bt bleeding was less like 2 days, again in Oct I got my period but dis time it was 2 days late n I bleed only for 1 day, later on now in Nov I got n I bleed for 1.5 days and after that till 3 day brown discharge was there, I took pregnancy test at home by early morning urine , I got negative.. Can I b pregnant ???? Plz guide me and if not y m I bleeding less plz reply asap its urgent

    • Sapana

      Hi there, I think its hormonal changes or some other issue. If not other pregnancy symptoms like nausea or morning sickness (Not all pregnant woman have it though) then hardly any chance of pregnancy in explained case. You should get yourself checked by a gynecologist.

      • Thnx alot. I didn’t experienced nausea or morning sickness yet, bt can you plz say does prega news give proper result for 1st morning urine

        • Sapana

          In most of pregnancy test kits, false negatives (usually when tested too early etc) are possible but false positive are rarest (nearly no).
          If you were pregnant you would have figured out other bodily changes in a month only. But I would still say, see a doctor.

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