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Unique Short Beautiful Names for Baby Boys

When I was looking for ideas to name my babies, I always thought of naming them 2 syllables names – 2 Syllables of Hindi/Sanskrit. Why? I didn’t want to give them other pet names. I have an impression that those who don’t have pet names and only one real name are attached to their names more. There were 3 more important things I looked into the names, which were:
Unique names, well who wants common names?
Meaningful, a name must have a beautiful strong meaning. It helps build self-confidence in the child.
Easy to pronounce. This new generation will roam the world more than our generation. You don’t want them find it hard to teach people “How to pronounce my name Or You may call me ….. “.
So, here also, We have selected the short, easy to pronounce, meaningful and uncommon Hindu Names for Baby Boys.
unique indian baby names

Short And Uncommon Hindu Names for Boys

Aan: The Sun
Aapu: Breath
Aadi: Most important, Beginning, Ornament
Aarsh: Crown, Pure
Aashu: Active
Aavi: Smoke
Aayu: Span of life
Abhi: Fearless
Abhra: Cloud
Agha: Pre eminent
Ail: From the stony place
Anbu: Love (Kindness)
Annsh: Portion
Anshu/Ansu: Ray of light (Sun)
Anu: An atom
Ark: Lightening, Fire, Sun
Arju: Peacock, Son of Lord Indra
Arth: Meaningful (Meaning)
Arva: Fastest motion wind
Arya: Honored, Noble (Also Name of Goddess Parvati)
Asho: Head of Sun
Atri: Voyager through life
Avi: The Sun and air
Avya: The first life form all knowledgeable and all pure
Badri: Lord Vishnu
Baku: Lightning, Brilliant, (War horn)
Bair: Brave
Bali: Powerful, Strength
Baru: Brave and Noble
Basu: Prosperous and Dweller
Bhaasu: Sun
Beenu: Flute, Created with immense power, Venus
Bhanu: The Sun
Bharu: Gold
Bhav: Lord Shiva (Also Sentiment)
Bhavy: Grand, Splendid
Bheru: Friend
Bibhu: Powerful
Bhuv: Sky (Heaven), Earth
Braj: Lord Krishna’s Town
Brij: Lord Krishna
Brant: Sword
Chant: Famous
Daksh: Capable, Son of Lord Brahma
Darsh: Handsome, Lord Krishna, Sight
Deep: Lamp, Beautiful
Dhanu: Hindu Rashi sagittarius
Dheer: Gentle and Wise
Dharv: Satisfaction
Dhey: Karna
Dhridh: Persevring
Dhrish/Drish: Sight
Dhruv: Pole star which is Immovable and Eternal
Dhridh: Persevring
Dhven: Godly
Dian: Divine
Div: Pleasant and Gentle
Dron: A prominent mahabharata character
Dwij: Saint
Edi: A herb
Eha: Lord Vishnu
Esh/Eesh: God, Lord Vishnu
Garg: Name of a Hindu saint
Garv: Proud
Gaur: Giving attention
Geet: Poem/Song/Chant
Gia: Heart/ Love
Gian: Having exalted divine knowledge / Wisdom
Giri: Mountain
Gunj: The sound
Guru: Teacher/ Master / Priest
Gyan: Knowledge
Hans: Swan
Harsh: Happiness
Heer: Power, Diamond
Heet: Love
Hem/Hemu: Gold
Himi: Famous and/or Renowned
Iri: Lord Hanuman
Irya: Powerful
Jai: Conqueror, Victory
Jeet: Win
Josh: Satisfaction
Kaaru: Maker
Kaay: Body/ Pure
Kush: Son of Lord Rama
Lav: Son of Lord Rama
Maan: Respect, Supernatural power, Lord of mind
Mant: Thought/ Devotion, The Sun
Manyu: Mind
Meer / Mir: Chief and Worthy of admiration
Meet: Friend
Megh: Cloud
Meru: Famous mountain in Hindu mythology / High point
Mouli: Lord Shiva
Mouni: Lord Shiva
Mourya: King
Mrug: A name of a bird
Muni: Sage
Nabh: The Sky
Nambi: Self confident
Nand: Joyful
Narshi: Poet, Saint
Nath: Lord/protector
Neel: Blue, Treasure, A mountain, Champion
Neer: Water ( i.e. one of the five elements of the world). Also it means the essence of life
Neesh/Nish: An adventurer
Nit: Favor / Grace
Om: The sacred syllable / Lord Shiva
Ori: Charitable king
Paaru: Sun and Fire
Panju: Smooth
Parv: Festival (Also Strong)
Preethu: God gift, Spacious
Prit: Love
Puru: Abundant, An ancient king
Raghu: The family of Lord Rama
Rahi: Traveler
Reedh: Husband of Goddess Lakshmi
Reeth: Tradition / Culture
Rev: Narmada river
Rian: Kingly
Rion: King
Rish: Brave/ dominant / ruler
Rishi: Sage, Ray of light
Risu: To rise, Honest
Rudr: Lord Shiva, The terrible
Saaj: One who worships God (Beauteous tranquillity)
Sai: Sai Baba
Saju: Travelling
Sanu: A learned Man
Saruh: Successful and Wealthy
Seshu: Venkateswara
Shaan: Pride / Peaceful
Shail: Mountain
Shaiv: A worshipper of Lord Shiva
Shami: Fire, Name of a tree
Shanyu: Kind hearted, Kind
Sharu: Lord Vishnu
Shay: Gift
Sheel: Character /Custom / Nature
Sheil: Mountain
Shesh: Cosmic serpent
Sheya: Divine
Shibhoo: Related with Lord Shiva
Shidh: Lord Krishna
Shilp: Shapely
Shiv: Lord Shiva, Auspicious, Always pure, Lucky
Shlok: Hymns of Lord, Verse
Shraav: Attentive
Shray/Shrey: Marvelous, credit
Shreel: Beautiful
Shreesh: Lord of wealth, Lord Vishnu
Shrut: Glorious, Celebrated
Shuli: Lord Shiva
Siddh/Siddhu: Lord Shiva
Smeet: Devine smile
Sneh: Friendship
Som: The Moon
Srini: Beautiful
Srish: Flower
Subhy: Early morning
Tanshu: Quite nature
Tansh: Beautiful
Thanu: Lord Shiva
Thiru: Shri
Thrish: Noble
Toru: Bull
Tosh: Pleasure
Vaasu: Wealth
Vaayu: Breeze
Vansh: Coming generation of father
Vanu: Eager, Friend
Vash: Beautiful
Vasi: Power of attraction
Vashu: Wealth
Ved: Sacred knowledge
Veer: Brave, Warrior
Venu: Flute
Vian: Full of life & energy, Alive / lively
Vibhu: All pervading
Vidhu/Vidu: Lord Vishnu, Intelligent
Vinu: To spread in different directions
Vyan: Air circulating in the body / Life Giving
Vyas: A great Sage who wrote mahabharata
Vyom: Sky
Vyush: Daybreak
Yaj: Worshipper, Sacrifice,Lord Shiva
Yaju: Yajur Veda
Yansh: God name
Yash: Victory / Glory
Yashu: Peace / Calm
Yog: Lord Buddha
Yogi: Devotee
Yuj: To concentrate
Yuv: Vigorous

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Don’t forget to comment which name you found sweetest and lovely. Also in case you know any names which are not in the list above please add them in the comment.


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  1. Hi Sapana
    Can you please suggest a good name starts with letter PU for a baby girl.
    I tried so many sites but I din’t get good one. plz suggest

  2. Hi Sapna!! Could u plz suggest me some good meaningful n unique names starting from S, Sh, G
    For my baby boy.

    Thanks Yogesh

  3. hii sapna kindly suggest me a name for my baby boy we choose a name revaan but it similar in pronounce of ryan which already have in our famly kindly suggest me a unique name and easy to prinounce name for baby

        • Sapana

          Hi Shankar,

          Shanay Power of Lord Shani/ Compassion
          Shameek An ancient sage
          Shankhi Ocean

          Shanyu Benevolent / Kind hearted / Kind

          Sharun Sweet / Fragrance / Honey
          Sharwin Victory
          Shaswin Reputed

          Shaunak A great sage

          Shaylan Intelligent
          Shiamak Silver flame
          Shiney Sparkle to life

          Shineyu Shining

          Shivaksh Rudraksh / Shivka Trinetra
          Shivenk Lord Shiva venkateswara
          Shrenik Organized

          Shreyank Fame

          Kaanishik An ancient king
          Kaarin Purity
          Kaashik The shining one
          Kahkashan Stars
          Kaishik Passion
          Kaivalya Perfect isolation / Salvation

          Kalash Sacred pot / The pinnacle of a temple

          Kelvish  Ambition person

          Keyurin  With An armlet

          Kinshu  Shri Krishna

          Kiyansh  Person having all qualities

  4. I was looking for short names which are meaningful too for my baby boy. Lovely collection you have here girl. Simply amazing. Most importantly they all have nice meanings and are pretty uncommon. I didnt find such collection else where. Thanks. Will read it again to finalise my shortlist.

  5. I must appreciate your short name collection. My whole family worships Lord Visnu and I found a cool but relevant name here ‘Eha’. Don’t know why but it sounds feminine to me. Can you suggest a masculine name for my baby boy that means Lord Vishnu and which is short at the same time?

  6. Good Work. They really are Sweet names.
    I love name Raghu but its too common.
    I am thinking of naming
    Shanyu: Kind hearted, Kind
    Sharu: Lord Vishnu
    Can you please tell me if they are common in India?

  7. Hey Sapana,
    These names are really sweet and the list is helpful. I am confused between Gia, Sneh and srini. Can you help which is the best?


    Can u plz suggest me a baby boy name which combined my husband abhilash and my name Kavya with a good meaning…Thanks a lot in advance..Love ur site a lot

  9. Hi there, my bestfriend has given birth to a boy and now she is searching a name for her baby boy. I first thought of ‘Yuvraj’ but now, I think I will suggest her ‘Yuv’. Since nobody will be able to nickname him. Thanks to you. 😀

  10. I like the name …. Ansh, Can you suggest a few more short names ending with -sh….. also please tell if its Annsh or Ansh? or Aansh? So many spellings, it confuses….

    • Sapana

      Correct spelling is Ansh But as its a non-English native name, you can select spelling of your choice. Aa is used for short names to make it look Trendy.
      Names ending with sh are mostly longer names, short names are mentioned above.

  11. I have a baby girl. Can you suggest some cute nicknames for her? I don’t like pihu, sweety, mitthi. These are very old names and almost every girl has similar names. I want something unique and cute.

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