Unique and Trendy Hindu Baby Boy Names


Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names with Meanings 2017

Have people started asking you if you have decided the name? We are sure you get lots of suggestions from family and friends when it comes to your child’s names. But it must be special, unique and modern.
We have brought you some meaningful names for your baby boy most of them are trendy Sanskrit Names. Some of these are old names, some are new. Yet, their beauty lies in the meaning.

Top 100+ Unique Names for Hindu Baby Boy for 2017

Names Starting with letter “A”

1.AahanMorning glory, Dawn, Sunrise,
2.AadavanThe Sun
4.AayuLife, Span of life
6.AdikritName of Vishnu/Krishna
9.AdvitUnique, Focused
12.AyanPath of Light
14.AgastyaName of a sage
15.AgnivBright as light
17.AineshThe suns glory, Sunshine
19.AjneeshThe suns glory, Sunshine
20.AkkrumLord Buddha
21.AmayLord Ganesh
23.AnamitraLord Surya (Sun)
25.AnuhCalm, Content
26.AnvayJoined, Integration

Names Starting with letter “B”

27.BharnayuSon of comfort

Names Starting with letter “C”

28.ChakshanGood looking
29.CharunOne with beautiful eyes

Names Starting with letter “D”

31.DaiveyDearly loved
32.DanishFull of knowledge and wisdom
33.DarshHandsome, Lord Krishna, Sight
35.DhrishnuSon of Manu
37.DevinResembling a God, Poet
39.DivyaanshGod’s own divine
40.DeekshantGift of God

Names Starting with letter “E”

42.EhitAlways smiling
44.ErishTo cherish
45.EthirajName of Lord Shiva

Names Starting with letter “G”

47.GaoushikLord Buddha

Names Starting with letter “H”

48.HariakshLord Shiva
49.HarijThe horizon
51.HarishvaLord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
54.HetakshExistence of Love
56.HameerVery rich king, a raaga
58.HruteshLord of springs, Lord of truth

Names Starting with letter “I”

59.IdhayanJoy of heart
60.IbhanLord Ganesha
61.IhitPrize, Honour
62.IravajBorn of water
63.IrishLord of the earth

Names Starting with letter “K”

64.KaanishkThe royal vehicle of Lord Vishnu
65.KiaanAncient, King
66.KahanLord Krishna

Names Starting with letter “M”

68.MagadhSon of Yadu
69.MahinThe earth
70.MahirExpert, Brave

Names Starting with letter “N”

71.NeelBlue, Champion
73.NakshThe Moon / Feature

Names Starting with letter “O”


Names Starting with letter “P”

78.ParushHarsh / Happy
79.PaurasMan / Man of huge potentials

Names Starting with letter “R”

82.RehaanFragrant one, King
83.RavantaSon of Lord surya (Sun)
85.RhivuBrahmas manasputra

Names Starting with letter “S”

86.ShankhinLord Vishnu
87.SarninPacifist / Peaceful / Consoler
88.SanavThe Sun
89.SarvinBest archer / God of Love
93.SatamanyuLord Indra

Names Starting with letter “T”


Names Starting with letter “U”

98.UpkashWearing the Sky

Names Starting with letter “V”

99.VarenyaDeemed highest
101.VayunGod / Lively

Names Starting with letter “Y”


These are few selected modern Hindu names suggestions for your little baby boy. We hope you liked them.


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  1. That was a quiet interesting list, Sapana. I will recommend this list to my friends and buddies struggling to find some cool names to their new born babies..;)..:)

  2. Sagardeep Biswas on

    Hi Sapana,
    Great Post!
    Pl. suggest a few more names with V and S for baby boy, which are easy to pronounce as well.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Sapana

      Hi Sagardeep, Thanks for stopping by. I hope you like some nice names here.
      Vahin Lord shiva
      Vanij Lord shiva
      Vansh Coming generation
      Varen Superior
      Variya Excellent
      Vatsa son
      Ved Knowledge
      Vedang From the vedas
      Viksar Lord vishnu
      Vinil Blue
      Vyom Sky
      Sanat Lord brahma
      Samyak Enough
      Sarayu Wind
      Sabarish Lord Iyyappan
      Sabrang Boy Rainbow
      Salil Water
      Samanyu Lord shiva
      Samay Start/time
      Shaurya Brave
      Saaz Melody
      Shael A mountain rock
      Shalya An arrow
      Shanyu Benevolent
      Shari Arrow
      Sharu Lord vishnu
      Shay Gift
      Shayaan Successful
      Sheehan Peaceful child
      Suri Lord krishna

  3. Dear Sapna,
    Please can you share some more new baby boy names starting with letter P and Letter R.
    Anil Kanojiya

    • Sapana

      Hi Anil,
      Below are some selected easy to pronounce, meaningful and not-common names starting with P and R
      palash: a flowering
      panav: prince
      parish: angelic
      paritosh: satisfaction
      parth: arjun
      paurav: a descendent of King Puru
      pradyot: lustre
      pradyun: radiant
      prajin: kind
      pratul: balanced person
      praval: fierce, strong
      pravar: most excellent
      praveer: an excellent king
      prayan: supreme intelligence
      puru: abundant and name of a Hindu king
      parasme: most superior and lord rama
      pinaki: lord krishna
      pinakin: lord shiva
      pramesh: a master of accurate knowledge
      praneel: lord shiva

      raghav: lord rama
      rahas: delight, merriment
      rajas: arising from passion
      rashmil: silken
      raven: bird
      renesh: lord of love
      revanth: a horse rider
      ritvik: priest
      rochan: red lotus, bright
      rohin: lord vishnu
      romir: interesting
      rijul: innocent
      rimon: name of a fruit (Pomegranate)
      ruhan: spiritual
      rujul: simple, honest
      rupang: beautiful
      rupin: embodied beauty
      rusham: peaceful
      rusheek: son of saint

  4. Dear Sapna,
    My name is Madhup and my wife’s name is Archana
    Please can you share some meaningful names for a baby boy consistimg our names.
    I will be very thankful.
    Madhup Pandey

  5. Very nice blog…my first son name is Parth Mittal…My name is Swati and my husband name is Sachin…We are looking for a meaning full and Sweet name..Any suggestion ?

  6. Hi Sapna, it’s really good blog and thanks for sharing such nice names!

    We are searching a good name for our baby which can suite him while leaving in abroad as well.
    Can you suggest some really good names starting with letter Bh, A or S.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Sapna, it’s really good blog and thanks for sharing such nice names!

      We are searching a good name for a boy, if he can live in abroad as well.
      Can you suggest some some good names starting with letter A, Bh or S.

      • Sapana

        You know, I had same thing in my mind, that my kids names must be Indian origin, yet easy to pronounce by anyone in the world. I will soon send you some suggestions. Stay tuned. 🙂

      • Sapana

        Please find suggestions on ‘S’ in one of previous comments
        (Bh is bit difficult, But I tried to shortlist the simplest but meaningful not-common names)
        Bhav (Sentiment, Shiva)
        Bhavya/ Bhavyam (Largest/Biggest)
        Bhadrak (handsome/Short: Bhadra)
        Bhanu (Sun)
        Bhaanish (Visionary)
        Bharan (Jewel)
        Bharg (Bright)

        A: Aadit,
        Anik (Soldier)
        Anshu (Ray of light)
        Anuj (Younger)
        Anvay (Integration)
        Amav (Ocean)
        Abhi (Fearless)
        Abra (Fire)
        Adeel (Honest)
        Advait/Advik (Unique)
        Ahan (Dawn)

    • Sapana

      how about these?
      Abeer: Fragrance
      Tanvir Strong
      Udayan: Rising
      Urvang Mountain

  7. Hi Sapana, the list is really interesting… it would be of great help if you can give some names on letter T
    Thank you!

    • Sapana

      Tanav = Flute
      Talank = lord shiva
      Tanuj = Son
      Tanul = to expand, progress
      Taran= Raft Heaven
      Tanay= son
      Talin= Lord Shiva
      Talisj= Lord of earth
      Taksheel Strong
      Tamish Moon
      Tavish= Heaven
      Tejal= Bright
      Tanvir Strong

    • Sapana

      Udayan: Rising
      Udyam: Effort
      Umed: Hope
      Unnabh: Highest
      Urav: Excitement
      Urvang: Mountain
      Urvish: Lord of Earth

    • Sapana

      Hi Tara
      Some Nice Names starting with a Ch
      Chinmoy = Blissful
      Chirayu = Long-lived person
      Chitral = Of variegated color
      Chitrank = A Moon
      Chitransh = Artist

  8. Dear Sapna,
    Please can you share some more new MORDEN INDIAN baby boy names starting with letter B V and Letter U

    • Sapana

      Hi Shailesh,
      In previous comments you will find some good suggestions for U, V and Bh
      I have only 2 to add to B (rest are all Bh which you can see in previous comments)
      Banaj Lotus
      Baneet Polite
      I will add in case I come across few more.

      • Hi Sapana,
        You are doing amazing work. Can you help with good names for a girl and a boy with a good combination of parents name as Sameer & Radhika.


        • Hi Sapana,
          You are doing amazing work. Can you help me with good Hindu names for a girl and a boy with a good combination of parents name (Sameer & Radhika)

          • Hi Sapana..
            Your work is excellent…my name is Rahul and my wife name is Priyanka…
            Can you suggest some interesting modern boy name for combination of Rahul and Priyanka

        • Sapana

          I am not good at this, but here are a few suggestions:
          Shreeya (Success)
          Shrimayi (Fortunate)
          Sharman (Joy)
          Shrey (Marvelous)
          Savir (Leader)

  9. hi plz help me to find new name to my boy. Here my name satya prakash and my wife name anjali and i need name starts with ‘R’ or ‘Ra’

    • Sapana

      Hi Satya Prakash,
      I have suggested some names from R/Ra in my previous comments and also one more comment just done today. Could you please check those? And Congratulations.:)

  10. Team, my baby boy was born on 09-Oct-16. I confuse to select name. Before 1 baby boy 2 and half year his name is Ayansh. Please suggest name matching as starting from any character.

    • Sapana

      Hi Sanjeev,
      Congratulations for second baby.
      Sorry I don’t know the naming logic (Namakaran) based on date. For any letter, I have suggested many in post and in comments here. Could you please check these?

  11. Anjana chauhan on

    Hi Sapna,
    My name is Anjana and husbands name is Ravindra, plz suggest both boy n girl name, also suggest some cool nicknames of both,,plz.

    • Sapana

      Hi Anjana,

      These are a few nicknames i find cute: Pihu , Mishti, Mithu, Aru,
      Some names I tried to find which combine major letters of Anjana and Ravindra. I hope you like them.
      Adhrika / Adrika Mountain
      Arayana Queen
      Archi Ray of Light
      Arvi Peace
      Aryana Best Noble
      Radnya Princess
      Raika Beautiful
      Raji Shining
      Rehanshi /sweet Basil
      Rejani Night
      Riana Dissolved /Rich (Not sure if sanskrit)
      Rihana Sweet smelling plant (Not sure if sanskrit)
      Riona Royal Queen (Not sure if sanskrit)

      Aranay Beginning
      Arjav Honest
      Arman Wish
      Aryaman Noble minded
      adwait Unique
      Arul Gods Blessing
      Aruj Rising Sun

  12. Hi Sapna, i really appreciate your kind help.
    My name is Hiren & wife – Bindi.. blessed with baby boy. Can you please suggest some combination of our names or start with R & T…
    from your shared list i like …
    Tavish= Heaven
    Reyan : Fame
    Ranvit : Joyous

    Please share same kind of names

    Thanks & regards,

    • Sapana

      Congratulations for the baby boy Hiren.

      I tried but It was difficult to find names from combination of your names, still 2 suggestions below and rest are R an T letter names
      Bhadransh/ bhadra
      Rhidhaan Searcher
      Reedh (Name of Hindu lord Husband of Goddess Laxmi )
      Rhivu (Bramha’s Manasputra)
      Ridwin (heart)
      Rivan (Star, Horse Rider)
      Tamish Moon
      Tanay Son
      Tanish Ambition
      Tanmay Engrossed
      Tanuj Son
      Tanul To progress
      Tarish Ocean
      Tasmay (Dont know exact meaning but its sanskrit)
      Trigun 3 dimension
      Trinabh Lord Vishnu
      Tushin Satisfied
      Tushir New leaf

      • Thanks a lot Sapna for your wish. Its a really wonderful & unique suggestions

        Thank you very much for your kind & humble help.. thanks a lot….

  13. Hi Sapna,

    Incredible collection of names. Nice work here.

    Can I seek your suggestion for some nicknames for my boy, starting with N or Y.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Sapana

      Hi Hitesh,
      Some meaningful, easy to pronounce and sweet short Nicknames from letter N and Y
      Neel, Nemo, Neelu, Nabh, Nambi (Self Confident), Nand (Joyful),
      Narsi (Poet/Saint), Nath (Lord), Neer (Water ) Neesh (Adventurer),
      Neev (Foundation), Nemi (Name of Dashratha, Lord Ram’s Father), Nera (Love),
      Nevil (New town, I am not sure if its Indian)
      Niam (Contribution of God), Ninu (Invaluable)
      Nishy (Evening), Noel (Xmas, not Indian), Nrip (King),
      Yuvi / Yuven/Yuvan (Youthful)
      Yuv (Vigorous), Yusu (Son of Abhimanyu), Yuj (To concentrate), Yogi (Devotee), Yog (Lord Buddha) , Yash (Success), Yashu (Peace/Calm), , Yansh (Gods Name), Yaju (Yajur Veda)
      Yaj (Lord Shiva), Yadhu (Ancient King)

  14. Anjana chauhan on

    Hi Sapna
    My name is Anjana and husbands name is Ravindra.
    Plz suggest both boy n girl names,
    Also unusual nicknames..

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  16. Hitesh Singhvee on

    Great work Sapna! Its impressive the way you take out time and share your valuable feedback for common good!

    Me, Hitesh & my wife Shradha were blessed with a cute baby boy on the 8th of October, 2016. As with most of us, parents were ready with the Kundli in no time !!
    The letters are: D, B, F,

    Now, its become a big challenge to comply as both my wife & I are not liking any names from the above letters.

    We are in a fix as we are inclined towards choosing a name randomly now.

    Could you please help?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Sapana

      Hi Hitesh, Thnaks for your kind comment.
      I know selecting name for your baby is exciting and confusing too.
      I just want to say, take your time, dont rush to select the name. Keep it meaningful, easy to pronounce and uncommon names.
      Here are my suggestions:
      HarshaK DELIGHTFUL
      Harshal/Harshil Joyful
      Harshul: deer chearful
      Himansh: Part of lord Shiva
      Hridaan: great heart, gift of heart (Pronounced and also spelled as Ridhaan)
      Shail : Moutain
      Shiven: Lord Shiva

  17. Hi Sapna,
    My name is Meenu and my husbands name is Bharat. Name of my first son is Bhavyam. Can you please suggest name of our second boy with some letters matching with our names?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Sapana

      Hi Meenu,
      Sorry for late reply.
      Here are a few suggestion, I purposely found only those starting with M as those with Bh are too much similar or too much rhyming with Bhavyam. (Except Bhanu – the sun)
      Maahir – expert
      Mahant – great
      Mahin – Earth
      Manorit (Desire)
      Mitraj – Kingdom of friends
      Mehith (Always smiling)
      Mivaan (Sun rays of god)
      Mourya (King)

  18. Hi Sapna,

    Can you please suggest me a meaningful & good to pronounce starting with “HE” & “HAI”

    Also advise how good is the name called “HETANSH” & what is the meaning for this name

    Appreciate your help


    • Sapana

      Hi Venkat,
      Somewhere meaning of Hetansh is mentioned as Rising Sun (Karka Rashi) but I am not sure as at most of places and people i asked they mention there is no meaning of Hetansh in Hindi or in Indian languages.
      here are 2 similar names suggestions
      Hitansh Means wish for our happiness and favorable
      Hitanshu means Well wisher

      Other He and Hai Names:
      Heian : Peace / Tranquility (Its not Hindu name, It is originated in Japan, some famous Era in Japanese History)
      Hemen : King of Gold
      Hemil: Gold (related to gold)
      Hemish: Lord of Earth
      Herin : Lord of horse
      Hetaksh: Existance of Love
      Hetash: Energy

    • Sapana

      Hi Ragin,
      These names I could find which are made of combination of letters from Ragin and Varsha
      Raajas: Silvery Dust
      Rageesh : Master of Melodic modes, one who sings sweet raaga
      Raghuvar : Chosen Raghu
      Ragved/Rigved: Veda (Rigved is very close to your names)
      Ranish: Lord Shiva
      Ransh: Lord Ram
      Rashmil: Silken
      Raveen: Suuny, bird
      Rayansh: Part of Sun
      Reeyansh/Reyansh/Revansh: First Ray of Sunlight (I find this closest to your names)
      Rhivu: Bramhas manasputra
      Riddhish :Lord Ganesh
      Ridwin: Heart (This also sounds beautiful, easy to pronounce)
      Rehansh: Ansh/part of Lord Vishu
      Rishaan/Rushank: Lord Shiva
      Rishav: Sweet caring
      Rishon : (Hebrew: First Sanskrit: Bramha/ Campassion/a sound)
      Rishov: One of 7-sur
      Ritheesh: Lord of Truth
      Rivan: A star and horse rider
      Rohnish: Moon
      Rushabh: Bull/superior
      Vayun: God
      Vagish: Lord of speech
      Vahin/Vanij: Lord Shiva
      Vairaj: Spiritual glory
      Vajrin: Lord Indra
      Varin: Gift
      Varish: Lord Vishnu

    • Sapana

      Hey Radhika,
      Some suggestions here for you (beautiful and meaningful names containing part of names: Radhika and Sameer)
      Raajas /Rajas (Passion, Silvery)
      Rajus ( Morning)
      Rajvir (Brave King)
      Ramit ( Attractive)
      Ramyak (Lover)
      Rashmil (Silken)
      Rashmin (Sun Light)
      Rauhish (Emerald)
      Rayansh (Part of Sun)
      Reeyansh(First ray of sun, Vishnus Ansh/Part)
      Rehansh (Ansh/Part of Vishnu)
      Revansh ( First Ray of Sun)
      Reyaansh (Lord Vishnu’s Part)
      Ridhaan ( Searcher)
      Rishik (Lord Shiva)
      Romeet( Enjoying)
      Romesh (Lord Vishnu /God of Rama)
      Romir (Interesting Pleasant)
      Rudhvi ( Lord Shiva)
      Saadhan (Achievement)
      Saadhin (Achievement)
      Saagnik (One who winds the fire)
      Saarik (Resembling a small song bird)
      Saarth ( Charioteer of Parth-Arjun)
      Saathvi (Real)
      Sadvik (a tree)
      Samanyu (Lord Shiva)
      Samardh (Powerful)
      Samedh (Full of strength)
      Samridh( Perfect)
      Samritha (Wealthy)
      Samrudh (Enriched one)
      Samvid ( Knowledge)
      Samyak (Enough)

    • Sapana

      Hi Mohan,
      Chahel (Good Cheer), Chaital(Conciousness), Chaitan (Intelligence), Chaitanya(Knowledge), Charit (Dear), Charun (One with beautful eyes), Charusheel (Of good character), Charvik ( Intelligent),
      Dehay, Denish (Happy), Dev, Devansh(part of god), Devagya( With Knowledge of god), Devain ( Divine), Devaj(from god), Devang(PArt of god), Devank (Godly), Deven(King of gods, Indra), Devin (REsembling to god) Devish (Chief of gods), Devyam (Part of divine), Devyan (Chariot of gods), Deyan ( Concentration)
      Dhairya(Patience), Dhairyasheel (Statue of courage), Dhanish (Lord of wealth),
      I found nothing from Dho. Sorry.

  19. Hi Sapna,
    You have given good list of hindu names above. Could you please help with Ko, Ke,ha, hi. First choice is starting with Ko.

    Sri Chandra

    • Hi Sapna,
      You have given good list of hindu names above. Could you please help with Ko, Ke,ha, hi for boy . First choice is starting with Ko. Appreciate your help.

      Sri Chandra

    • Sapana

      Hi Sri Chandra,
      Haarij (Horizon), Hameer( A raaga), Hamrish(Lovable), Hansal (Swan like), Hanshit (like honey), Hanvesh (Very soft mind), Haran (lord shiva), Hardhik (Affectionate, heartfelt), Harmin (Noble, harmony), Harshak (delightful), Harshan (lustrous splendor of god), Harshil (Joyful)
      Himaghna (Sun), Himaneesh(Lord shiva) , Himank (Diamond), Himnish (Lord Shiva), Hiranmay (made of gold), Hiranyak (name of a rishi),
      Ko (very few names from Ko)
      Koshin (a delicate bud), Kovida/Kovidh (wise),
      Ketak( flower), Ketu (Lord shiva), Keyur (Flower), Kewal (only), Ketubh (Cloud), Kenit (Handsome), Keyush (Shine)

    • Sapana

      Hi Jyothsna,

      Maaalav (A musical Raag, ansh of Goddess Laxmi), Maandhar (Honourable), Maanvir (brave heart), Maayan (water source), Maayin (creator of the universe), Madin (delightful), Mahan/Mahant (Great one), Mahaniya (worthy of honor), Maharvin (Glorius), Mahasvin (glorious), Maheem (Lord shiva), Maher/Mahir (skilled), Mahin (the Earth), Mahit (honored), Mairav (Friendly, Born of Mt. Meru), Manan (Thinking), Manashyu/Manasyu (Wishing, desire), Manasvin (Intelligent), Maneet( One who wins heart), Manhan (Present), Manich (Pearl), Manim (Spring of pearls), Mankur (reflection of the mind), Manomay (Winner of hearts), Mansh (Salvation), Manvir( Brave heart), Manyu (Mind), Maurya(Leader), Maulik (Precious), Mayan (God of Love)

  20. hi sapana, ur names collection is too different and beautiful, u r assisting everyone leaving comment, that’s too wonderful. could u help me for finding a nick name ( short and sweet) for a baby boy. letters are Ri ,T ,Ve,Re.and one more thing , could u please form a different name for baby bo
    y from his mamma anald pa’s name alka and rahul. waiting for your email answer.

    • Sapana

      Hi Akshita,
      I hope you find some names interesting.
      Nicknames ( I search and suggest only meaningful, hindu names )
      Rish (Brave)
      Rishi (Sage)
      Risu (To rise / Honest)
      Reedh (Husband of Goddess Laxmi)
      Rhivu (Brahmas manasputra)
      Riaan (Little king)
      Rian (Kingly)
      Rev (The sacred Narmada river)
      Tejul (Brilliant / Sharp)
      Tansh (Beautiful)
      Tasmee (Love)
      Thanu (Lord Shiva)
      Toru (Bull)
      Tosh (Pleasure)
      Tuhin (Snow)
      ved /Veer
      Ven (Good fortune)
      Venu (Flute)

      Real Name Suggestions : These names include the main letters from Alka and Rahul
      Aabheer (Name of dynasty)
      Aahil (Prince)
      Aahnik (Prayer)
      Ahan (Morning glory, First SunRay)
      Ahar (Defender)
      Annul (Eternal)
      Anshul (Brilliant)
      Anul (Gentle)
      Areen (Full of Joy / Mountain strength)
      Arhant (Lord Shiva, Destroyer of enemies)
      Arihaan (Destroyer of enemies)
      Ashul (No obstacles / Calm )
      Arul (Gods grace)
      Ashvik (Blessed / victorious)
      Rajavelu (Kingmaker)
      Ranak (King)
      Ratik (Loved / Joyful)
      Ratul (Sweet)
      Raunak (Light/ bright / happiness)
      Rikhil (Eternity)
      Rishaank/Rishank/Rushank (Devotee of Lord Shiva)
      Risheek (Lord Shiva)
      Rohil (Armored battle maiden)
      Rupik (Gold / silver coin)
      Rushil (Charming)
      Ruthul (Soft natured)

  21. Hi Sapna,
    How do you find such unique and col names. Congrats. Can u help me with names for boy starting with KU/Gha/Jha/Ing. Thanks in advance.

    • Sapana

      Hi Mrs Raman,

      I refer to many sources – Books, online etc.
      I try to find only uncommon, meaningful, mainly Sanskrit Names.
      Kuber: God of wealth
      Kuj: Planet mars, Son earth
      Kulaj/Kulish: Noble, From a good family
      Kulik: Well born
      Kumush: Ancient Man
      Kumi : Water
      Kumudesh : The Moon
      Kundir: Strong
      Kunsh : Shining
      Kushak: King
      Kushal :Clever, Skillful, Expert
      Kushan: Dynasty, Name of a king
      Kushin : Valmiki
      Kushyanth: Happiness
      Kuval: Wisdom, Water Lily
      Kuvam : The Sun
      Ghayan : Sky
      Chaital: Consciousness
      Chakrin: Lord Vishnu and Shiva
      Chanak: Father of Chanakya
      Charak: Ancient physician
      Charit: Dear, History
      Charun: One with beautiful eyes
      Charvik : Intelligent
      Inganam: Knowledge
      Jhanish: Gods gracious butterfly
      Jhankar: Lord Ganesh / Musical Note

  22. Hi sa pana, please suggest me boy name with starting any letter but only two letter word when pronounce in hindi and soft when it pronounce

  23. Hi Sapana,

    I would like to naming my son to combination two names

    Could you please suggest the second/first name for vihaan, vice versa.

    My name is shankar and wife names srilatha , please suggest combination of our names.

    • Sapana

      Hi Shankar,
      Sorry for the late reply
      Here are some suggestions of names (combination of primary letters from Shankar and Srilatha)

      Shaarwin: Victory
      Shail: Mountain
      Shailen: King of mountains
      Shalang: Emperor
      Shalen: Modest
      Shalya: An arrow
      Shaman: Full of Joy
      Shanay: Power of Lord Shani
      Shanyuth: Benevolent
      Sharvil: Lord Krishna
      Shashin: The Moon
      Shaurya: Bravery
      Shaylan: Intelligent
      Shineyu: Shining
      Shivel: : Lord Shivas name
      Shivin: Lord Shiva
      Shivin: Lord Shiva
      Shlok: Hymns of Lord / Verse
      Shreel: Beautiful
      Shrey: Credit / Marvelous
      Shreyans: Fame giver and Lucky / Wealthy
      Shrineel: Lord Vishnu
      Snehil: Love / Affection
      Sohil: Beautiful

      • Hi Sapna,

        Thank you so much… really appreciated unique names.

        I have choosen Vihaan as firstname for my baby boy… could you please suggest second name .

        Ex : Akshaj Dhanvin

          • Another Real name … i would like to name him with combination of two names… one name is vihaan.

            ex : Vihaan Arya
            Vihaan agastya
            Vihaan Shishir…

            Second name should be match to vihaan.

          • Sapana

            Hello Shankar,

            I am very sorry but I dont think I can do this, the second name must match with the first by meaning. It is very difficult for me, I have never tried it before.
            In fact I can not think of other than you suggested here.
            Sorry! :((

    • Sapana

      Hello Priyank,

      I have suggested a few names starting with letter N in one or two of my previous comments. Could you please check them?
      Some more in addition to that:
      Naimesh Saints name
      Naimish Inside viewer / Wink
      Naksh The Moon / Feature
      Namish Lord Vishnu
      Navind New Mist / Fog / Dew
      Neer Water. the essence of life
      Neesh By the ash tree / An adventurer
      Nevil New town
      Nideesh Giver of wealth treasures / Kuber
      Nihan Goddess Saraswati
      Nikul Pandavas royal Prince
      Nilay A house / A habitation
      Nimish Inside viewer / Spilt second
      Nirav Without sound / Quiet / Silent
      Nishil Night
      Nishit Midnight / Night / Sharp
      Nishv Assertive
      Nitik Master of justice
      Nolan Power
      Nrupen Emperor
      Nuvesh New Veda knowledge
      Nyvan Holy / Saint

      Also recently I created some other lists like : Names inspired from Hindu Lords and http://www.gomama247.com/short-sweet-meaningful-hindu-baby-boy-names.html/.

  24. Dear Sapna,
    My name is Ravi and my wife’s name is Priyanka
    Please can you share some meaningful names for a baby boy consistimg our names. Or another good one.
    I will be very thankful.

    • Sapana

      Hi Ravi,
      I tried my best, I hope you like it.
      Ramyak Lover
      Ranak King
      Rathik One who rides a chariot / Happy / Loved
      Raunak Light or happiness
      Rayaan Door to paradise
      Rayansh Part of Sun
      Reeyansh First Ray of sunlight / Lord Vishnus Ansh
      Riyanshu First Ray of sunlight
      Rehansh Ansh part of Lord Vishnu
      Rhivu Brahmas manasputra
      Riaan Little king
      Ridwin Heart
      Rihaan Destroyer of enemies
      Rishaan Lord Shiva / Good human being
      Rishaank Devotee of Lord Shiva
      Rushank Lord Shiva
      Risheek Lord Shiva
      Rushik Lord of earth /Son of saint
      Rohnish The Moon
      Romik Magnet
      Raajak Radiant Prince
      Pratham Lord Ganesha
      Prahlav With a beautiful body
      Prajeet Victorious / Conquering
      Prajin Kind
      Prajnan Intelligent / Wise
      Pranil Lord Shiva
      Pranshu Tall / Lord Vishnu / High
      Prantik End
      Prathyush Dawn / The Sun

  25. Hi, Good to find this blog. I am looking for a boy name which means brave/courageous. The preferred letters are “nau”, “ya”, “yu”, “yi”, however, I am open to all provided the name is short and trendy

    • Sapana

      Hi Amit,
      Below are the names which are Hindu and mean Brave. There are 2 more posts which contain list of unique names for Hindu Boys. Please check them too.
      Aaryaveer, Abhinu, Anveer, Arshan, Avik, Bair, Bali, Ekavir, Irana, Mahir, Maanvir, Rish, Sauveer, Shaurya

    • Sapana

      Hi Rahul,
      Congratulations for your little baby girl.
      Baruni Goddess Durga
      Bhaavini Emotional / The beautiful woman
      Bhadraa Good / Auspicious / Galaxy
      Bhanvi Sunrays
      Bhaviya (Bhavya) Grand / Splendid / Virtuous / Composed / Another name for Goddess Paarvati
      Bhrithi Strengthened / Nourished / Cherished
      Binodini Handsome / Beautiful Radha
      Bodhi Enlightenment
      Radnya Daughter of king
      Ramini Beautiful girl / Beautiful woman / Pretty
      Riddhi Good fortune / Prosperity
      Riddhima Spring of Love / Full of Love
      Ridham In music. in beat
      Yadita Lord of night
      Yamya Night
      Yashi Famous / Successful
      Yashika Success / Yash ko prapth karne Wali
      Yashna To pray / White rose
      Yashree Victorious or Goddess of victory / Goddess Lakshmi or Lucky or fortunate or auspicious
      Yashvi Fame
      Yasmita Famous or glorious
      Yesha Fame
      Yeshna Happiness
      Yousha Woman / Young girl
      Yuvana Young / Healthy
      Yuvrani Young queen / Princess

      Pls also see the other posts on lists for Hindu Girls names.

  26. Dear Team,

    My name is Sanjeev Kamra and my wife name is Ruby Kamra, my elder son name is Aayansh Kamra.
    Can you suggest baby boy name matching and unique Trandy starting from A D H R V

    Sanjeev Kamra
    Malout- Punjab

    • Sapana

      Hi Sanjeev,

      Here are my suggestions (I tried to find the names which match best to 3 and are unique and easy to pronounce)
      Aabheer (Name of Dynasty)
      Adhira (Moon)
      Aahaan (Morning)
      Arsh (Crown, Pure)
      Anirvin ( God-like)
      Anirved (Positive, Courageous)
      Archish (First ray of sun)
      Arish (Sky)
      Ariyan (Noble)
      Darsheel (Looking Good/Perfection)
      Devarsh (God’s gift)
      Devish (Chief of Gods)
      Dhruvin (Great Person)
      Hridaan (Gift of Heart)
      Hridham (Prosperous)
      Ragved (Veda)
      Rashmil (Silken)
      Rashmin (Sunlight)
      Reyaan (Fame)
      Rhivu (Bramhas Manasputra)
      Ridwin (Heart)
      Rishon (First)
      Rohnish (Moon)
      Vardhin (Growing)
      Varshil (Good Boy)
      Viyaan (Artist)

  27. Hey Sapna Di,

    I want name for baby boy. Is there any name which can combine with his parents names ( Preeti and Shailesh). Looking forward to see your reply. Thanks

  28. Sanjay gadpayale on

    Sapna.. First of I appreciate your efforts.. My name is Madhu and my husband name is Sanjay plz suggest any unique name combined from both

    • Sapana

      Hi Sanjay,
      Vihaan is very common. Heard a lot.
      Viaan ( Lively) and Viyan (Artist) are not common but Viaan sounds similar to Vihaan. I personally feel Viyan is nicer.
      You know one thing you must do while finalising the name, ask 3-4 kids to call that name, see how it sounds also how they pronounce it. It is a life time decision. Take it carefully!

  29. I have named my boy ‘Aarav’. My name is Prasanth and my wife is Amrutha. We are from Kerala. Suggest me few names for our baby boy like…….Dhruv, Dhilan, Aarav, Adharv, Dhananjay, Ronav etc ….. It has to be modern also from our Hindu Puranas. We have finalised Aarav Prasanth. But if you can suggest me a better name than Aarav I will be really thankful to you dear friend.

    [email protected]

    • Sapana

      Hi Prashanth,
      Aarav is one of most most common names today. If you are already convinced with it, then dont think much, but you have not named your baby yet, then think of other names.
      I have 2 posts on baby boys names. See if you find another beautiful baby boy name there.
      Dhruv is also very common.
      Dhilan Not heard much
      Adharv: Better choice
      Dhananjay: Not new
      Ronav: Nice

  30. Hi Sapana,
    You have great collection of name…
    I have baby boy.. My name is Manoj and Wife name is Mayuri.. and my Surname is Ninave
    Can you please suggest good name with our name combination for my baby boy…
    Also suggest separate name list start with letter A, L, and I

    Appreciate you help..Thanks.

    • Sapana

      Hi Manoj,
      Baby boy names closer to yours n your wife’s name
      Anay: Lord Ganesh
      Anush: Beautiful Morning
      Aarman: Wish
      Aarul: Blessed person
      Aaryik: Respected
      Adhyuth: Lord Ayyappa
      Agrim: Leader
      Arin: Full of Joy
      Arohan: To rise
      Inoday: Sunrise

  31. Sanjay gadpayale on

    Sapna.. First of I appreciate your efforts.. My name is Madhu and my husband name is Sanjay plz suggest any unique name combined from both..eagerly waiting for your reply..

    • Sapana

      Hey Madhu, Here is a long list for you. I hope you like it. Sorry for the delay. Been very busy.
      Names from M and S (Combination of imp letters from Madhu and Sanjay)
      Maarish Calf Star of the sea
      Madin Delightful
      Madvan Intoxicating
      Mahaniya Worth of Honor
      Maharvin : Glorious
      Mahasvin Glorious
      Mahin Earth
      Malank King
      Malay Mountain
      Manashyu/Manasyu : Wishing/ Desiring
      Manhar: Krishna

      Manyu : Mind
      Miransh : Small Part of the Ocean (I find this more suitable and beautiful name)
      Mitansh : Male Friend
      Mivaan: Sun Rays for God
      Mokshin: Free
      Mrinmoy: Made of Earth

      Saadhin : Achievement
      Sanidhya : Abode of God
      Sadhay: Compassionate : Its perfect use of letters from Madhu and Sanjay
      Sadvik: A Tree
      Samanyu: Shiva
      Samedh: Full Of Strength
      Sammyak Consciuous
      Samvid: Knowledge
      Sarnud: Happy
      Sarvad: Lord Shiva
      Satmanyu: Lord Indra
      Saumit: Easy to get
      Siddh: Lord Shiva
      Soumil: A Friend who loves to meet many people

  32. can u send me the names start from ki ke ku ko, which is hindu tamil, modern or unique names, kindly send as soon as possible

    • Sapana

      Hi Vijay,
      Kelik  Happy, Pure
      Kelvish  Ambition person
      Kenil  Lord Shiva
      Kenit  handsome, Born of fire
      Kesan  Home sweet home
      Keshin  Lion
      Keshik  Having fine hair
      Ketav  Lord Vishnu
      Keyurin  With An armlet
      Keyur  Armlet
      Kiaan  Grace of God
      Kimraj  Kings city meadow
      Kinal  Extremes in fortune, Health and spirituality
      Kinshu  Shri Krishna
      Kinshuk  A flower
      Kirthik  God Murugan, Nakshatra
      Kislay  Lotus
      Kiyaan  Kings or royal
      Kiyansh  Person having all qualities
      Konark  The Sun
      Koshin  A delicate bud
      Kotir  Horned, Another name for Indra
      Kovid  Wise

    • Sapana

      Hi Pankaj,
      These are few suggestions for you:
      Naimish: Inside Viewer
      Namish: Lord Vishnu,
      Neeshik: New
      Nihan: Saraswati
      Niramay: Pure
      Nirvan : Liberation
      Nishank: Having mark of night or Dream
      Nivaan: Holy

      Paanik: Hand
      Pakshin: Winged
      Panay: Sprout
      Panshul: Fragrant
      Parin: Lord Ganesh
      Parnav: Bird
      Pinank: Lord Shiva
      Pranshu: High
      Pradyut: Light
      Pramit: Consciousness
      Praneel:Lord Shiva
      Pranshul: Lord Shiva
      Prathu: King with blessings of Lord Vishnu
      Prinash: Most Lovable

    • Sapana

      Hi Uttam,
      Here are names starting with letter M
      (I could not find any name matching with Uttam and Priti and which also starts with M, but I have highlighted the most matching one, anyway they all are sweet names according to me)
      Maanvir :Brave heart
      Maarish: calf star of sea
      Maayan: Water Source
      Maayin: Creator of Universe/Maaya
      Maharvin: Glorious
      Mahasvin: Glorious
      Maheem: Lord Shiva
      Maitreya: Ancient Rishi
      Manashyu: Wishing
      Manaswin: Lord Vishnu
      Mantik: Thougtful
      Mantrin: Knower of hymns
      Medhansh: Born with intelligence
      Mervin: Famous friend
      Miransh: Small part of ocean
      Mishark: Various
      Mitansh: Male Friend
      Mitanshu: Friendly
      Mithil: Kingdom
      Mivaan: Sun rays of god
      Mridul: Tender / Delicate
      Mrigank: Moon
      Mrigasya: Lord Shiva
      Mrinmoy: Made of earth
      Muhir: Bewilderer

    • Sapana

      Hi Sanjay,
      Sorry for late reply. I was under impression, hindu names and Buddhist names are same. I am sorry I dont have any suggestion for Buddhist only names 🙁

    • Sapana

      Hi Raghavendra,
      Sorry for late reply.
      Chaital: Conciousness (Also Chaitan)
      Chakrin: Lord Vishnu / Shiva
      Chakshu: Eye
      Chandranshu: Ray of Moon
      Chanyana : Moon
      Charak: Ancient Physician
      Charish: Grace
      Charit: Dear
      Charmin : Sport
      Charvik: Intelligent
      Chatriya: April
      Chayan : Moon
      Chayank: Moon
      Chinmayu: Supreme Consciousness
      Chintav: Lamp
      Chiranth: Amar
      Chirayu: Immoral
      Chirtrang: Multi Colored body
      Chirak: Painter
      Chyavan: Name of a saint

    • Sapana

      Hi Rajni Kumar,
      Muni : Sage
      Munindra : Best among saints
      Muniraja : Lord Kuber
      Munish : With God, Lord Buddha

      (sorry for late reply)

  33. Hi sapna my name is Rajesh Kakkar my wife is Anu suggest a baby boy name that easily pronounce and away from spell mistake. And also match with cast

    • Sapana

      Hi Rajesh,
      Here I have a list of short sweet and meaningful names for hindu baby boy: Click
      I hope you find a few for shortlisting, if not, let me know.

    • Sapana

      Rajvardhan Super king
      Ranhit Quick
      Ranish Lord Shiva
      Ranit Song
      Ransh Aparajit / Another name of Ram
      Rashmin Sun light
      Raunak Light or happiness
      Raveen Sunny / A bird
      Reeyansh First Ray of sunlight / Vishnus Ansh
      Rehansh Part of Lord Vishnu
      Revaan Horse rider / A star (Alternate Spelling: Revan)
      Riaan Little king
      Ridhaan Searcher
      Ridwin Heart
      Rinan Lord Ganesh (The son of Parvati)
      Rishaan Lord Shiva / Good human being
      Rishank Devotee of Lord Shiva
      Rishen Good human being
      Rivaan Ambitious and self sufficient
      Rohinish The Moon
      Aarshin Pious
      Aavansh Forthcoming generation
      Aayansh The Sun
      Akshansh Universe
      Akshun A significant particle
      Aneesh Close friend / Smart one / Companion / Supreme
      Anilesh Wind
      Anirvan Undying
      Anirvin God-like
      Anshin Sharer / heir
      Anukash Reflection of light
      Araon Lofty
      Areen Full of Joy / Mountain strength / Ireland / Peace / Sun Ray
      Arihaan Destroyer of evil / Killing enemies (Alternate Spelling: Arihan)
      Arjan Winner
      Arnesh Lord of the sea
      Arnish Lord of the seas
      Aryash Brilliant
      Ayaansh The first Ray of light / Part of parents / Gift of God

  34. Hi Sapana,
    Can you please suggest a good name starts with letters JA, SA, VA RA for a baby boy.
    I tried so many sites but I didn’t get good one. please suggest


    • Sapana

      For Sa and Ra I have suggested many names in previous comments, could you please refer them?
      For Ja and Va also I guess I have suggested in some comments but sending them again just in case I havent
      Jaiden God has heard
      Jaimin One who has control over his heart and mind
      Jaineel Victory of blue / Victory over gems (Alternative spelling: Jainil)
      Jainish Lord of Jain
      Jainesh Lord Ganesh
      Jaitra Lord Vishnu / Leading to victory
      Jaisheel Victorious

      Jaksh Lord Kuber
      Janaav Defender of men
      Janmesh The king of his kundli
      Jashank Cupid / Follower of Lord Shiva
      Jashi Protector
      Jayin Conqueror

      Vadish Lord of the body
      Vaidhyat Supporter of law
      Vairag Free from desire and attachment
      Vaish An ancient indian city
      Vakshu Refreshing / The oxus river
      Valin Courage(in sanskrit)
      Vanas Loveliness
      Vandit To whom salutation is given
      Vansh Coming generation of father
      Vanshul Flute
      Vanshil Lord krishnas Bansari / flute
      Vanshya Cloud
      Vanu Zealous / Eager / Friend
      Varatam Best
      Varatar Excellent
      Varchas Fame
      Vardaan Blessing / Lord Shiva (Alternate Spelling: Vardan)
      Vardham Lord Mahavir
      Vardhin Growing
      Vardhit Developed
      Varenya Deemed highest
      Varin Gifts
      Varish Lord Vishnu
      Varnam Color in Sanskrit
      Varsh Strengthen
      Varsheet Rain
      Varshil Good boy
      Varuan Lord of the waters / Neptune
      Vashin In control of own passions
      Vashu Wealth
      Vasi Power of attraction
      Vasin Authoritative / Lord
      Vastin Lord Vishnu
      Vaydeesh God of the Vedas
      Vayun God / Lively

  35. Abhijit Jaitapkar on

    Hi Sapana
    Please Suggest Lord Ganesh 2 or 3 Word Names for Baby Boy
    Also suggest separate name list start with letter A, M, and P

    eagerly waiting for your reply

    • Sapana

      Hi Abhijit,
      For Names based of Lord Ganesha’s names: Click here. It a separate list I have put on blog.
      For names starting with Letter A, M, P Could you please refer my previous comments on this same page? I already have suggested unique and beautiful names for those letters.

  36. Yogesh Agarwal on

    Hello Sapna!!
    What a fabulous job u r doing. Excellent!!.
    My baby boy is born on 6th Dec 2016. He is a kumb Raashi. Could u please suggest me some good unique names.

    • Sapana

      Hi Yogesh, I am sorry I dont have knowledge about the perfect letters for respective rashi. Please let me know the first letters to suggest you names. I think for Kumbh its G, S and Sh. In that case, please find the list in my previous comments above.

  37. Hi Sapna,

    Could you please suggest some baby boy names with Letters ‘G’ or phrases like ‘Ga’ or ‘Gi’ or ‘Gu’ or ‘Ge’. It should be a modern Hindu name as the boy is born in US.


    • Sapana

      Hi Arun,
      Gaish Tempest / Commotion
      Gannon The God of silence
      Garg Name of a saint
      Gariman Heaviness
      Garisht Heaviest
      Garjan Thunder
      Garul Carrier of the great
      Garvik Proud
      Garvin Rough / Rugged
      Gaur Giving attention
      Gauraansh A part of Gauri parwati
      Gavist Abode of light
      Gia Heart / Love
      Girven Language of God
      Goral Lovable
      Gowshik The perfect / Happiness life of journey / Freedom
      Grahin Of planets
      Guhan Name of Lord Murugan
      Gunaj Of the light
      Gunav Goon ka adhikari
      Gunjik Reflection
      Gurnam Name of a Guru

  38. Please suggest a name for my baby boy. We choose a name ‘Shivansh’, is this unique or very common? Please reply me. Thanks

    • Sapana

      Hi Rajesh,
      Sorry for late reply,
      No, Shivansh is not a common name. Rarely heard it.
      Its a meaningful and beautiful name. You can go for it.

      Here are some similar suggestions:
      Shivaksh Rudraksh / Shivka Trinetra
      Shivalik Belonging of Lord Shiv
      Shivang A portion of Lord Shiv
      Shivank Mark of Lord Shiva
      Shivanshu Part of Lord Shiva (The last U adds on the cuteness to the name)
      Shiven Name of Lord Shiva / The destroyer / One who maintains balance between life death
      Shivenk Lord Shiva venkateswara

  39. Mitul upadhyay on

    Hi sapna ji I m searching a unique and modern name for my baby boy since last 2 years from word “J” for my 2 year baby boy. We r from Hindu Brahmin family so please suggest us a good and names for my baby boy. And there r few names in my mind so suggest me from your side and below names given by me.


    • Sapana

      Hi Mitul,
      I have about 100 names for boys starting with letter “J”, which I have shortlisted from many many sources. Pls allow me 1-2 days time, I will post it as a separate list on a new post.
      I will let you know when done.

    • Sapana

      Hi Mitul,
      Please see the list here: Hindu Baby Names Starting with letter “J”
      I personally liked:
      Janyuh Skilled in war
      Jarnu Moon
      Jashank Cupid / Follower of Lord Shiva
      Jashith Protector
      Jaskirit Praises of Lord
      Jatasya The ocean
      Jaymen Victory, An ancient philosopher, Having control over heart and mind
      Jaynil Victorious Lord Swami Narayan / Victory of blue
      Jigyansh Eager to know something / Full of curiosity
      Jinansh Portion of God
      Jishnu Triumphant

  40. Hi
    Could you please suggest a Good name for our son he is three months old …the letter is Ka or ke .. I ve been browsing all websites for an ancitent..poetic .. enthnic .. which has a good meaning in Sanskrit .

    • Sapana

      Kaamik Desired
      Kaanishk The royal vehicle of Lord Vishnu
      Kaarin Purity
      Kaashik The shining one
      Kaashin Brilliant / Lord Shiva /Lord of Kashi
      Kabilan Lord Ganesh
      Kahaan Lord Krishna / Universe
      Kaishik Passion
      Kaitav Hindu sage / An old Rushi / Deceitful
      Kalapin Peacock
      Kalil Wealth / Bosom friend / Crown
      Kelik  Happy, Pure
      Kelvish  Ambition person
      Kenil  Lord Shiva
      Kenit  handsome, Born of fire
      Keshin  Lion
      Keyurin  With An armlet
      Keyur  Armlet

      • Hi Sapan,
        Could you please suggest a Good name for our son he is two and off months old …the letter is Ma, Mi, Mu, and Me .. I ve been browsing all websites for which has a good meaning in Hindu .

        Details are send my mail Id also.


  41. hi Sapana,

    Could you pls suggest some good names with S for my girl baby.
    Also pls suggest baby names based on our names. (Sankar & Satia)

    Sankar C

  42. Hi Sapana,
    My name is Amit and my wife name is Poonam.
    Can you please suggest name for our new born baby with combination of me and my wife name…


    • Sapana

      Aadipta : bright

      Aadyant Infinite / Infinte from beginning (Aadi) to end
      Aangat Colorful

      Aanush Beautiful morning / Following desires
      Aarshin Pious
      Adhyan Name of a prophet / A nabee
      Adiman Destroyer
      Ahnay As bright as the Sun
      Animan Unbounded
      Anumit Love / Kindness / Logical
      Anvay Joined / Integration
      Aparant Clear
      Areen Full of Joy / Mountain strength / Ireland / Peace / Sun Ray
      Arhan Ruler / Tirthankara
      Arnit Beautiful flower
      Ayan the pathway to the Sun
      Paramarth Highest / Divine truth
      Paramarth Highest / Divine truth
      Parimit Measured / Adjusted / Moderate
      Parinut Famous
      Parmeet Wisdom / Friend of the supreme
      Pradyot Ray of light / Luster
      Praktan Destiny
      Prathul Plenty
      Prineet Content / Satisfied

      • hi sapana ji
        my name is Anand and my wife name is sarika so plz suggest innovate inspirable hindu baby boy name starting wt A ,s nd p

        • Sapana

          Hi Anand,

          I hope you like the suggestions
          Aabheer A cowherd / Name of dynasty (Alternative Spelling: Abheer / Abhir)
          Aadhish King / Counselled / Commanded
          Aansh Portion
          Aarshin Pious
          Aavish Holy incarnation
          Abhisar Companion
          Abish The beginning
          Adhyan Name of a prophet / A nabee
          Aekansh Unique
          Anhar Lord Krishna
          Ashan Attractive / Gratitude / Thankfulness / Obligation
          Ayaansh The first Ray of light / Part of parents / Gift of God
          Saadhin Achievement / Work
          Saayan Dynamic
          Samanyu Lord Shiva
          Samin Precious / Invaluable / Happy / Self disciplined
          Sanav The Sun
          Sanish Sun or brilliant boy
          Sarnud Happy
          Sarvin Best archer / God of Love
          Satmanyu Name of Lord Indra
          Shamish The Sun / Lord Shiva
          Shanen Wise / River
          Sharunan Naughty boy
          Shivaansh Portion of Lord Shiva
          Shreyank Fame
          Sohaan Smart / Good looking
          Panshul Fragrant / Lord Shiva
          Parin Lord Ganesh
          Parnav Bird
          Parthik Lovely
          Parush Harsh
          Paurav A descendent of king Puru
          Praanak Living

    • Sapana

      I hope you like my suggestions.
      Maanav Man (Not very unique but its adorable and suitable)
      Maanikya A jewel / A name of An author
      Maayan Water source
      Madvan Intoxicating
      Mahasvin Glorious
      Mahin The earth
      Mahiransh Its part of Mahi milk prod
      Mairav Friendly / Born of mount Meru
      Manasyu Wishing / Desiring
      Miransh Small part of the ocean
      Mitanshu Bordered / Friendly element
      Mivaan Sun rays of God
      Mouni Lord Shiva
      Mrinmoy Made of earth
      Vaayun God
      Vihaan Morning / Dawn (Alternate Spelling: Vihan)
      Viransh Just like strong / (Part of Mahavir Swami)
      Viyaan Artist / Special knowledge (Alternate Spelling: Viyan)
      Vyaan Air circulating in the body
      Vyom Sky

      • Sapana

        Hi Nilesh,
        Naksh The Moon / Feature
        Naimesh Saints name
        Nahusha/Nahush A mythological king
        Naishal Parvat
        Namish Lord Vishnu
        Navish Lord Shiva
        Neeshik New
        Neymish Inside viewer / Wink
        Nibhish Lord Ganesha
        Nikash The horizon / Appearance
        Niriksh Observer
        Nirmesh Lord of the night
        Nirvan Liberation
        Nirvash Land of bliss
        Nisham Fresh air / Cool
        Nishkain Selfless
        Nishkama Selfless
        Nivaan Holy
        Nivesh Snow / Investment
        Nripesh King of kings
        Nushanth Horizon
        Nuvesh New Veda knowledge
        Nyvan Holy / Saint
        Vadish Lord of the body
        Vagish God of speech Lord Brahma
        Vaishak Name of a Hindu month in Summer
        Vaishvik Belonging to the world
        Vajraksh Sturdy like metal / Lord Hanuman
        Vanshul Flute
        Vanshya Cloud
        Varish Lord Vishnu
        Varuan Lord of the waters / Neptune
        Vastin Lord Vishnu
        Vedansh Part of Veda
        Viamrsh Lord Shiva
        Vidhan Rules
        Vidyesh Vidya–education esh-ishwar–god –god of education
        Vighnesh Lord Ganesh
        Vipra A priest
        Viransh Strong / (Part of Mahavir Swami)
        Virasana Supreme being
        Viresh Brave Lord / The king of all warriors / King of all heroes
        Vishan Lord Shiva
        Vrish A strong person / Bull of Lord Shiva / A zodiac sign
        Vrishin Peacock
        Vyomesh Lord of the Sky

  43. Hi Sapana,

    Could you please provide pet names list for baby Girl…

    My Girl name is Saanvi so pls any suitable names

    Thank you…!

  44. Hi Sapana,

    Your are doing a splendid job. Appreciate your name suggestions.
    Could you please help me with baby boy name with meaning clarity or confidence.

    Thank you!!!

          • Does “Ridhaan” also mean “great heart”. Which one would be a good choice out of “Ridhaan” and “Samridh”?

          • Sapana

            According to my knowledge,
            Ridhaan means Searcher
            Hridhaan means Gift of Heart

            Ridhaan and Samridh both are very beautiful names.
            Ridhaan is easier to pronounce but recently heard it a few times.
            Samridh is comparatively not easy to pronounce but is uncommon

  45. Hi sapana
    Please suggest baby boy unique trendy hindu names starting with letter N with clear pronouncing
    With preferred meanings king,handsome,ruler,emperor

    • Sapana

      Hi Anusha,
      Nabhi Centre of body / An ancient king
      Nabhith Fearless
      Nadish God of river / Ocean / Hope
      Nahush Name of An ancient king
      Nahusha A mythological king
      Naimesh Saints name
      Naishadh King Nala / King of Nishadha
      Naksa King of stars / Map
      Nakshatra Heavenly body / A star / Pearl
      Nambi Self confident
      Naran Manly
      Narun Leader of men
      Navaj King among actors
      Navan Champion / King of the jews / Awesome in sports
      Nessan Name of a saint
      Nikhar Blossoming
      Nikith Global thought leader / Smiling face
      Nilayan Blue eyes boy
      Nirek Superior / Unparalleled
      Nirmesh Lord of the night
      Nridev King amongst men
      Nrip King
      Nripan King
      Nripesh King of kings
      Nyvan Holy / Saint

  46. Hi Sapna ,Can you pls help in suggesting name ending with “vir” and modern . Surname is “Singh”. Also , pls suggest few modern and rare fusion of hindu names .

  47. Hi Sapna , can you pls help me in suggesting few names ending with vir and modern . He has born on 29th jan 2017 , morning 3:53

    • Sapana

      Hi Amrita,

      Names Starting with Ya / Yu
      Yaachan Prayer
      Yaaj Lord Shiva (Alternate Spelling: Yaj)
      Yaamir The Moon (Alternate Spelling: Yamir/Yameer)
      Yaashk Exerting
      Yadhu An ancient king
      Yadnya Holy fire
      Yaduraj Lord Krishna
      Yaduveer Lord Krishna (Alternate Spelling: Yaduvir)
      Yagna Ceremonial rites to God
      Yagyasen Name of king Drupad
      Yagyesh Lord of the sacrificial fire
      Yaj Worshipper / Sacrifice / Lord Shiva / A sage
      Yajan Worship
      Yajas Fame
      Yajat Sacred / Holy / Divine / Lord Shiva
      Yajin Sacrifice
      Yaju Yajur Veda
      Yajur A vedic text
      Yajvane Performer of yagnas
      Yajvin Religious
      Yaksh Representative of God (Alternate spelling: Yaksha)
      Yakshin Living
      Yakshit Who is made forever / God (Alternate spelling: Yakshith)
      Yamahil Lord Vishnu
      Yamit Restrained
      Yanchit Glorified
      Yansh God name
      Yash Victory / Glory
      Yashameet Fame
      Yashas Fame
      Yashil Success
      Yashir Wealthy
      Yashit Famous or glorious (Alternate Spelling: Yashith)
      Yashmit Famed
      Yashu Peace / Calm
      Yashveer Glorious and brave
      Yashvin Winner of fame
      Yashvir Glorious and brave
      Yudit Naughty
      Yug Age
      Yugal Couple
      Yugan Youth / Lord Murugan
      Yugansh Part of universe
      Yugant Ever lasting
      Yugma Twins / Zodiac sign of gemini
      Yuj To concentrate
      Yunay Lord Ganesh
      Yupaksh The eye of victory
      Yushan Mountain
      Yusu Suggest meaning (Son of Abhimanyu)
      Yuv Vigorous
      Yuva Young / Teenager
      Yuvaan Youthful / Lord Shiva
      Yuval Brook
      Yuvan Youthful / Lord Shiva
      Yuvansh Young generation
      Yuvaraj Prince / Heir apparent (Alternate Spelling: Yuvraj)
      Yuven Prince
      Yuvik Young
      Yuvin Leader

  48. Hi Sapana,

    Firstly, my sincere appreciation for the wonderful work you are doing for parents. Haven’t come across many of your suggested name elsewhere on internet. Keep up the good work!

    Secondly, my wife Priyanka and I (Vivek) have been blessed with a baby boy. Can you suggest unique names for him? No constraints on starting alphabet etc. Thanks in advance.

    • Sapana

      Hi Vivek,
      First of all congratulations for baby boy. Thanks a lot for your kind words.

      I have made a list of names for your baby. These are combination of main letters of Vivek and Priyanka. Uncommon and meaningful names only.
      Also Check my other lists in Baby Names: http://www.gomama247.com/category/baby/baby-names/

      Palvish Courageous
      Palvit Name of Lord Vishnu
      Parav Name of a sage
      Parnav Bird
      Parv Festival / Strong (Alternate Spelling: Parva)
      Parvan Full Moon
      Pavalan Skilled in literature
      Pavin The Sun
      Pavit Love
      Pavleen Near to gods feet
      Punav Full Moon
      Vaayun God
      Vadanya Generous / Eloquent
      Vajraksh Sturdy like metal / Lord Hanuman
      Vansh Coming generation of father
      Vanshil Lord krishnas Bansari flute). like Banshi in Hindi language
      Varenya Deemed highest
      Varshneya One who born in vrushni family of Lord Krishna
      Varuan Lord of the waters / Neptune
      Viaan Full of life and energy / lively (Alternate Spelling: Vian)
      Virohan Budding
      Virun Lord krishnas son
      Vishank Without Fear / Brave
      Vrishank Lord Shiva
      Vrushank Rushimuni

      I hope you like them.

  49. Hello Sapna,

    Hope you are doing great,

    My self Rajesh and My wife name is Kalpana. Recently 29/01/17 we blessed with Baby Boy. Can you please sugguest best suitble name for our baby boy. I visited to Panditji place and he has suggested few word such as R,S, K,V,S,P, and G,.
    IMP * – Required latest names and even letters such as 4 letter , 6 letter,

    • Sapana

      Hi Rajesh,
      I have tried to find the unique names starting with R and K (Rajesh and Kalpana) Most of them are 2/4 hindi letters names. I hope you like them.
      Ransh Aparajit / Ram
      Rashmil Silken
      Rinkush Samadhan
      Kabilan Lord Ganesh
      Keyurin  With An armlet
      Kimraj  Kings city meadow

  50. Hi Sapna,

    I have my first baby boy 5 yrs old with name Ansh Agrawal and have blessed with another baby boy and still not able to fix the name, could you please advise names preferably 4-5 letters ( short name like Ansh).

    I have thought of names Avyansh, Shivansh to name a few but these are very big names. also thought of Anik, Atharv could you please suggest more options to these.

    Could you please suggest a name for my second baby boy and also suggest a nick names for both the boys.

  51. Hi sapana.. gr8 job you are doinvg..
    I hv been blessed with baby girl. Can you plz suggest unique name with any letter, or to T, S, M

  52. Hello Sapna

    Hope you are doing well!!

    My brother name is Kamlesh and name of bhabhi is Swarnlata,By the god bless they have got baby boy on 29th Jan 2017. Though i have finalized his name “Dravinam”. But still not finalized his name to call in home.

    Could you pls help me to suggest to call in home by love something like ” beans, kaju, peeku, cheeku”

    Pls suggest any new name only in two letters.

    Thanks in advance.

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  54. Hi sapana.. gr8 job you are doinvg..
    I hv been blessed with baby boy. Can you plz suggest any Arabic unique name with any letter, or to T, S, M, A,R but i am Hindu.

  55. Hi Sapana,
    We request you to provide a stylish hindu name for our boy baby. It should start with sa, si,see.
    Kindly give some modern names.
    Thank you

  56. hi sapna..ur work is really impressive..I hv bn blessed with a baby boy..can u plz suggest me name with letter A,n,g or d
    it should be a combo of modern plus god name

  57. Hi Sapana, wonderful collection of baby names. Can you suggest some latest baby boy and girl names based on our names (my name is Manasa and my husband’s name is Shravan).

    Thank you in advance.

  58. srijit dasgupto on

    Ahil is a nice name. It’s short, trendy and it signifies royal majestic traits. I will definitely pick this one. Kudos to the author. Will recommend her for sure.

  59. Hey Sapana,

    I am blessed with a baby boy in February. I want to give him a unique and short name. Its meaning should be similar to love or God. However, I have selected a name, Vehant. Can you suggest a few more names?

  60. Hey Sapana,
    I would like to thank you for your consultation for naming our baby. Loved your all suggestions and thanks for providing all relevant information. Will definitely recommend your service to my friends expecting babies.

  61. Dear
    please suggest me baby boy latest name who started with ” B ,V ,U”
    please reply me as soon as possible.

  62. hai,
    please suggest me baby boy latest name who started with ” y ”
    please reply me as soon as possible. then tamil laeters 5 words

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    • Sapana

      Hi Kalpna,
      They are same just the spelling difference people make according to the pronunciations in different regions of India.

  64. Hi Sapana, How many days you take to suggest the names in case of paid consultation. Thanks. I have got only 2 days to decide the name.

  65. Hey Sapana!
    amazed by your work

    can you please suggest a name starting with “SU” and a second name too! if you can

  66. Hi spna plz suggest a latest name for started d and c yaa my husband +my name mukesh, ruby se milkr koi acha sa name ho..

  67. Rashi khandelwal on

    Hii sapna
    Can u plz suggest me unique and meaningful baby boy name start with any letter.
    Plz suggest me some small name

  68. Hi Sapana,

    Many thanks for the name suggestions. It is very useful for us. We are after an unique name for a boy starting with A and ending with A. If you could suggest something on this combination, will be highly appreciated.

  69. Hi,
    I need some good baby boy names that have good meaning. You have only listed one name. Can you suggest some latest baby boy name that are unique and have good meaning? Looking forward for your response. Thanks a ton in advance.

  70. I need to name by baby in 2 days time. I am ready for the paid consultation but let me know if you can provide the names list in 2 days? Also what will be the chaarges?

  71. Hi sapana, my name is Swati and my husband name is kuntal.pls suggest a good unique name which will can give boy or girl anyone.

  72. Vijay Thangella on

    I am looking out for a baby boy name. No restriction on starting letter and I wanted to invent a name that sounds strong. It could be mashup of letters or names etc

    • Sapana

      Bhumit- Friend of Land
      Bharnayu- Son of comfort
      Bhavik- Devotee of God
      Bhadrak- Handsome
      Bhavish- Future
      Bhavyam- Forever/Grand
      Bheru- Friend
      Bhadrik- Lord Shiva

  73. I am searching a good baby boy name with starting letter “O”. I have checked your list it has only a few names. Can you suggest some good names? I want some unique and meaningful boy names. Please help.

  74. hello Sapana,
    My name is vishwanath and my wife’s name is Archana
    Please can you share some meaningful,unique names for a baby boy consistimg our names.
    I will be very thankful.
    vishwanath kanbarkar.

  75. ,
    My name is vishwanath and my wife’s name is Rachana
    Please can you share some meaningful,unique names for a baby boy consisting our names.
    I will be very thankful.
    vishwanath kanbarkar.

    • Sapana

      Hi Rk,
      Kiaan is not a sanskrit name but its a wonderful name with meaning in multiple languages.
      Please check this post for more information on Kiaan and some other similar exclusive multi-origin names: Here

  76. Hi Spana,

    Could you please suggest a Good name for our son he is two and off months old …the letter is Ma, Mi, Mu or Me .. I ve been browsing all websites for an which has a good meaning in Hindu .


  77. Hi Spana,

    Could you please suggest a Good name for our son he is two and off months old …the letter is Ma, Mi, Mu or Me .. I ve been browsing all websites for an which has a good meaning in Hindu .


  78. Hi Sapna
    First of all congrats to you for the extensive list that you have created.It definitely is exhaustive..kudos to you.
    I need your help for few names having combination of Ravi and Rashmi for names for baby boy.
    Thanks in advance

    • Sapana

      Arish is a Persian and Urdu name It means : First Ray of Sun, Sky / Righteous in Persian language and / One who is building something great in Urdu.

    • Sapana

      Hi Icha
      No. sorry I have not yet worked on Indonesian baby names but soon plan to start with it. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Sapana

      Hi Kriti,
      The name Kumush, means ancient Man but its not Sanskrit/Hindi mostly it has Native American Origin.
      (In Turkish its Girls Name meaning Silver)

  79. Hi Sapana,

    I liked your suggested names which are really unique.
    We blessed with baby boy, as per Revati Nakshtra his name should start with D and Chi. Our search ended on name “Devaansh”.
    Just want your kind comment, how’s the name in terms of uniqueness/latest.

    Also would be great if you can suggest name with our name combinations “Rakesh” and “Mamta”

    Thank you very much in advance.

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  82. Hi Sapna
    Your collection of baby names unique and trendy.,

    Could you pls suggest some modern baby boy names start with
    Dh and Bha

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