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Unusual Indian Baby Girl Names

The names lists of this blog are most trusted and popular baby names lists in India. I personally have helped many Indian parents to find unique, meaningful origin-verified Trendy names for Indian Baby girls and boys. If you want a pretty but unusual Indian name, you are at right place. Here we have brought you name suggestions for new generation Indian Baby Girls.
When I was searching for Indian names for baby during my pregnancy, apart from Unique and Cute names , I wanted short names as I didn’t want pet names for my kids. Here we have listed only selected beautiful and trendy names with meaning for making your shortlisting work easier.
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Unusual Names for Pretty Baby Girls

Names Starting with Most Popular Letter A

1. Aadhira Moon
2. Aahna Exist
3. Aamaya Night rain
4. Aara Light bringer
5. Aarin Mountain strength
6. Aarna/Arna Goddess Laxmi
7. Aashi Smile, Joy, Laughter, Blessing
8. Aashna Beloved, friend, Devoted to Love
9. Aasmi Self-confident
10. Abha Glow, Luster, Shine
11. AdyaUnparalleled, First power
12. Agrima Leadership
13. Anahita Graceful
14. Anaya Goddess Lakshmi, Fearless
15. Anshi Gods gift
16. Aria Singer, A melody
17. Aura Breeze, Air
18. Avril Spring
19. Bhavika Cheerful Expression
20. Charvi Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman
21. Dea Kindness, Goddess
22. Diya Lamp

Names Starting with Letter E

23. Edha Strength , Sacred, Wealth
24. Eila The earth, Daughter of Manu
25. Elina Pure, Intelligent (Greek)
26. Eka Matchless, Alone
27. Era Earth
28. Erin Beauty
29. Eva Life, Living one

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Names Starting with Letter H

30. Hiya Heart
31. Heni Crown
32. Hera Diamond, Queen of gods
33. Hiya Heart

Names Starting with Letter I

34. Iram Garden in Paradise (Eden)
35. Iha The earth, Desire
36. Ina Sun, strong, mother
37. Ishi Goddess Durga
38. Ishra Related to God
39. Ishanvi Goddess Parvati

Names Starting with Letter J

40. Jayani Shakti of Lord Ganesha
41. Jenisha Superior person, God is gracious
42. Jui A flower
43. Juily A flower
44. Juhi Flower

Names Starting with Letter K

45. Kannika Beautiful
46. Kaashvi Shining
47. Kamya Beautiful, Lovable
48. Kayra Peaceful, Unique
49. Keyara Beautiful river
50. Keemaya Miracle, Divine
51. Keesha Immense Joy, God is gracious
52. Kina Little one
53. Kira The Sun
54. Kiya The cooing of a bird
55. Kyra Lord

Names Starting with Letter M

56. Mahak Fragrance
57. Marvi Beauty redefined
58. Mayil Full of grace, Like a peacock
59. Mesha Long life
60. Mihika Mist, Fog
61. Mihira Feminine form of Mihir the Sun
62. Mishti Sweetness
63. Mythily / Maithili Goddess Sita
64. Namya Worthy of Honour
65. Onella Light
66. Oyshee Divine, Rose

Names Starting with Letter P

67. Palak Eyelash
68. Parnavi Bird
69. Parni Leafy
70. Parvi Festival
71. Phalak Sky
72. Pihoo Sweet sound, Pea-hen
73. Piyali A tree
74. Pramiti Knowledge of Truth
75. Preya Beloved
76. Preya Beloved

Names Starting with Letter R

77. RajviBrave
78. Rea A flower
79. Rena Cute, Gem, Joyous song
80. Reva River, A star
81. Rhea Stream
82. Ruhi Soul

Names Starting with Letter S

83. Samika Peaceful
84. Sanha Skilful, Elegance, Radiance,
85. Sanshi Praise
86. Sia Sita, Wife of Lord Rama
87. Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi
88. Sara Precious
89. Seya Shadow
90. Shaili Style
91. Shravi Cool
92. Stuti Goddess Durga
93. Tamira Magic
94. Tvisha Bright
95. Ura Earth
96. Viana Path of Sun rays
97. Valini Stars
98. Yashi Fame
99. Zaara Brave
100. Zuri Beautiful

Indians usually prefer the names with meaning. Sanskrit origin names are quite popular as they are unique and memorable.
Name should not only be beautiful and trendy but also meaningful and easy to pronounce and remember. Hope you liked the list.

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  1. My girl was born in May 2017. I am looking for a meaningful and sweet name for my girl with letter D. I have searched many websites but can’t find a good name. Can you suggest a few names for baby girl born in gemini sunshine.

  2. Hi,
    Can you suggest some unique Sanskrit baby girl names? I am searching a beautiful baby name for my girl but unable to find unique names. Also, the names should be meaningful.

  3. Hi. I really liked your list. i am so considering Aashna.Could you please suggest a name with ‘Sh’? Thanks.

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  5. Hi I am searching an unique indian baby girl name for my niece. The starting letter should be O. I have explored many websites to get an appropriate meaningful name but never find a good one. Can you help me?

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  7. I wish to buy the premium baby names list for girls you have on your website, just one query how many name are there and are all Indian names?

  8. I was searching some unique baby girl names for my little angle. Here I find some, but I am confused between Anahita, Aadhira & Agrima. Can you help me in selecting the best baby girl name?

  9. My girl is 02months old now and I call her Nia at home. I am searching a good trendy name for her. I like a few names from your list of unique baby girl names can you suggest which one is the best.

    • Sapana

      Hi Shalini,
      All of the names in your shortlist are very nice but I personally would prefer” Ishra, Zuri (They are more unique n stylish)

  10. It would be really helpful if you suggest some unique Indian baby girl names. It’s almost a month of searching and everytime I search the names, I get confused. I must say selecting a unique and trendy baby girl name is very hectic task.

    • Sapana

      Myra : Common name
      Avisha: Uncommon, easy and Trendy. Good choice. Means Ocean too.
      Saesha: Common
      Aashvi: Not very strong meaning

    • Sapana

      All of the lists which are not Indian Names lists on this blog, I have selected the names which are close to Indian Names pronunciations. So Suitable for Indian Babies. Please check Multi-origin baby names and other Non-Indian baby names here

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