Hindu Baby Names Meaning Strong or Powerful


Unique Hindu Baby Boys and Girls Names Meaning Strong / Powerful

There are thousands of Hindu Baby names which one to select for your precious unique baby? Your baby’s name must be beautiful, easy to pronounce, unique and most importantly with a wonderful meaning. One’s name is one of most important things of personality. A meaningful and unique name adds one to self-confidence.
Here is the list of baby names meaning Strong or Powerful. Let’s start with girls
Names listed below are uncommon Hindu names only and most of them are Sanskrit Origin.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Meaning Strong and Powerful

Aadhya Goddess Durga / First power (Alternate Spelling: Aadya / Adya)
Aadhyashri First power / The beginning
Aakarshika Having power to attract
Aarin Mountain strength
Abhipsa Strong desire / Wish (Alternate Spelling: Abhipsha)
Abhishree To enlighten / Brilliant / Powerful / Surrounded by glory (Alternate Spelling: Abhishri)
Adhira Lightning / Strong (Alternate Spelling: Adira)
Aeindri Power of God Indra
Ahina Strength
Akira Graceful strength
Anaika Powerful and complete
Anara Wanderer / Powerful and complete
Anima The power of becoming small
Anvika Powerful and complete
Ashmi Rock born / Hard and strong / I am
Ashvitha Strong
Aslunaki Rocklike / Strong
Asvitha Strong
Balaja Jasmine / Beautiful / Born of strength
Balaprada The bestower of strength
Baltishna Powerful
Bhrithi Strengthened / Nourished / Cherished
Brihati Speech / Powerful / Heaven and earth
Brithhi Strength (Alternate Spelling: Brirthi)
Deeher Goddess Durga and Lord Shivas strength
Edha Sacred / Wealth / Strength
Garin Grace / Holiness / Dignity / Power / One of the eight siddhis of the science of Yoga / Power
Ina Mother / Strong / Sun
Indali Powerful
Indratha Power and dignity of Indra
Jiaan Strong
Labdhi Heavenly power
Levinika Strength
Mahira Highly skilled / Expert / Quick / Talented / Powerful / Quick
Meheera Highly skilled / Expert / Quick / Talented / Powerful / Quick
Rugvija Powerful Goddess
Sahoj Strong
Sahuri War / Powerful / Victorious / The earth
Sanal Fiery / Energetic / Powerful / Vigorous
Sheelangi Good characte / Strong like a stone
Udbala Strong
Vaaruni The Goddess who is the power of Varuna / A Goddess
Vamanie Power of Sky / Land and water
Varuni The Goddess who is the power of Varuna / A Goddess
Vaya Child / Branch / Energy / Power / / Power
Viranshu Strong
Virya Valour / Strength
Vyansi Part of a divine power

Hindu Baby Boy Names Meaning Strong and Powerful

Abadhya Full of power
Adhya First power / Unparalleled
Aiden Powerful
Amav Powerful / Undefeated
Arasu Most powerful person of the world
Areen Full of Joy / Mountain strength / Ireland / Peace / Sun Ray
Arin Full of Joy / Mountain strength / Ireland / Peace / Sun Ray
Arine Full of Joy / Mountain strength
Avadh Powerful
Avir Brave / One who fights for peace / Strong
Avniel Father / Strong
Balavan Powerful
Bali Brave / Powerful / Strength
Bali Brave / Powerful / Strength
Beenu Flute / Created with immense power /Venus
Bibhu Powerful
Brihat Widespread / Great / Mighty / Powerful / Bright / Name of Vishnu
Dahak Powerful
Daivat Luck / Powerful
Ethan Strong
Hrikin Powerful / Glory
Inesh A strong king
Irya Powerful
Jegan Strong
Maan Lecturer / Respect / Supernatural power / Lord of mind
Maanas Powers
Mahiman Dignity / Power
Nolan Power
Parv Festival / Strong (Alternate Spelling: Parva)
Porush Powerful
Renaud Wise power
Rikin Powerful / Glory
Saahasya Mighty / Powerful
Saanal Fiery / Energetic / Powerful / Vigorous
Sabal With strength
Sadur Power
Sahasya Mighty / Powerful
Sahat Powerful / Strong
Sahat Powerful / Strong
Sahvan Powerful
Samardh Powerful
Samedh Full of strength
Shanay Power of Lord Shani
Shavas Power / Might / Velour
Soval Powerful
Subali Strong
Taksheel Strong character
Tapish Strong warmth of Sun
Tavasya Strength
Tuviksh Powerful Lord Indra bow
Varsh Strengthen
Vasi Power of attraction
Viransh Strong / (Part of Mahavir Swami)
Virbhanu Very strong
Vrish A strong person / Bull of Lord Shiva / A zodiac sign

I hope you liked the list of uncommon baby names meaning strong or power. Please do not forget to leave a comment to let me know which one you liked the most.
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