Unique Dutch Baby Names for Boys and Girls

The culture in the Netherlands is diverse and a huge part of it is influenced by foreign cultures. The two major cultures in the Netherlands are Nederlandse culture and Hollandse culture. Dutch naming system is something which drives attention. In most of the traditional Dutch families, the first children are named after the grandparents and sometimes after the maternal grandparents, especially the girl child. Here are some easy to pronounce and unique Dutch baby names that you can choose for naming your baby.
Multi Origin Baby Boys names

Selected Cute Dutch Baby Boys Names

Name Meaning
Adriaan From Hadria
Alfons Noble, Ready
Arjan From Hadria
Arne Eagle
Bartel Son of Talmai
Bastiaan From Sebaste
Cobus Supplanter
Cornelis Horn
Daan God is My Judge
Dedrich First of the People, King of Nations
Deman Man
Dick First of the People, King of Nations
Dirk First of the People, King of Nations
Ewould Law Ruler
Floris Blossoming
Frode Wise
Geert Spear Brave
Gervaas Spear Servant
Gillis Young Goat
Gustaaf Meditation Staff
Hein Home Ruler
Herman Army Man
Ignaas Unknowing
Izaak Laughter, Joyfull
Jacobus Supplanter
Jelle Will Helmet
Jeroen Holy Name
Joeri Earth Worker, Farmer
Joren Earth Worker, Farmer
Jurgen Earth Worker, Farmer
Karel Man
Kerneels Horn
Koen Bold Counsel
Koenrad Bold Counsel
Kyler Archer
Lieven Beloved/Dear Friend
Maarten Don’t Deceive, Like Mars
Maurits Dark Skinned, Moor
Menno Strength
Roel Famous Land
Ruben Behold, A Son
Sjaak Supplanter
Staas Resurrection
Wolter Ruler of the Army

Multi Origin Baby Girls Names

Selected Adorable Dutch Baby Girls Names

Name Meaning
Aleida Noble Sort
Anika Favor, Grace
Anneka Favor, Grace
Annika Favor, Grace
Brandie Brandy, Fine Wine.
Dorothea A Gift of God
Gerda Enclosure, Stronghold
Greet Pearl
Hildo Battle
Kalie Kali
Klara Clear, Bright
Klasina Victory of the People
Klazina Victory of the People
Marjan Like Marius
Mieke Beloved
Mirjam Beloved
Saskia Saxon
Theresia Harvester
Truus Spear Strength
Viona Vine
Xandra Defender of Mankind

The Dutch names are usually short and cute. The naming system in the Netherlands is influenced a lot by various cultures. Dutch people believe that keeping the first names of the offspring same as the deceased ancestors can keep them alive in their memories. Dutch boys often receive the name of their grandfathers while the Dutch girls receive the name of their grandmothers. The above Dutch names are a blend of modern and traditional names. Each name tells a different story. Try these names for your baby’s naming ceremony if you are fond of the interesting Dutch culture.

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