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Trendy Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘Sh’

‘Kumbh Rashi’ Baby Girls are given names starting with Sh (Sha: Hastha Nakshatra and Shi/She Sathabisham Nakshatra). Names starting with Sh are pretty and with beautiful meaning and mainly originated from Sanskrit Language. List below contains only uncommon, meaningful and stylish names for hindu baby girls
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Uncommon Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘Sh’

Shaakya Lord Buddha / Energy circle or a form of chakra
Shaambhavi Consort of Shambhu / Goddess Parvati
Shaantiva Peaceful / Friendly / Benevolent
Shaarav Pure and innocent
Shaaravi Innocence / Purity
Shaarini The earth
Shabalini A mossy
Shabara Distinguished / Marked
Shachi Indrani (Wife of Lord Indra)
Shachika Kind / Elegant / Talented
Shafu Beautiful / Intelligent
Shailee Style (Alternate Spelling: Shaili)
Shaira Poetess / Princess
Shaista Well behaved / Modest / Disciplined / Cultured / Eminent
Shaivi Prosperity
Shakini Goddess Parvati
Shakya Lord Buddha / Energy circle or a form of chakra
Shalika Flute
Shalmali Silk cotton tree
Shalvee Beautiful / Intelligent (Alternate Spelling: Shalvi)
Shamal Garland of Rudraksh
Shamani Calming / Night
Shambari Illusion
Shambhavi Goddess Parvati (Alternate Spelling: Shambavi / Shambhvi)
Shameeta Peacemaker / Who is calm and disciplined
Shamika Loving and kind / very beautiful
Shamita Peacemaker / Who is calm and disciplined (Alternate Spelling: Shamitaa/Shamitha)
Shampa Lightning
Shanaya First Ray of the Sun
Shanbhavi Goddess Durga
Shania Beautiful
Shaniya To be whetted / Sharpened
Shankana Wonderous
Shankari Goddess Parvati
Shankhamala A fairy-tale princess
Shanldia Flute
Shanmitha Wife of yavati
Shansa Praise
Shansita Desired / Celebrated
Shanu Fire
Shanvika A Goddess
Shanvitha Goddess Lakshmi
Sharadhi Moon of autumn
Sharadini Autumn
Sharani The earth / Protector / Guardian
Sharanya Surrender
Sharavani Born in month of Shravan / Goddess Parvati
Sharaya A Goddess
Shari Arrow
Sharini The earth / Protector / Guardian
Sharmada Making prosperous / Shy (Alternate Spelling: Sharmadha)
Sharmatha Admirable / Selfless
Sharunitha Attractive
Sharvaani Durga
Sharvani Born in month of Shravan / Goddess Parvati
Sharvari Twilight
Sharvi Divine
Sharvina Goddess Durga
Sharwani Goddess Durga
Sharwari Night
Shasha The Moon
Shashini The Moon
Shasthika Goddess Durga
Shatakshi Goddess Durga
Shaury Brave
Shayla Goddess Parvati
Shaylee Related to shy
Shayna Beautiful
Shayona Starting letters of 3 big priest of swaminarayan sampradai
Sheelangi Good characte / Strong like a stone
Sheen Brightness
Sheershika Title / Headline / Important
Shejali A fruit
Shelly A way to do work
Shelza Shivas wife
Shema Spice or sweet smelling
Shenaya God is gracious
Shenoa Dove of peace
Sheoli A river
Shevalini A river
Sheyali A beginning of new work
Shichi Glow
Shiesta Well behaved / Modest / Disciplined / Cultured / Eminent
Shilna Perfectly created
Shilpita Well proportioned
Shimna Scared
Shini To shine among all
Shinjani Sound of ankle bell
Shinjini Ankle bells
Shireesha Flower / Shining Sun
Shirin Ploughman / Grass / Sweet
Shirina Night
Shirisha Flower / Shining Sun
Shirja Goddess Lakshmi / Creative
Shishirkana Particles of dew
Shishta Goodness / Used in Durga mata Mantra
Shiuli A flower
Shivakari Source of auspicious things
Shival Wife of Lord Shiva / Goddess Parvati (Wife of Lord Shiva)
Shivalika Belonging of Lord Shiv / Goddess Parvati
Shivanjali Goddess Parvati (Wife of Lord Shiva)
Shivatmika Goddess Lakshmi
Shivika Palanquin / Palki
Shivli Flower
Shlaghya Excellent
Shlesha More than enough
Shobhna The one who shines / Splendid / Ornamental / Shining
Shomila Creation of God Shiva
Shomili Beautiful and elegant
Shoni One of complexion of red lotus
Shonima Redness
Shorashi Young woman
Shraavani The day of the full Moon in the month of Shraavan (Alternate Spelling: Shravani / Shravni)
Shrabana Name of a star
Shradhani Ever wealthy
Shramidhi Girl who likes to work Hard and earn
Shrankhla Born in the month of Shravan / Series
Shravanthi Name in buddhist literature (Alternate Spelling: Shravanti)
Shravantika Flowing
Shravasti An ancient Indian city
Shravi Cool
Shraviya Enthusiastic / Talented person
Shraya Best
Shrayathi To reach
Shreea Goddess Lakshmi / Auspicious / Prosperity / Great
Shreeda Giver of beauty / Lord Kuber
Shreemayi Fortunate
Shreen Goddess Lakshmi / Foremost / Best / First / Night
Shreeparna Tree adorned with leaves
Shreesha Goddess of wealth / Lord Vishnu
Shreeya Goddess Lakshmi / Auspicious / Luster / Great
Shrejal Foremost / Best / First
Shrena Goddess Lakshmi / Foremost / Best / First / Night

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