Indian Baby Names Using Combination of Parents Names

Combine Mother’s and Father’s names for Unique Baby Name

Every baby replicates her/his parents. As a new parent, you must be looking for a name which is formed by the combination of both of your names. Your emotions for the baby are utmost valuable, and so the name should also be positively meaningful and easy to pronounce and short.
Here are the tricks I wanted to explain, which I have been using to help hundreds of Indian parents to find a unique, meaningful name from parents’ names combination.

Tricks to Find Original Names by Combining Parents’ Names

Willing to go with unique traditional or trendy names, here are the ideas of how to choose an ideal for your infant.
Say, parents’ names are Anjana and Ravindra. Separate the letters from both the names and pair them

 A, N, Ja, Ana – Anjana

 Ra, Vi, N, Dra –Ravindra

1. Try to form new names by the combination of two letters from each name.
2. Now try out these names
Baby Girl Names
Adhrika / Adrika: Mountain
Arayana: Queen
Archi: Ray of Light
Arna: Goddess Laxmi
Arvi: Peace
Radnya: Princess
Raika: Beautiful
Raji: Shining
Rejani: Night
Rihana: SIet smelling plant (Non-Sanskrit)

Baby Boy Names
Aranay: Beginning
Arjav: Honest
Arman: Wish
Aryaman: Noble-minded
Adwait: Unique
Arul: Gods Blessing
Aruj: Rising Sun

Having trouble in drawing out your baby’s name out of your letters?
Don’t worry I have been using certain tricks for parents like you. I have suggest unique names to hundreds of parents.

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Trick 2: Adding Suffix to Get Meaningful Names

Make use of the suffix from Here

Let’s have a look at this example: An+Ja+Na Ra+Vi+N+Dra
RaJanshi (Ra+Jan+Anshi one who is part of Ravindra and Anjana)
It is also meaningful in Sanskrit: One who is Rajan+Anshi, i.e., Royal Heir

Do you think it’s typical? Try to do it by yourself. If you are seeking help then I am always there for parents like you.

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Why Naming a Child is so Crucial Decision?

The name of a person becomes his identity for the lifetime. Initially, it’s not a choice, it’s an offering from the parents. When a child arrives in this world, parents start calling them by various names, but ultimately they have to settle for a unique name that signifies something very special. After all, the name is for a lifetime. Finding a suitable name for a child becomes a mission for the parents. Every name tells a story, sometimes ordinary while sometimes out of the way. Names create the impression that endures. Hence, names must be preferred wisely.

How a Baby Name Should be?

1. Unique / Uncommon

Words have power. An impactful and unique name helps a person shine on in every circumstance. An uncommon name has an unexplored story behind it which keeps on inspiring the name holder and the people calling the name.

2. Meaningful

With a positive and nice meaning – A name is that tag associated with a person for the lifetime which communicates with the surrounding people. A name must have an edge to influence people and that’s why names with a logical meaning and significance are singled out for a newborn.

3. Beautiful

A sweet sounding name – A mellifluous or dulcet name creates a positive vibe. When your name sounds good, you feel proud and confident. The beautiful names carry memories with them.

4. Easy to Pronounce

So your baby doesn’t have to struggle explaining people around the world, how to pronounce it. He/She will be roaming the world. It must be easy to pronounce by non-Indians too.
If you are looking for all these features and on top of it combination of names of parents then you are exactly at the right place.
The names don’t usually get changed at various walks of life. We understand the emotions associated with a child’s name and hence prefer something eminent that connects a child with his parents. We do a lot of research and explore the most suitable name options for a child that beautifully portray his personality and sound mellifluous. It’s pretty easy to give your child a name that makes you happy, but it may not be the best option to bestow your child as it’s not a matter of a few days or months. We consider a lot of aspects like the zodiac, compatibility with parents’ names, euphony and easy to pronounce while shortlisting the best names for a child. A child’s name that gratifies a family is the real triumph.

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