Modern Names Starting with Letter ‘H’ for Hindu Baby


Most Lovely Names Starting with Letter H for Indian Baby Boy and Girl

Names which are meaningful and beautiful starting with some rare letters like ‘H’ are pretty difficult to find. Here I have compiled a list referring numerous sources for names starting with letter H for Hindu Babies. Most of the names are Sanskrit Origin. The list contains only and only unique and rare names not the usual or common names.
According to Hindu Vedas, A baby born in Kark Rashi and Punarvasu Nakshatra is named, name starting with letter ‘H’
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Unique and Meaningful Names Starting with Letter ‘H’ for Hindu Baby Boy

Haarij The horizon
Haarit Green
Haksh Eye
Hameer Very rich king / A Raga (Alternative Spelling: Hamir)
Hamrish Lovable / Helpful
Haneesh Lord Shiva / Ambition (Alternative Spelling: Hanish)
Hani Happy / Delighted / Content / Pleasant
Hans Swan
Hansal God is gracious / Swan like
Hanshit Like Honey (Alternative Spelling Harshith)
Hansik Swan
Hansin The universal soul
Hardhik Heartfelt / Affectionate (Alternative Spelling: Hardik)
Hardik Heartfelt / Affectionate / Cordial / Heart full
Hariaksh Lord Shiva
Harij The horizon
Harikesh Lord Krishna
Harin Pure
Harinaksh Lord Shiva
Harinitha Carried by Lord Vishnu
Harishva Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
Harithik From the heart
Harjas Praise of the God
Harmin Noblel / Harmony
Harnish Remove the night and spread the light
Harsh Happiness
Harsh Veer Happiness / Joy / Delight
Harshan Lustrous splendor of God / Has to do with happiness
Harshat Happiness
Harshil Joyful / Kings of the hills / Kind hearted a sweet
Harshim Pagal / Over smart
Harshit Joyful / Happy (Alternate Spelling: Harshith)
Harshu Deer
Harshul Deer / Funny / Cheerful
Harshvardhan Creator of Joy / One who increases Joy
Harsith Joyful / Happy / Joyous
Harteij Radiance of Lord
Hashwin Happiest boy
Hastin Elephant
Haswanth Joyous
Haswith Happy
Havish Lord Shiva / Sacrifice / One who gives offerings to God
Heeran Lord of the diamonds / Immortal
Heet Love
Hem Gold
Hemanshu The Moon
Hemen The king of gold
Hemendra Lord of gold
Hemendu Golden Moon
Hemil Hem means gold
Hemin Canoe Man
Hemish Lord of the earth
Hemkrish Golden Krishna
Henil Foamy
Henrik Home ruler / Ruler of An enclosure
Herin Horse-lord
Herish Lord Shiva / Lord Krishna / Follower of gods wish/will
Herit Beautiful algonquin
Het Love
Hetaksh Existence of Love
Hetarth Distribute Love / Well wisher
Hetash Energy
Hetav Gives Love
Heyan Little red talker
Himadri Snow mountain / The himalayas
Himaksh Him Aksh (Lord Shiva)
Himal Ice / Snow mountain
Himaneesh Lord Shiva (Alternative Spelling Himanish)
Himank Diamond
Himansh Part of Shiv
Himavanth King
Himi Famous / Renowned
Himnish Lord Shiva
Hiranyak Name of a maharishi
Hirav Greenery. The lush greenery on the surface of the earth
Hiren Lord of the diamonds
Hishal Gifted
Hitansh Wish for our happiness and favorable
Hrehaan Gods chosen one
Hreyansh One who have great heart
Hridaan Gift of heart (Alternative Spelling: Hridan, Ridhaan, Ridhan)
Hriday Heart
Hridayansh Part of heart
Hridesh Heart
Hridham Prosperous
Hridik Lord of the heart / Beloved
Hridyansh Piece of heart
Hrihaan Gods chosen one / Lord Vishnu / Destroyer of enemies (Alernative Spelling: Hrihan)
Hrikin Powerful / Glory
Hriman Wealthy
Hrishab Morality
Hrishi Pleasure / Sage / Ray of light
Hrishul Happiness
Hrithvik Desire
Hriyaan Wealth
Hriyan Wealth
Hriyansh Wealth
Hurditya Joyous

Rare and Beautiful Names Starting with Letter ‘H’ for Hindu Baby Girl

Haarika Goddess Parvati
Haarshini Cheerful / Happy
Haasini Pleasant / Wonderful / Happy or full of laughter
Haasita Happy or full of laughter / Always smiling
Haima Goddess Parvati / Snow
Haimi Golden
Haiya Heart
Hamsa Swan
Haneesha Beautiful night
Hanika Swan
Hanima A wave
Hanisha Beautiful night (Alternate Spelling: Hanisa)
Hanishka Sweetness
Hanita Grace
Hansa Swan
Hansdhwani Vocal sound of swan
Hanshika Swan or beautiful lady (Alternate Spelling: Harsika)
Hanshita Swan (Alternate Spelling: Harsita)
Hansi Innocent / Swan / Soul / Pure (Alternate Spelling: Hamsi)
Hansika Swan or beautiful lady (Alternate Spelling: Hamsika/Hamshikha)
Hansini Swan (Alternate Spelling: Hamsini)
Hansuja Goddess Lakshmi
Hanvitha Happy
Hardini Near of heart
Harija Fair haired / Blonde
Harijatha Fair haired
Harika Is associated to Lord venkateswara / Goddess Parvati
Harinee Deer / Goddess Lakshmi (Alternate Spelling: Harini)
Harinika Goddess of Vasu
Harisha Cultivator / Lioness / Happiness
Harishri God
Harita Green (Alternate Spelling: Haritha)
Harithi Green / Name of a Goddess (Alternate Spelling: Hariti)
Harithra History
Harleen Absorbed in God
Harleena Thinking of God at all times
Harmeen Noblel / Harmony
Harmya Palace
Harni Beautiful flower
Harshi Joyous
Harshini Cheerful / Happy
Harshiya Heaven
Harshni Joyful
Harsita Happy / Full of Joy
Haruni A deer
Harusha Happy
Harvi Battle worthy
Hashika Smiling
Hashini Pleasant / Happy / full of laughter / Smile / Apsara (Alternate Spelling: Hasini)
Hasita Happy or full of laughter / Always smiling (Alternate Spelling: Hasitha)
Hasmita Popularity (Alternate Spelling: Hasmitha)
Hasri Goddess Lakshmi
Hastha Is associated to Lord Ayyappa
Hasti Great
Havina Safety
Havisha Goddess Lakshmi
Hayati Vital
Heenal Goddess of beauty and wealth
Heenita Grace
Heeranya Gold / Golden / Wealth
Heerkani Small diamond
Heerva One of the four Vedas / Blessing
Heeya Heart
Hejal Fruit
Hela Hope / Moonlight
Hemani Goddess Parvati
Hemanya Golden bodied
Hemita Covered with gold
Heni Crown
Henna Mehndi / Fragrance
Heral Wealthy
Hesha Complete
Heta Love
Hetarthi Love / Good thinking
Hetvi Love
Hili Dancer
Hilonee People / Race
Hima Gold / Snow
Himakshi Golden eyes
Hinal Goddess of beauty and wealth
Hiral Lustrous
Hiranmayee Golden girl / Deer-like / Golden (Alternate Spelling: Hiranmayi)
Hiranya Gold / Golden / Wealth
Hiranyadha Giving gold
Hirisha Shining Sun
Hirkani Small diamond
Hirsha Is associated to Lord Vishnu
Hirudhaya Spiritual heart
Hirva One of the four Vedas / Blessing
Hirwa Diamond
Hisha Yea
Hita Who wants good for every one / Lovable
Hitaishi Well wisher
Hitakshi Existence of Love
Hitanshi Simplicity and purity (Alternate Spelling: Hitansi)
Hitarthi Love / Good thinking
Hitee Love and care (Alternate Spelling: Hiti)
Hitha Who wants good for every one / Lovable
Hitika Lord Shiva (Alternate Spelling: Hithika)
Hitishini Well-wisher
Hiya Heart
Homa Born out of sacred fire
Honnesha Rich person
Houmesha The Ray of gold
Hradha Lake
Hradini Lightening
Hreemkari Goddess Durga
Hrida Pure
Hridhya By heart (Alternate Spelling: Hridya)
Hridyesa Heart (Alternate Spelling: Hridyesha)
Hrisha Lord Vishnu
Hrishika The village of birth
Hrishitha Gladdened
Hrithika Joy / Of truth / Generous / A small flowing river or stream
Hrithvi Happy / Scholar / Female priest who does vedic haven / Right guidance (Alternate Spelling: Hritvi)
Hriti Happiness
Hritika Joy / Of truth / Generous / A small flowing river or stream
Hritvika Joy of Love
Hrudai Heart
Hruti Love
Hrutvi Name of An Angel meaning season / Love and saint / Speech
Humisha Goddess Saraswati
Humshika Saraswati (Alternate Spelling: Humiskha)
Humsiha Saraswati / Luckiest girl
Hyma Goddess Parvati
Hymavathy Goddess Lakshmi / Possessing gold / Golden Parvati
Hyndhavi Goddess Durga

Do you know any more rare Indian names starting with letter H which I missed to include in the list above? If yes, please share with us by commenting below.


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