Unique and Trendy Names for Hindu Baby Girls


Best 100+ Names for Hindu Baby Girls Born in 2017

Naming a newborn is an exciting game for new parents and everyone in family. A newborn baby is waiting to hear that very special name for her.
Your lovely daughter deserves a unique and modern name for her. So that she carries it with pride and with love for her lifetime.
Here we have 100+ most unique and trendy names for Hindu baby girls. We hope you like it.
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Unique Names for Hindu Baby Girls

Aabha Glow / Luster / Shine (Alternate Spelling: Abha)
Aaditri Highest honor / Goddess Lakshmi
Aahna Exist
Aakriti Shape (Alternate Spelling: Aakruthi / Akruti)
Aalaya Home / Refuge
Aanshi Gods gift
Aarvi Peace
Aayati Majesty / Dignity
Barani Star
Bhavi Emotional
Brishti Rain
Buddhi Enlightenment
Chaitrika Very clever
Chinmai Supreme consciousness / Lord Ganesh / Blissful (Alternate Spelling: Chinmayee)
Danvi Charitable
Debanshi Deva Ansh
Dhairya Patience / Patient
Divyam Divine / Spiritual / Superhuman / Unique / Pure
Dwarika Capital of Lord krishnas kingdom
Ebbani Fog / Honey dow
Eila The earth / Cardamom tree / Daughter of Manu
Ekani One
Elili Beautiful
Gamini Silent
Ganishkha Goddess Parvati
Gargi The person who inspires to think / An ancient scholar
Gayana Singing
Grahi Accepting
Haimi Golden
Harshiya Heaven
Hasti Great
Idha Intelligence / Perception / The earth / Insight
Indiya Knowledgeable
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati
Jagvi Born of the world / Worldly
Jasima Beautiful
Jayna Victory / Good character
Jinsha Possessive
Kaahini Youthful / Spirited / Young
Kairvi Moonlight
Kalpini Night
Kanjira Tambourine
Kavni A small poem
Kavya Poetry in motion
Keyuri Armlet
Koesha Origin / Name of river
Laranya Graceful
Leivina Dragnet
Lisha Noble sort
Madhunisha Pleasant night
Mahelika Woman / Attendant
Maitra Friendly
Mansha Wish
Marushika Born with blessings of Lord Shiva
Nalika Lotus
Neelakshi Blue eyed
Neelanjana Blue / One with blue eyes
Nesham Happiness
Nimisha Momentary / Twinkling of eye
Oshee Divine
Oshma Summer season
Palvi Bird / Hot
Parishi Like a fairy / Beautiful / Like a An Angel
Parushi The beautiful and intelligent
Payaswini As pure and white as the cows milk
Poorti Supply / Satisfaction
Radnya Daughter of king
Ragavi Sings with Raaga / God of Raghavendra
Ramani Beautiful girl / Beautiful woman / Pretty
Rashila Very sweet
Rasya With essence / Sentimental / Full of feelings / Juicy
Reet Tradition / Culture
Rishu To rise / Honest
Royina Ascending / Growing
Sadvita Combination
Sahithi Literature (Alternate Spelling: Sahiti)
Salena The Moon
Salila Water
Samhita Put together / Joined / Who wants good for every one (Alternate Spelling: Samhitha)
Sanatani Goddess Durga
Sangya Intellect (Wife of Surya Dev)
Seerat Inner beauty / Fame / Desired or longed for
Shabalini A mossy
Shameeta Peacemaker / Who is calm and disciplined
Shamika Loving and kind / very beautiful
Sharaya A Goddess
Sunamya Sweet chartered
Tanirika A flower
Tarana A musical composition
Tayodhi Sea
Toral A folk heroine
Trisha Thirst
Tushita Peace / Happiness / Satisfied (Alternate Spelling:Tushitha)
Tvarika Swift / Quick
Urveen Friend
Ushika Goddess Parvati
Vaani Speech
Vamsee Flute of Lord Krishna
Vanshika Flute
Vanshita Enchanting
Varunya Goddess Durga
Yashila Famous
Yoshita Lady / Woman
Yoshitha Lady / Woman

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  2. Ebbani Fog / Honey dow
    Eila The earth / Cardamom tree / Daughter of Manu
    Ekani One
    Elili Beautiful
    Which one of above is the rarest and easy to pronounce? As I live out of India, looking for the easy to pronounce name.

  3. The name ‘Jagvi’ sounds good but i am not able to get its meaning…here it is mentioned that Jagvi means WORLDLY. Could you please explain it?

  4. Hi Sapana,

    All the names you have mentioned are fantastic. The name I have selected is Nimisha, Reet, Rishu, Tanirika and Tarana. I wonder which one is a perfect fit for my daughter. I want a short and easy to pronounce name.

    I am completely confused. Please help.

  5. Hi again! I just love the name ‘Saura’! Couldn’t stop myself from commenting ­čśŤ Not even the Name sounds unique but even its meaning has got a depth. <3

    I have another name for you, it's 'Sinchi'. This is my college teacher's name.Seeing 'Shichi on your list, her name just crossed my mind ­čśÇ But I don't have any idea about the name's origin.

    PS: My Teacher and her parents, both are Indians only. So, I guess the name's somewhat has Indian roots. .

    • Sapana

      Hey Laveena,
      thanks a lot for your comment. I will surely add “Sinchi” after studying it. Thanks again.

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  7. could u pls provide more details on Indiya Knowledgeable?
    its a nice name but wanted to double check if its a real name

    • Sapana

      Hi Harsh,
      Indiya is a made up name.
      Originally Indu: spark/ moon / designation of the anusvAra
      Indriya: Senses

  8. Ms. Sneha Patil on

    Yoshita is a sweet name, loved it. Looking for such names for my sister’s newborn. your lists are nice.. thanks.

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