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Gomama247 is an aggregation of eclectic expert information, tips, remedies and answers on healthcare, fitness, baby care and career for new mothers. Gomama247 is just the right destination to find relevant, appropriate and tested solutions for all your queries and qualms!!
Gomama247 understands the varied needs and demands of a modern day mother and career woman and strives to give the best of assistance in helping her maintain the finest balance among her miscellaneous roles; be it that of a passionate mother or an ardent careerist, or a health conscious woman.

Just explore each of our sections and you will find that we have indeed compiled the best from the best to let you get all the help and assistance you need to have a healthy and happy baby and a healthy and happy you!!

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Authors of Go Mama 24/7

Sapana Vibhandik

Sapana is an IT professional with 10 yrs of experience at multinational companies like Nokia, Bosch. She is mother of 2 boys. Works from home. Click to know more
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Jalpa Shah

Jalpa is professional PR content writer, mother to a beautiful girl. She loves blogging about motherhood.
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Medical Experts Panel of Gomama247

Meet our doctors:

Dr. Shama J. Kulkarni

Dr. Shama Kulkarni is pediatric dietitian and lactation expert. Dr. shama is been rewarded various awards for training mothers from rural part of India for lactation. Know More aboutDr. Shama J. Kulkarni
Dr Shama Kulkarni

Dr. Rita Shah

Dr. Rita Shah is a qualified Lamaze Consultant, trained in prenatal and postnatal care. She has been conducting prenatal and postnatal care classes for over 3 decades now for clients from over 30 countries across the globe. Know more about Dr. Rita Shah
Dr. Rita Shah