Are Postpartum Belly Binders Helpful?

Belly binders, are not new. Since ancient times, the tradition of binding belly lightly is been part of postpartum care. Are postpartum belly binders helpful? Fans of Postpartum Belly Binding claim it essentially responsible for shrink-wrapping your belly – which, in turn, eases the swelling of uterus while providing support to your back and your legs.
First few days of post-pregnancy new mom will feels like all organs are moving inside her stomach. Getting up from bed is also difficult. The loose skin can’t hold on the organs inside your tummy tightly like pre-pregnancy. In this case a belly binder helps. You can use belly binders after Cesarean Delivery also.

Belly Binders: A Brief look

Let us begin by saying these belly binders are not really a recent phenomenon. They had been recommended for back pain because they had always been known for providing abdominal support. Medical experts suggest that these belly binders will not really help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape in a week or so. You have to ensure that you are wearing it for at least four to six weeks after pregnancy in order to experience desirable results. So, wrapping belly after birth is only a good idea when the wearer knows that expecting results overnight will only lead to disappointment.

Benefits of Belly Binders Explored

There are several benefits of belly binding after birth. There is no doubt that these girdles assist in the natural healing process of the body by facilitating retraction of the abdominal wall muscle, providing support to loosened ligaments and the torso.
The belly binder is known to provide substantial pelvic support to women after pregnancy. A woman’s body releases Relaxin during childbirth which renders it (her body) more flexible for giving birth to the child. While binding your belly, experts put pressure on your hips and belly so that your pelvis and hips are restored to their previous positions. The Relaxin has made your body suppler. As such, it gets easier for experts to perform the entire exercise.
The binder also helps mending the diastasis recti. When you’re pregnant, the growing uterus stretches the abdominal muscles – which, in turn, leads to a condition called diastasis recti (characterized by the meeting of two large bands muscles and their eventual separation). The binder brings those muscles back together.
Postpartum belly wrap also offers lower back support and helps you keep your body upright while moving around.
When it comes to getting back in shape, it is best to note that moms who strike a perfect balance between exercise and diet are believed to experience more benefits than the ones who are depending solely on belly binding.

Belly Binding Post C-Section

A belly binder helps circulation to the surgery area hence the skin around the incision gets proper amount of oxygen to heal. Belly binders help speed-up recovery process so you can get back to regular activity easily and soon. Most of times doctor tell new moms to use the belly binders after a day of baby birth. Just in case your doctor doesn’t advise it himself/herself don’t forget to ask about it.
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Day and Night Breastfeeding sessions, changing diapers and burping baby will keep you moving. I found it very helping after my second child birth. My tummy was very loose. I had c-section. My doctor had instructed me to getup from side i.e. turn one on arm then get up. This used to feel very uncomfortable without belly binder even once.

Types of Post Pregnancy Belly Wraps and Binders

Traditional Binders:

Bengkung Belly Binding

Most famous and effective traditional way of belly binding is Malaysian Way : Bengkung Belly Binding. It’s a very unique way in which a very long strip of cloth is tied from hips to just below the breasts. Longer wrap and the special wrapping technique puts the pressure hip area improving the cervix shrink. The pelvic muscles to heal faster without getting further stretched.
You can find detailed instructions here

Traditional Taiwanese Method

It is the simplest way of belly binding. A single long muslin is wrapped around the belly.

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Tummy Binder Belts

Elastic Abdominal Binder

These types of bands are thinner compared to others. Breathable material and because of 2 Velcro flaps it doesn’t roll over while sitting.

3 in One Full support

This looks like tummy armor but provides perfect support. These types of binders are very good for first stage use. You can use it for 1-2 months post pregnancy.

C-section Special Belly Wrap

Some companies make special belts for C-section e.g. shown in picture. Well it’s not necessary that you can use only such special belly belts are C-section.
The belly wraps come in beautiful designs and colors. You can select something in accordance. There are so many stores offering belly binders around. Please make sure you’re not picking anything on a random basis. Be prudent enough to check the credentials of the store before buying from the same. Educate yourself more about these bands and the correct ways to schedule binding sessions in order to make the most of this product.
Even in medical research 6 years ago done to see if abs support by compression helps easy mobility and reduction in the pain, It was found that the noticeable improvement is seen because of belly binding post-partum.

Shapeware to Tighten the Loose Tummy Skin

After 2-3 months of using Postpartum Belly Support Belt or Wrap you can start using the shapewear. The belt is mainly to helping getting organs in place faster and supporting your back and easy movements. But to tighten the loose skin will need some more time and switching to shapeware from wrap in time is very important.

My Experience

During my first pregnancy I used the Belly Support Belt for 2 months and didn’t start to use Shapewear immediately that was the biggest mistake I made. So after second baby delivery I switched between binders as below:
1) Support Belt for first 2 weeks (wraps were too tight for me during first 2 weeks)
2) Cloth Wraps next 2 weeks
3) Thin tight elastic binder for next 6 weeks
4) Shape-wear (for quite a long time 🙂 )
This helped me tighten the loose skin. You cannot start using shape-wear before your belly is ready for it which is usually in 2-3 months after baby birth. Please note that the age of mother, original elasticity of skin, number of delivery matters in the result. So avoid comparing with other cases.
When you see your doctor post-natal checkups don’t forget to ask your doctor if you are ready for the second and third stage of belly compression. Doctors can tell it perfectly.
We hope reading this article helped you to find useful information about Belly Binders.

Tips for Using Belly Binders

1. Most of belly binders you can buy from market are not 100% cotton and touch of that polyester material to your skin will hurt your skin. So even though the belt makers claim that the belt is made up of breathable material, always wrap a very thin cotton cloth on your belly and then above that wear the belt. Same goes for the shapewear.
2. Wash the belt or shapewear with hand in cold water for using it effectively for long time.
3. Never test your limits. Desperate new mom is eager to get back to her shape, but it is not healthy to use the belt so tightly that you feel uncomfortable and difficulty in breathing.
4. It is not a good idea to use tummy binder 24/7. Give your tummy some time to relax. Best time is at night, when your baby lets you sleep calmly for few hours between 2 breastfeeding sessions. Utilize that time to relax your tummy too.
Always consult your doctor if you feel uneasy even after precaution.